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Chechyen DMZ

Flares and tracers illuminated the night skies and the Iron Army of two hundred Iron Soldiers, forty Hunters, twelve Iron Sentinels, four hover tanks, nine supply transports and a War Truck rumbled across the Chechyen DMZ. Word had come down from the Supreme Commander that a new front was to be opened and a beachhead opened into New Latveria. The Chechyen DMZ was determined as the best place, hoping the Doom would honour the decade sold “ceasefire” even though The Iron Army clearly was not, much like the plans of man some three hundred years earlier who marched into the Rhineland

The Chechyen DMZ was a country of death. Both sides had used to test new weapons, mutants, gases, magic it in with little regard. The ground was irradiated, the sky was tinged brown and it had the feeling of evil and creepy about it. And though a horrid shell people lived there, if you could call them people and call it living. It was in this place that the Supreme Commander found Iron Claw, a boy of nine who’d only eaten corpses.

General Wang Van Berne commanded the attack from his customised Iron Sentinel. He’d spent millions of looted treasure on outfitting his own personal Sentinel. The Supreme Commander awarding him a star for his enthusiasm and ingenuity, a brown-nosing act that earned him the ire of the other generals.

Wang called his Sentinel “Silent Knight”, something of a joke. The left arm of the robot was replaced with a 42cm howitzer that shot shells that weighed 2550lbs each and could hit a target seven miles away. The right arm had a retractable osmium/vibranium blend shield that was used for protection and counter balance when the cannon fired. In the chest was a massive super repulsor. The normal flat emotionless face was replaced with a holo-screen that had the general’s face projected onto it. He had been called in from Australia where he’d been happily slaughtering mutants across the outback

“Soldiers I want continued suppressing fire when we engage. Hunters you are extra eyes and ears; keep a forty foot flight distance between you just in case these bastards have nets!” barked Wang from his command chair “Six by six on the flanks Sentinels, follow attack co-ordinates. Tank crews eyes to the skies. War truck you have the rear! I am on point. In the name of the Supreme Commander!”

“SUPREME COMMANDER!” came the rousing reply

The Army marched closer and closer to New Latervian border. The earth shook when the General fired off a round into his enemies’ homeland. The Silent Knight laughed and loaded another round from the support transport.

“General Van Berne?”

“What is it?”

“Hunter Banks sir”

“I don’t care who you are soldier?” he snapped “Speak!”

“There’s been a spike in the electromagnetic fields as we get closer sir. Our instruments are spinning”

“Everyone engage Polaris protocol nine zero two” said the General

The division hummed with energy to counteract the energy field

“Gentlemen, there’s some sort of magnetic mutant freak hiding out there trying to manipulate our armours. First one to find and kill it gets two weeks r & r at my personal villa on the Peruvadorian coast!”

They roared in approval at their potential prize and marched on

“The border in front of us!” he yelled “We are the unstoppable Iron Army. We shall tolerate this enemy of The Supreme Commander no longer! We...”

“Shall die if you take another step”

The division came to an abrupt halt. The General sat in his command chair totally aghast, the shock transferred to the face of his Sentinel

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Uh, oh... it's going down.

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