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Beneath Central Park

Jessica Mongoose stepped into a mostly empty conference room, Vision stood at the block of monitors as she made some coffee. She asked, "Where are the others?"

Vision kept his eyes on the monitors, "Stane and Rogers have other matters to attend to, Jason and Salazar have gone as well but they all remain on call should I require their aide."

He then turned and walked to her and presented her with a card. She looked it over,"Do I get a decoder ring with this?"

Vision looked down on her, "I assume this is humor, if not the card is equipped with encryption software rendering a decoder ring redundant."

She was unsure whether or not to laugh as he continued," Your membership card also acts as a pass key into the base and provides a scan proof I-Dent in case of an encounter that would require it as well as the ability to communicate with the base and any other card holder."

She pulled out her wallet and slid the card in, "Well, considering that all my apartments are probably swarming with soldiers and my accounts are probably frozen solid, looks like we're gonna be roomies for a while."

He nodded, "Stay as long as you need. By the way your I-Dent card reads Jessica Drew."

Mid-town Manhattan

As emergency crews finished their repairs Jason was apartment hunting, he had decided to stay in New York to be closer to his enemies and hopefully do some good for the innocents. Anthony was with him. They both wore holographic masks Vision had provided them. Anthony stared in awe of the massive penthouse Jason casually handed off a down payment for, "I thought you didn't have a job."

Jason grinned,"My family has very old money and apparently a lot of it. And considering that there are only two of us currently on the planet, half of it is mine."

Anthony nodded, "So you lucked into Super powers and a pile of cash?"

Jason chuckled, "Pretty much. If you're interested there are 3 spare rooms. Trust me when I say, beats the hell out of sleeping on the streets."

Anthony gladly accepted the offer, "Any house rules?"

Jason gave him a nod, "No heavy drinking, unless you invite me to join."

The Vault

A transport ship lands carrying the members of Zemo's crew. Inside Arson looks over to Shift, "I was wrong, Lash wasn't a coward, he was a damn genius to ditch the mission."

There was a tinge of static in his ear then a voice, "Who said I did?"

The bay door opened and some invisible line cut through the soldiers guarding the prisoners. The pilot and co pilot jumped up to draw their guns but were dead before their hands reached the weapons.

Lash switched off the cloaking device Zemo had given him,"Time to for plan B, we're breaking open the Vault like a pinata."

Arson looked over, "Where's Cutthroat?"

Lash shrugged, "Hard telling, probably being skinned by the Chairman's pet monster by now. Anyone see which guard had the keys for Creel's box?"

Shift pointed toward what was left of the head guard.

As Lash removed her muzzle she looked up,"Where's the boss?"

He chuckled, "The super soldier took him to the wood shed, needs a little recoup time, he's keeping Callous as a guard dog. No worries though, all we gotta do is open the cages here and the animals inside will handle the rest."

Ferrum HQ Chicago

Desmond Fisk stands in front of the Chairman's desk with two armored soldier standing behind him, He is very nervous as the Chairman looks up and ordered the soldiers away and stood as Fisk began to speak, "Sir, I'd like to start by apologizing for the events of the last few......"

He was cut off by the Chairman's hand grabbing him tightly by the throat. He then slammed Fisk against the wall, "Do I have your undivided attention?"

Fisk gasped out,"Yes Sir."

The Chairman then began in a tone that was close to a growl, "This is the absolute last time I will be humiliated by these costumed lunatics, the only reason you're still breathing is because I find you useful."

He then dropped Fisk, "From this moment on all your executive decisions are to be submitted for approval until further notice, Security at the New York office will be tripled and headed by someone of my choosing."

Fisk rubbed his neck, "So I'm on probation."

The Chairman sat back down, "That's one way of looking at it."

Fisk exited the office with a hateful look as he marched down the hall.

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@joshmightbe said:

He nodded, "Stay as long as you need. By the way your I-Dent card reads Jessica Drew"

I'm going to write a solo Jessica story I feel!

Good work, Stryfe better watch his back because Desmond Fisk, whilst human, has as of right now started plotting his revenge

Fisk exited the office with a hateful look as he marched down the hall.

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@batkevin74: Fisk has been sitting quiet for a while I figured he needed a fire lit under him to start getting proactive

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@joshmightbe: damn, casually grabbing his throat lol

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@Pyrogram: He's in the process of completely losing his s**t

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@joshmightbe: Oh Chairman, you've opened a can of woop-a$$ on yourself.

I got a plan for Desmond, which will involve several Ferrum scientists. Also I'm half way through my two-part Jessica Mongoose story that shows what's going on in her head, links into her past with 's Ngumi (nothing too drastic dude, mainly allusions & hints since it's yours), ties her to several places and people in the Iron Age and hopefully is as good as I'm hyping it

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@batkevin74: I also have a bit of a plan for the Chairman and Gen Helfitta I'll pm it to you to make sure it doesn't interfere with your idea

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@joshmightbe: Sweet!

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