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Outside Oostende, Belgium

Ares and his new comrades had cut a bloody swath through many Iron soldiers to get here. Ares called a stop as he looked around for moment before walking up to a small hill and started digging. After a few minutes he unearthed a large metallic seal with the thunderbolt symbol of Zeus etched onto it. He then pulled out a small knife to draw some blood from his thumb and he smeared it across the seal causing it to glow. The hill then split apart revealing a ramp leading down. Then Ares spoke to them, " A long time ago I took to collecting weapons and have been storing them here, I stopped for awhile back when I'd tried to live a mortal life, I'd almost forgotten about it around the time this Iron army started popping up. I did manage to build up a nice stock pile before being trapped on Olympus though." They walked into a massive chamber holding what had to be millions of guns and blades and various other weapons from throughout history. He then opened a door leading to an even bigger area that housed vehicles, in the center was a very large ship floating in front of massive doors leading out to the ocean. He ordered them to help him load the ship with as many weapons and as much ammo as it would carry.

Johan walked over to several large pallets of crates filled with guns and held his hands as they began to emit blue light that expanded into huge hard light plates that he wedged under the palates, he lifted his hands causing the palates to rise and he guided them toward the ship. Not to be outdone Marcus displayed his ability to increase his size giving himself greater proportional strength, he lifted several more palates. Ares told Morbius to drive up some ground transport as he readied the ship. They had the cargo hold filled shortly, after Ares had resealed the place they boarded the ship and he opened the massive doors while starting the engines. They pushed off and we under way. The sea wall loomed on the horizon and Morbius chimed in asking what they intended to do about it, Ares smiled brightly as he said," We're going to punch a hole in it and find more soldiers."

Marcus and Ares went to the deck and loaded the big guns with large shells and aimed it directly at the wall as Iron soldiers began flying toward them. Johan created several hard light cannons in the air above the ship as Morbius manned the smaller guns. They all opened fire at once, the Iron men were completely unprepared for the rapid assault. Ares continued to fire on the wall as Marcus grew to around 20 feet and started swatting soldiers out of the sky to be shot to pieces by Morbius before they hit the water. Johan fired shots over the wall causing panic in the troops on the other side. There was now a hole in the wall large enough for the ship to get through but Iron soldiers poured out to block them so Johan started a rapid fire assault on them killing dozens at a time before they finally retreated. They pulled in behind the wall and got in sight of land. Ares, Marcus and Morbius loaded into a smaller boat, Johan stayed to guard the ship. As they pulled away from the ship a blue light came up around it and then the ship seemed to disappear as Johan camouflaged it.

The landing party docked and made their way in land. Ares pulled out small device he'd acquired from an Iron soldier he'd killed. He pushed a button causing a holographic map of southern England. He had the device mark the prison camps with the more violent offenders, especially those with powers and they walked on.

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Prisoners having ID collars will probably make it really easy for them to find ones that would work well with them. Sweet story.

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@PrinceIMC: The hard part will be getting to the Prison camps and back to the boat

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@joshmightbe: Yeah. Mockingbird had a plan, Ares isn't exactly known for subtlety. Though Mockingbird only had a knight with a sword and a cat-person when she was going in.
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@PrinceIMC: Ares has a well thought out plan, it just isn't subtle at all. He needs it to be big and showy to inspire people to join his cause and show weakness in the Iron army, so while it looks like he's just causing chaos there is a valid reason behind it.

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@joshmightbe: Ares plan possibly consists of the Ghostbusters quote "We came! We saw! We kicked it's ass!" But I think he'll run into the same problems Distain has, there's just SO many of the these bastards

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@batkevin74: That's why he's building an army though he won't really need it if he achieves his goal of turning a very pissed off sky father loose on the Iron army

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@joshmightbe: As you well know, that Supreme Commander/Chairman of Ferrum is a bit of a bastard and with his cohort Mr Sinister possibly...probably...definately they have some cooked up for that very eventuality, also a way to beat an angry war god. My guess is with hippy-spray, flowers and the music of 60's :)

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@batkevin74: but remember when all is said and done they'll still be at war with an actual god of war so it's not like he's gonna be a push over here

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@joshmightbe: That's true but they trapped the Asgardians in ghost form, 'caged' the Olympians, killed nearly every super villain & hero, enslaved the world and they have an army, an actual standing army that if push came to shove they could take New Latveria (they'd be severly diminished but it could be done). Ares may be the Greek God of War but all he's got is a hyper vampire, blue light disco guy, Giant man and possibly some UK freaks. At the moment I'd put my money on the Iron Army and Sinister's probably got some weird hybrid sitting in a box ready to go that eats war gods... :)

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@batkevin74: I'm not saying its going to be easy

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An assault like will likely bring about a massive counter attack by the Iron Army, just make sure it's balanced coz they built the Sea Wall for a reason.

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@batkevin74: I have a plan here if you go to the main Iron Age PM it should give you an idea of what I'm intending to do