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New Latverian lab, Savage Land

7 notices the date on a monitor as he and Mo-Zar look on at the army of Creeds and insectoids, "He sent me back in time a month."

Mo-Zar looks over, "Okay, that's interesting but is it important right now?"

7 nods, "It means the fact that I killed a bunch of them on the battle field is still pretty fresh in their minds."

Mo-Zar's eyes widened a bit as Creed Alpha stepped forward and growled, "Traitor."

A large black furred Creed stood back from the crowd, he noted that Makish and the insect soldiers slunk out the back way as the Creeds became unruly. He then looked to 7 and the human as Alpha roared. The Creeds rushed toward the two causing them to break and run. He then looked for another way out.

7 and Mo-Zar had no choice but to flee the way they'd come in. Down through the maintenance section. As they made it back to the disposal bay they hoped that the Carcharodons were gone and crawled their way back out the hatch.

Topside they found the insectoid army in full battle with the dinosaurs as the angry Creeds flooded out of the hatch. Most of the Creeds stopped to take in their new surroundings but it didn't last as the jungle erupted in predatory chaos.

Creed Alpha slammed into 7 hurling him to the ground. 7 rolled him off and drove an elbow into his face. Alpha let out a snarl as 7 yanked him to his feet and attempted to sling him away. Alpha dug his claws in 7's arm and drove his free fist into his face. Mo-Zar struck Alpha in the back of the head with a heavy branch drawing his attention long enough for 7 into his spine.

The Creed hit the ground, 7 knew he wouldn't be down for long so he and Mo-Zar ran again. As they ran a set of black furred arms grabbed them from behind pulling them through a small door in what appeared to be a hill side. The black furred Creed slammed the door behind them as 7 grabbed his knife. The Creed motioned for silence, "Quiet, trying not to get killed here."

The two of them noticed he'd pulled them into an aircraft hangar, "I'm Creed 220, you're the smart one right?"

7 nodded, "Why aren't you trying to kill me" 220 replied, "One of Thanos' bugs screwed up my mental blocker so unlike the rest of them despite being forced to behave physically I still had time to learn what is going on. I have no intention of being a slave to bugs or spending the rest of my life trying to avoid being eaten by dinosaurs and I figure you're a ticket out. Can you fly one of those?"

7 looked to the aircraft he pointed out, "No but I can program an auto pilot."

220 grinned, "Good enough for me."

Several hours later they landed on the outskirts of New Latveria, 220 thanked 7 for the ride and took off. Before 7 could head on to Doomstadt the Traveler appeared, "You're coming with me." They disappeared leaving Mo-Zar alone and confused.

They reappeared in Doomstadt nearly a month later, "There ya go now everything is back where it needs to be. 7 looked over and saw David along with several Shield agents.

David filled him in on how the battle. Afterwards 7's only reply, "We have to save Sam."

The Traveler chimed in, "Yes you do, and you will but not now."

(This will be continued in the next chapter of Hardy and Creed)

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@joshmightbe said:

7's only reply, "We have to save Sam."


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@batkevin74: It'll be a pain in the ass getting there and will take a while so we still have plenty of time before even thinking about what them actually accomplishing their goal would cause.