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(Read Distain chapter 9 from before reading this)

Morristown, New York

The group set about burying Jim who'd been killed by the man called Distain. As they finished they heard the soldiers approaching from the sky. In an instant the group was surrounded by 20 Iron soldiers that had tracked Distain to the area. The soldiers powered up their weapons while demanding their surrender. The group readied themselves for a fight when suddenly the group felt dread brewing in the pits of their stomachs for some reason. Even Ares' pets were shaken, the soldiers suddenly began screaming with pain as Thomas grabbed his head being overwhelmed by a powerful mind approaching. The Iron men burst into flame from the inside out and began to fall from the sky but froze in the air some 10 feet above the ground hanging like hellish torches as a man in a black suit approached.

The grass at his feet died and rotted as he stepped on it and Morbius' eyes went wide as he stammered out " Daimon". The man in the black suit looked at him and answered, " No one has called me that in a very long time Michael." Ares looked somewhat nervous as Daimon Hellstorm stepped closer and continued speaking, " I'm not quite the same man you're remembering, the warring realms you know as Hell have all been united under my rule save 2. I'm more powerful now than any Hell lord has ever been and I've come to make a deal." The group looked at eachother as Ares demanded, "Speak your terms hellspawn." Daimon nodded, " I'm here to offer my aid, in return for 2 favors. The first is small this Iron army is powering the device that keeps the Olympians trapped with a piece of my property that I would like returned to me for.......sentimental reasons, secondly in return for my aide Hades will cede full control of Tartarus to me." Ares' eyes went wide,"I cannot speak on behalf of Hades." "No but your father can, perhaps it would help if he knew I was the one who informed him of your brother's death."

"I will allow you to communicate with Olympus and confer if you wish." At that Thomas shot to his feet eyes glowing red, Hellstorm using him as a make shift communication device. Ares stepped up to him saying, " Father can you hear me?" Zeus' voiced boomed from the mouth of Thomas, "What sorcery is this?" Ares spoke slowly, "A powerful being has offered his aide freeing Olympus but there is a price." Zeus loudly proclaimed, " I will pay any price just speak it." " A hell lord has offered his help in exchange for control over Tartarus." Zeus was silent for a moment and said, " Let be done." On Olympus Hades roared his rage at Zeus who swatted him down without rising from his throne. Ares looked back to Hellstorm who smiled and proclaimed, " Excellent." Thomas fell to the ground as his eyes returned to their normal color and Daimon explained, " The Supreme Commander of the Iron army and the Chainman of Ferrum are the same man and he happens to be one of the most powerful telepaths this world has ever seen," Hellstorm stepped to Ares and placed a finger on his forehead producing a sizzling noise, " You will now be immune to his mind, The Machine that powers the Olympian cage is located in the headquarters of Ferrum in Chicago and is fueled by my trident that contains a small portion of my power, remove it and your people will be free and once you return it to me our business will be done."

Marcus then spoke up, " If you're so powerful why can't you get it yourself?" Hellstorm looked as if he'd just noticed the man and shot back," I have rules I must follow regardless of power level, rules that don't apply to men nor the gods of Olympus and prevent me from being able to set foot in that building while the Chairman still lives" As suddenly as he'd arrived he was gone and the burning soldiers hit the ground. Ares ordered the group into the transport and said nothing as they drove off.

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Hellstorm! I didn't guess that one. Very sneaky Joshmightbe. Chicago is gonna be tough to pull off, considering the "incident" Ares is gonna need a better plan than guns a blazin. Looking forward to it.

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@Time_Phantom: Hellstorm does have some more "help" coming up and Ares will be working on a plan as well

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@joshmightbe: The Son of Satan! His name is Daimon Hellstrom but Marvel in the last reboot called him Hellstorm, I don't care he's a nasty piece of work, especially if he's taking over the netherworlds...he may cross paths with the next Sorceror Supreme! :)

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@batkevin74: As of this chapter Hela's domain is the only nether world he doesn't own