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Thundra: Destined (Prologue)

Oklahoma, 2300 AD

Pan through a barren region of Oklahoma, the land has been deserted for what seems to have been centuries. The rubble from run down homes is now one with the land itself.

Thundra (Narrating): At some point, every child must leave the safety of their home to experience the world.

This streak of death and rot would be nearly complete if not for one house. This house is not only intact but in pristine condition.

Thundra (narrating): In this part of their lives they learn, develop and in time decide where they want to take their lives.

Cut to the inside of the house, in it are two people. The first is a young girl with fiery red hair around the age of 8. She’s in the living room working on a painting that would put most professional artists to shame. The child has a great big smile on her face like it’s just another day in her young life.

Thundra (narrating): That “choice” was a luxury I was never granted…

Cut to the room next to the child's and we see her mother Lyra silently debating over something in her bedroom. She looks back and forth at an envelope on her bed, whatever she’s arguing about has something to do with the contents of that envelope. After what must feel like an eternity for her she grabs onto the envelopment, by doing this her choice has been made and her confidence somehow restored

Thundra (narrating): I wasn’t created exclusively out of love but for another purpose as well. A purpose I found out on this very day.

Lyra: Thundra.

The child comes into the room curious as to why she has been called.

Thundra: Yes mother?

Lyra pauses for a moment. What she is about to do is clearly going to take a toll on her.

Lyra: Have a seat Thundra. We have much to discuss.

Thundra: Have I done something wrong?

Lyra: No daughter it’s nothing like that- you’ve just grown so fast. It’s time you see something.

Thundra: What is it?

Lyra hands her the envelope. Thundra’s is still confused about what the point of all of this is.

Lyra: Open it.

Thundra stares at the images with confusion. She has no clue what these images mean.

Cut to a close up of the images in her hands. There are several images of female scientists in the background working cautiously in a lab. The last image is taken from a microscope showing an ovum being poked and prodded meticulously.

Lyra looks directly at her daughter with a firm gaze. She is trying ever so desperately to compromise with her motherly and military sides.

Lyra: Do you know why I’m showing you these Thundra?

Thundra is confused. Most 9-year olds would be under the circumstances.

Thundra: I don’t know mother. Why?

Lyra: Have you ever wondered why you’re so much stronger, faster and smarter than girls twice your age?

Lyra can tell that her daughter still doesn’t understand.

Lyra (Thoughts): She may be above her age genetically but she’s still a child.

Lyra gathers herself for what’s to come next. This will be just as hard are her as it’ll be on her daughter.

Lyra: Listen carefully daughter, for there is much you must understand. Things weren’t always the way they are now daughter…

Cut to images of a devastated city. There is debris lying everywhere and dead bodies of innocent bystanders lying just underneath.

Lyra: there was once a time when men and women were able coexist peacefully- That was until the aftermath of the third “Great War”… which nearly half of the world’s population had been lost in the battles waged and made over a third of the planet unlivable.

Cut to an image of husbands arguing with their wives and vice versa. Each of these couples barely show any of the affection that they once had for each other.

Lyra: What remained of the earth recovered but the relationships females had with males were shattered… Both sides grew hostile to the other, each feeling that they should be the ones in control of things.

Cut to an image male and female athletes competing intensely in everything from football to track to even chess. Neither side is truly able to best the other in all categories.

Lyra: The leaders at the time tried to solve the problem by pitting the sexes against each other in games of sport. What was intended as a way to unite the sexes was what ultimately drove them apart with both sides seeing it as their chance which sex was truly superior, female or male.

Flash to two images joined together. The first is of a man injecting himself with a mysterious substance, the result is the man’s muscle mass increasing dramatically. The second is of a woman doing the same thing and but the appearance isn’t drastic but with the same benefits.

Lyra: Once the men realized that neither side was able to truly best the women in everything they resorted to drastic measures. The men began injecting various serums and radiations into their systems hoping to give themselves the edge with the women quick to follow. The results were disastrous…

Cut to an image of Women and men in all-out war, both sides are fighting hand to hand with the kind of ferocity that would make wars of the past seem like playground scuffles.

Lyra: To this day we don’t know which side struck first, but what came from that first strike was a planet encompassing war of women vs. men. The war spanned for countless years with neither side able to gain a true advantage.

Cut to an image of the women combatants narrowly winning a battle in Washington D.C with massive casualties on both sides.

Lyra: The stalemate finally shattered with our victory in Washington and with it came the birth of the United Sisterhood States as well control of the majority of the continent. Women from other countries soon followed- our victory was nearly absolute, but with that victory came a grave price…

Show an image of mass graves from the lives lost in the battles, those who are at the gravesites are extremely sorrowful. This war has costed all them dearly.

Lyra: As a result of the radiation enhancement we underwent, 90 percent of the female population became sterile. Myself and the remaining ten percent of the population were forced to pick up the pieces, starting with the imprisonment of any captured male. Something had to be done about them. We couldn’t wage a war like this and allow them to repeat the cycle all over again…

Thundra: what does this have to do with the photos mother?

Lyra hesitates for the moment. This is the first time where she realizes how difficult of a position she’s in as a parent.

Lyra: It has everything to do with you Thundra. Even though the Sisterhood won back the nation we are still fighting a never-ending war with the wild men across the nation. It didn’t take long for me to realize that we’ve lost far too many soldiers and reproduce too few to win in the long run.

Thundra gazes at her mother innocently, she is far too naïve to know where she’s going with this.

Lyra: When I had you I couldn’t play the genetic roulette game like the other women, too much was at stake for that to happen. So with our finest scientists we altered your genes to make you faster, stronger, and tougher than any woman or man alive... You were designed to be our champion Thundra, a guardian to the sisterhood from the wild men.

Thundra looks at her confused, not at all certain what her mother is expecting from her. Her mother sees this look and knows what her daughter is thinking.

Lyra: No, you didn’t mishear me daughter. You will become a femizon for your people, without you Femizonia will fall…

Thundra (saddened): But mother… I don’t want to be a warrior, I want to be an artist... everyone says I could be the next Michelle Angelo.

Her mother remains stern towards her daughter, fighting every part of her motherly instincts along the way.

Lyra: We all have to make sacrifices Thundra, life isn’t fair and it won’t treat you any differently in spite of your genetic superiority.

Lyra places a hand on her check showing subtle affection to her emotional overwhelmed daughter

Lyra: It’s a pity too… you will have so much beauty when you’re older but have no one to share it with. If things were as they used to be you would never have had that problem- but I guess it was never meant to be.

She quickly shrugs off this sentiment to continue her talk.

Lyra (stern): Your training will start tomorrow. You will be trained by the finest warriors our nation has to offer, including myself. I won’t lie to daughter, your training will be more difficult than any of the other Femizon’s but it will make you ready for what you will face down the road. In time your skills will develop to the point where you will be the greatest warrior our world has ever known- And starting tomorrow you will no longer refer to me as “mother” but as matriarch or Lyra.

Lyra drops her stern look for a brief bit and reveals her tender side to young Thundra. She hugs her daughter tightly and yet gently at the same time.

Lyra: I have faith in you daughter; I know you can get through whatever this world throws at you, stay strong and keep fighting no matter what the odds… I love you Thundra.

Young Thundra smiles at this and tears up

Thundra (on the verge of tears): I love you too mother

Younger Thundra starts to cry on her shoulder, at first Lyra wants be firm about this display of emotions but she instead decides to embrace her even more.

Lyra: This will be the last time you shed tears daughter, you need to always be firm and rigid. Emotions like this will have to be nonexistent to you otherwise they will run all over you.

Lyra kisses her daughter on the head and lets her finish crying.

Cut to the next day, Thundra is sitting on her bed waiting for her mother to come in. She has much more control over her emotions now then the night before.

Thundra (narrating): My name is Thundra…

The door cracks open and Lyra appears dressed in full military attire with stature of one too.

Lyra: Are you ready Thundra.

Thundra (narrating): And today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Thundra looks her mother right back. She is determined to make her mother proud.

Thundra: Yes, Matriarch.

To be continued…


Thanks as always guys for reading these stories that I write, I sincerely appreciate it. I know my work on my won comic has put me out of commission in the Genesis Universe but that's all going to change with this story I have in mind for Thundra. I have big plans for her and maybe by the end of a story or two i plan on telling with her you'll understand why she's so angry all the time. Anyway I hope to put one of these out at least once a week (twice if I'm having a great writing week) and hopefully that way I can keep a more consistent schedule for you guys. So as always I hope you enjoyed this story and I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Link to the next part here!


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I give this my lowest rating ever. Nine thumbs up.

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lol thanks man

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No problem.

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@moviegeek17: 13.5/10!!!!

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Thanks cap!!

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Nice work! So Thundra is from the future/a future?

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Love it

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Thanks man! And yeah she's a part of an alternate future. Part of the challenge with writing her is how extreme that future is actually. But a challenge every now and then can be good for a writer.


Thanks man! If you don't mind me asking are there any parts about it that you liked in particular?

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@moviegeek17 said:


Thanks man! And yeah she's a part of an alternate future. Part of the challenge with writing her is how extreme that future is actually. But a challenge every now and then can be good for a writer.


Thanks man! If you don't mind me asking are there any parts about it that you liked in particular?

The narration, I really like it, it makes the story seem more um.... classy? lol yea classy. 
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lol well thanks man!