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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Note- This series takes place after the events of Project X: The Birth of Wolverine.

Marvel Genesis: Wolverine, Chapter 1- Dark Times

Year- 2054 A.D.

Location- Somewhere in Alberta.

I can see darkness everywhere. It happens to me all the time. Ever since I found myself into darkness, there wasn't a single light comin' through. I've been through tough times lately. The things which I've done before. I had neva expected to do these kinda things. People tend to fear me because of what I really am. A beast ragin' inside me. There's no cure for it though. But I wished it didn't happen to me so that there could be peace in my life.

I woke up and found myself inside a dark cave. Things were often gettin' blurry after I passed out several times. Because I'm gettin' weaker by the minute. It ain't good to be weak at this time since I had to find Romulus again. Yea...I remembered clearly now. I fought him once or twice or who knows how many times I did. But the fact is that I could neva defeat him. Maybe that's the reason why I intend to forget of my own defeat. The Professor used to tell me that I couldn't do it alone. I always told him that I didn't need any of his help or even the X-Men. It was my fight. Now, I realize that I could use of some of the teamwork. The good thing is someone came by to save me from Bishop. An old friend of mine whom I met him back in New Orleans. His name was Remy Lebeau also known as Gambit.

Remy held his bo staff close to his left shoulder while he looked outside the cave. It poured tons of rain on the ground. I can hear the sounds thumpin' and thinkin' that it could be Bishop and his bad cops. Remy looked at me to see whether I was doing fine. It seems like it though. He may look old with his white hair but he still had the skills needed to fight and throw some wild cards at his opponents.

"Hey Logan, my man. You ok?"

"Yea, bub. I'm fine. Thanks for savin' me back there. Who knows I would've been dead if ya hadn't showed up."

Remy showed a smile on his face as if nothin' bad happened in the previous event. I'm pretty sure he gets serious sometimes even though he had no choice to fight in this worst time. He once loved Rogue after he crossed with her several times durin' his past robberies. Yea, Remy was a pretty hard thief to catch. He neva gives in what he does. Now, he probably thought that his stealin' days are over.

"I heard what happened to the X-Men. Even...Rogue. Remy don't like to hear it though but..."

"I hate to say this, bub. But I haven't much time. I need to find Romulus and defeat him."

Remy stayed quiet for a moment. He held his bo staff straight on the ground and stared at me with his scary-lookin' red eyes.

"Remy knows what's been happening to you, man. That's why I came to see if you're doing fine. And if you need help."

I should have known that he would say somethin' like that. I've always been workin' alone after the superhero teams were defeated by Romulus several years ago. It seems that I abandoned all hope. But my heart tells me that there is still a chance. Speakin' of chances, I thought of a plan to bring down Romulus for good.

"Hey Remy. Do you know anythin' about Deathurge?"

Remy became confused of when I said that word. But it wasn't just a word, it was a name. A name which I heard before. Yea...it happened durin' that time when I was stronger as before. I figured Remy would know anythin' about Deathurge since he sometimes found himself in the world of the supernatural.

"Deathurge don't ring a bell. Why?"

"Well, I figured you would know since the last time I heard that you once stole a mystical artifact from some old tomb."

Remy looked at my face with a slight smile and said, "How do you know that?"

"It's all in the news, bub."

Remy looked at his bo staff and seemed to wander in space. I don't know if he can recall anythin' at his age. I heard news about a thief stealin' artifacts from museums and the rich people's houses, stuff like that. Like a Robin Hood stealin' money and givin' it to the poor. There was a magical mystery behind these artifacts and I doubt that Remy would tell me anythin' about them, since I wasn't much of his partner.

"Sorry, my man. Remy don't know anything about this...Deathurge. But why ask though?"

"I asked because there's somethin' that I liked to do before I die."

"Die? Remy don't think you'll die. You're still the same strong man I've met since those days in New Orleans."

"I know. That was a long time ago. But now...I don't have much time left."

"But your healing factor...You can heal fast in no time."

I looked at my hands and recall back to those days when I was given the healin' factor by Project X. But this healin' factor actually turned out to be hidden deep inside my genes and yet my power didn't activate when I reached puberty. That was when Romulus unleashed my true power by using his developed drug called the "Romulus Formula."

"Listen, Remy...I need your help."

"Sure, my man. Anything you say."

"Good. Because I really need you to help me steal...Deathurge.

To be continued in Marvel Genesis: Wolverine, Chapter 2- Unbreakable.

Deathurge? Who the h*ll or what the h*ll is Deathurge? Why Wolverine would want Gambit to steal an ancient artifact? Does it have to do anything with Deathurge and why? You'll find out in Chapter 3 but now for the next chapter, our present-day Wolverine finds himself in a tough situation as he's about to steal some top-secret info from a Project X facility located in Africa. It's time to break some of those bones, bub. SNIKT!

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