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Antarctica, South Pole

7 breaks from his ice cocoon, his healing factor had kicked in and repaired all his injuries and he found a note from the Traveler etched in a block of ice simply stating, 'Go West.' with an arrow pointing him that way.

Having nothing else to go on he followed. He had walked around 5 miles when he found the edge of a large canyon covered in mist.He heard noises that clearly had no place here. He was confused for a moment before it dawned on him that he was at the edge of the Savage Land. He quickly climbed down the ledge taking a moment to adjust to the sudden drastic change in environment.

His gauntlets had been heavily damaged by Doom's spell so he stowed them in his pack. He then took out his knife and hacked his way through the thick foliage searching for some fruit or maybe some small animals to make dinner. After he'd caught some small game he sat and ate. He was half way through his meal when he noticed he was being watched. He slowly rose to his feet. He took one last bite and then drew his blade as an emaciated human clumsily staggered out of the bushes, he looked at 7 and spoke in a language 7 didn't understand. He looked frustrated and tried again.

7 realized the man was trying different languages,"I primarily speak English."

The man sighed with relief, "Could I share your dinner? I haven't eaten for days."

7 looks around to make sure he wasn't being set up for an ambush and invited the man to sit.

The man introduced himself as Mo-Zar.

After the two had eaten their fill 7 asked, "Why are you wandering so far away from your tribe?"

Mo-Zar looked saddened, "There are no more tribes. I'm not even sure if there are any other humans left in the Savage Land. There was a lab run by outsiders who accidentally released some kind of virus, it killed most of the humans fairly quickly but turned the other races completely feral. Most of those who survived the virus were killed off by the others who then turned on each other. The lower animals seem unaffected but they seem to have taken full advantage of the new absence of civilization."

7 looked on, "We'll make camp here for the night and in the morning we'll go find a village to see if anyone has survived, the man who brought me here does nothing without a reason so that seems to be the best way to find out what it is."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: 7 roaming the cold wilds of Antartica, very c...that's an inadvertant pun but yes, very cool! :)

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