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Continued from here

5 miles into the Chechyen DMZ

Ares sat by the rear door of the troop transport with the team he'd chosen for the assault. A man slightly larger than Ares sat hooded across from him. Sargent Vadim Asmisk had been sent to the DMZ guard years ago by Doom himself because the sight of the mutant reminded him of an old enemy. Ares looked him over noting his oversized frame and clothed to keep every visible part of his body hidden.

His attention was diverted by the sound of murmuring. He looked to a young Private, "You have something to say soldier?"

The young man gulped, "Just saying, it is odd to see Command staff actually take part when we have things to do out here."

Ares nodded, "Is that going to be a problem for you?"

The man shook his head, "No, Sir."

The war god leaned back, "Got a name?"

He replied, "Boris Barinov sir."

Ares chuckled at the name. Boris looked confused. Ares shook it off, "Before your time."

The Transport pulled to a halt a half mile away from the Ferrum relay base security perimeter. Ares ordered, "Ready yourselves."

The rest of the six man team were the Abdulov brothers, Yuri and Anton. Yuri was once considered one of New Latveria's top snipers before he and his brother had an issue with a General in a bar in Doomstadt. Anton is an infiltration specialist and had spent some time as a spy in New Germany before being outed by a telepath. And finally Artur Vazov a demolitions expert with a somewhat unhealthy love for his profession.

Boris was a newer recruit and had been chosen at random to round out the team. Ares was quite certain the boy probably wouldn't survive the mission.

The dropped out of the transport and activated its cloak. The quietly made their way to what looked to be the least secure part of the outer fence where Yuri was ordered to hide in a tree with a high powered pulse rifle to cover them. Artur tossed a small device that attached to the fence that let out a small EMP that disabled the electricity running through it.

Anton then sliced a hole in the fence big enough for them to get through. As they entered a soldier turned a corner and saw them but Yuri picked him off before he had time to alert the base. Ares sighed as he unstrapped his ax, "Okay we got about a minute before someone wonders about him. Get moving."

Artur took out a can and used it to spray an explosive foam. He looked slightly disappointed at the muffled explosion. that punched a hole in the back wall of the station. Ares looked to Boris and Anton, "Get to the mainframe and see what you can learn."

He toss Anton a small drive device, "I assume you know how these work."

He nodded, "Come on boy."

They ran into the building as Ares turned to Vadim, you and I are going to cover him as he takes out the relay towers and make sure they know we're here. Buy them some time in there."

They made their way away from the building and Ares nodded to Artur who gleefully tossed out a handful of small explosives that didn't do much damage but made a lot of noise drawing the attention of the guards. The first to come in reach was beheaded by Ares. Vadim caught the second and tore him in half.

A repulser blast caught Vadim in the head tearing away his hood and revealing his rock like skin. Ares took the arm off the soldier that shot him and smashed the butt of his ax into his helmet caving it in. He then swung around and sliced another in half. Artur planted his first set of explosives and brought down the largest of the relay towers. He then tossed out a half dozen of his emp devices that magnetically attached themselves to several of the soldiers bringing them down as Ares and Vadim quickly finished them off.

Inside Boris and Anton made short work of the unarmored soldiers that staffed the place. They began to think they had an easy task until they were stopped by a set of automated turrets above the control room. They dove behind a wall after failing to produce the I-Dent demanded by an electronic voice immediately followed by a hail of bullets.

Anton yelled across the hall, "You still alive boy?"

Boris pulled close to the wall, "Fine, thanks. And you?"

Anton tried to look out but another shower of bullets emitted, "Can you see the sensors?"

Boris pulled out his holo-phone and flipped it over. He looked into the metallic surface and saw a set of roving sensors hanging down from the ceiling, "There are two, not seeing a blind spot."

Anton sighed, "Just have to make one."

He pulled out a canister and tossed it out and it released a spray of explosive foam some of which coated the sensors. Anton looked over, "Take out the turrets but don't shoot the foam."

Boris fired two shots disabling them and the two carefully made their way to the door to avoid setting off the foam. Anton kicked open the door and the two dropped to the floor as an rpg launched out. They rolled into the control room as it hit a wall setting off the foam.

Outside the guards noticed the explosion and tried to turn back. Ares caught one in the head with his ax and looked toward the building and hit his comm, "What the hell did you do."

Anton replied, "Minor complication, Sir. We're back on mission."

"Watch your ass you have guards heading your way."

A soldier attempted to sneak up on the war god while he spoke but he turned and put his fist through the man's face plate and caved in his skull.

Back inside Anton plugged the drive into the main computer and he and Boris made a makeshift barricade and looked for an alternate exit.

Outside Artur took down the second tower but was nearly caught by a soldier. Yuri's pulse fire caught the man in the chest. Artur gave him a wave as he moved on. The guards were primarily focused on Ares and Vadim who seemed to have very little trouble with them. The repulser fire had no effect on Vadim and Ares effortlessly sliced through them. In his mind he considered it a spot of luck they only encounter standard armor here.

Anton and Boris popped out from an outer ventilation duct as the soldiers broke into the control room and found a device Artur had made sitting on a desk. One of the soldiers picked it up setting off an explosion that leveled the building as Artur finished off the last tower outside. The last few guards surrendered as the dust settled and Ares forced them to kneel before him. He had them strip their armor and told them to run. He then told Yuri to go retrieve the transport as his men found what ever bits of weapons and armor were salvageable.


The group returned to base and Ares went to have the data retrieved examined to see what could be gleaned from it. He then sent out orders for the men to prepare to move out. With the relays down the Iron army was effectively blind in the area so the invasion could go unopposed for at least a few days before they caught on.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe said:

He replied, "Boris Barinov sir."

Ares chuckled at the name. Boris looked confused. Ares shook it off, "Before your time."

(It's actually Boris Badenov but it's still funny) And Ares watches cartoons :)

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@batkevin74: I know he just found it funny how close it was. I actually checked and Badenov isn't an actual name. Ares did have a son that he raised as a human for quite some time before it got all complicated

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