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(Note-Woah, haven't done this in a while. All I have to say is, I want to read it. But Here's #2 if you need a refresher or you didn't read it. http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/kamrenamir/marvel-genesis-war-machine-2/87-79310/)

Rated T for language and Action

4:20 Pm South African Village

Swerving through the air, explosions all around, Rhody felt more alive than he ever thought possible.

He switched between his barrel cannons and repulsors with ease as he maneuver around the outside of the village

Flying and shooting the last few tanks Rhody heard Jarvis' voice.

"Incoming call from Tony Stark"

"Answer it" is all Rhody could put out as he catch his breath.

"Rhody you have ten minutes to get here."

Rhody flew into the vacant town and was now searching the buildings

"Yea got it Tony, I'll be there."

Looking through what seemed like the Town hall Rhody oppened a closet.

"Bingo, found the weapons, with blue prints and a...............Shipping file!"

"Sh*t!" Tony exclaimed through the comm

" Where are they?" Rhody was almost speachless.

"Rhodes! Where are they?!"

After a few minutes of silence Rhody finally answered.

"The weapons were sent to Mandarin"

Now Tony was speachless.

"And there are blueprints in here. They look like they highlight the power of the rings."

The sound of Tony taking a drink was heard.

"We'll talk about this later, get rid of those weapons."

Tony spoke and the call was ended

Storing the file in the suit Rhody exited the building.

Walking ten feet out, Rhody sighed.

"Suit, Flamethrower."

Imediatly the barrel cannons were stored and a nozel came from the wrist of the right hand.

"Burn!" Rhody exclaimed and flames ignited out and onto the building.

As the building burn, Rhody could only think of how Tony could be feeling.

After a minute of continutes burning Rhody put away the nozel.

Looking at the clock in the top corner of the HUD Rhody sighed again.

"Late, just great. Suit Fly"

Rising into the clouds once again Rhody still had about 60% power level.

"Suit, go as fast as possible without using a dangerous level of power."

Saying this, the suit slowed and a shockwave of power flew from the repulsers and Rhody now flew two times faster.

(War Machine and Tony Stark and Mandarin are property of Marvel Inc. and its Affiliates all rights reserved, I came up with the story.)

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@primepower53: Thanks. Your still doing Iron Man right? Do you wanna, maybe collaborate?

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@kamrenamir: unfortunately, I dropped Iron Man due to the most massive writer's block I've ever had. (Five months without ideas. FIVE MONTHS!)

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Great story.

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@primepower53: WOW but I understand. I get writers block, and I just get angry and forget about it. I hate the fact that I can't do something that has been so easy at times.