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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Marvel Genesis

Project X: The Birth of Wolverine- Introduction

Note- Complete Series (Prologue, 100 chapters, Epilogue)


A man whose past was shrouded in complete mystery. A man who served under World War 2 and fighting for his country. A man who was later drafted into the Project X program. An experiment that turned himself into a super-soldier. Not just a super-soldier, but an animal. An animal who goes wild and killing others for his superiors and never remember of what he did in the past. However, the Project X results stated that he was born an animal. A feral mutant who has claws from his fingers and sharp teeth. He's much like the other mutant, Victor Creed known as Sabretooth. But how far will this test subject go? How can he escape from the powers that may be? He will only have to use his animal instincts to save his own life. His name is Logan aka Wolverine. He is the best there is at what he does. But what he does best, it won't be very nice. SNIKT!

Team X Members/Project X Test Subjects


A feral mutant who was born with heightened senses and animal instincts. After serving World War 2, he was drafted into a different version of Weapon X progam called Project X. Logan gets experimented by a number of scientists. As a result, he was given a powerful, artificial healing factor that reduces his aging and injuries. Logan's skeleton was also coated with adamantium that allows to protrude steel-like claws. Logan is sent on private missions with the rest of the Team X members.

Victor Creed/Sabretooth

An another feral mutant who shares the similar abilities as Logan. He was also given the healing factor ability. Victor's skeletal structure was also laced with adamantium. He was sent as Logan's partner and backup in dangerous missions.

David North/Agent Zero/Maverick

A mutant who can absorb kinetic energy and produce plasma blasts. David also joins with Logan and Victor on dangerous missions. He's also given the artificial healing factor.

John Kestrel/Wraith

A mutant with the ability of teleportation. John is also a great expert in assassination and temporarily works with Team X in outside sources. John is the only Team X member who wasn't given the healing factor. Due to the fact, he could teleport himself from enemies without being injured or killed.

Silver Fox

A non-mutant who was also given the artificial healing factor. She was trained as an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combat. Silver Fox recently worked on her solo missions until she joins Team X. Later, Silver Fox turned out to be a traitor who was working for HYDRA.

Raven Darkholme/Mystique

Raven is a mysterious mutant who has the ability to shape-shift into any person, animal or object. She also has the natural healing factor which heals her injuries and suppresses her aging . She is in the same expert level as John Kestrel. Raven joined the Team X operations after learning that Silver Fox betrayed Project X.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool

An another non-mutant, a deadly mercenary, a weapons expert, and a hand-to-hand combatant. Wade also has the artificial healing factor and joins with Team X after doing some solo missions.

William Stryker

A former U.S. military soldier who takes charge of the Team X operations. He also gets reports from the higher authorities.

Aldo Ferro/Psi-Borg

Psi-Borg is a powerful mutant who also joined Project X before Logan first got drafted. However, the healing experiment altered his aging process and he had to rely on machinery to keep himself alive. Yet, the mutant possess vast psionic powers which no human and mutant could withstand. Psi-Borg also gives out secret information and mission reports to Team X since he's not on the team.

Dr. Nathaniel Essex/Sinister

Dr. Essex mysteriously joined Project X after secretly speaking with William Stryker. His actions were not explained why he's present in Project X. However, he's an expert in fields of advanced biology and genetics. Essex also performs genetic experiments on mutant prisoners of Project X.

New Drafted Members of Project X and Team X

Kyle Creed/Wild Child

Note- In the 616-universe, Kyle's last name was Gibney and wasn't a clone.

Kyle Creed is a genetic clone of Victor Creed/Sabretooth. Kyle shares the similar feral abilities as Wolverine and Sabretooth. Kyle is also an expert tracker in finding and giving secret information. He also joins with the Team X operations.

Chris Bradley/Bolt

Chris Bradley is the first new member who gets drafted into Project X. Chris is a mutant with the ability to manipulate electricity. Later, Chris becomes the part of the newly-formed Team X.

Fred Dukes

Note- This version of Blob won't have fat layer of skin unlike his 616-counterpart.

Fred is the second new member of the Project X/Team X operations. Fred is a mutant who possess an indestructible layer of skin. This invulnerability also gives him superstrength and to control his gravitational field.

John Lopez/Washout

John is the third member of the newly-formed Team X. He has the mutant ability to transform his body into water and manipulate it. John is also a field-tactician who can come up with strategies in performing missions.


Sarah is the fourth new member of the Team X operations. She has the mutant power to draw out strong bones from parts of her body and use those bones as weapons. Sarah's mutant DNA was recently enhanced due to Dr. Essex's genetic experiments.

Garrison Kane

Kane is used to be a mercenary like Wade Wilson until he was turned into a cyborg. Kane can attach weapons to his cyborg body and use them to attack his enemies. Kane's cyborg technology also allows himself to scan, record, and duplicate superhuman/mutant powers and later use certain advantages to attack. Kane was a new member of Team X until he left the team for unknown reasons.

Project Rebirth Team Member/Test Subject

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve Rogers used to be a thin man who wanted to serve as a soldier of World War 2. After his outstanding military training, Steve gets drafted into Project Rebirth where he gets injected by a super-soldier serum and radiated with vita-rays. As a result of the experiment, Steve gains enhanced strength, agility, speed, relflexes, durability, healing, and endurance.

Soviet X Team Member/Test Subject

Arkady Rossovich/Omega Red

A Russian mutant who was being experimented upon carbonadium. He was kept secured in the Russian military program called Soviet X and later gets sent to work on deadly missions. Omega Red has the mutant ability to secrete pheromones that could kill any organic life which is later to be known as "Death Factor." Omega Red can also drain the lifeforce energy out of anyone. Using the drained lifeforce, the Omega Red can heal his injuries.

Government Programs

Project X

A government program which was used to experiment on humans and mutants. Project X was also responsible for training sessions and dangerous missions. The program has top scientists who were robotic experts, geneticists, engineers, etc.

Project Rebirth

A government program which was used to create Super-Soldiers in the past. The first super-soldier and test subject named Steve Rogers took part of the experiment. After the super-soldier serum injection and vita-rays, Captain America was born. Later, Captain America was sent to attack enemies during World War 2 until his mysterious disappearance.

Soviet X

A Russian version of Project X. So far, Soviet X has only one member, Omega Red who was sent on deadly solo missions. Soviet X was also shown capable of advanced tecnhnology similar to Project X.


D.A.G.G.E.R. (Department of Advanced Genome and Genetic Enhancement Research)

An organization started back in the 1900s when superpowers began to emerge. In 1944, Colonel Nick Fury joined the organization after his full-time service, fighting against Germany. He was then promoted to the Director of D.A.G.G.E.R. and is now currently overseeing the establishment of tracking down superhuman and mutant DNA. The organization also research and the experimentation to turn an ordinary individual into a superhuman and enhance mutant powers.


An organization that is bent on controlling the entire world. H.A.M.M.E.R. is being led by Dum Dum Dugan, a former war soldier who betrayed Captain America and defeated the Red Skull. He was then recruited by the organization and later appointed as the Director. He also sends super-powered agents on secret missions after being trained at several H.A.M.M.E.R. experimental facilities.


Romulus Formula

A drug which was been developed by the great geneticist on the planet, the legendary Romulus himself. This drug can be used to enhance mutant powers and unlocks certain mutant genes which hasn't been activated yet. For example, Victor and Logan's healing factor never got activated during puberty until Romulus gives them the formula. However, Project X convinces the two feral mutants that their healing factor was just artificial.

Sinister Effect

The opposite creation of the Romulus Formula. Dr. Nathaniel Essex devised a way to enhance the Romulus Formula into his new creation, dubbed the "Sinister Effect." Dr. Essex used this formula on himself and later transformed into a superbeing known as Sinister.




Chapter 1- The Wild Side


Chapter 2- The Power


Chapter 3- Tango


Chapter 4- The Merc


Chapter 5- Shattered


Chapter 6- The Entry


Chapter 7- Trespassers


Chapter 8- The Battle Within


Chapter 9- The Secret


Chapter 10- Future Tense


Chapter 11- Instinct


Chapter 12- Saviour


Chapter 13- One Man Army


Chapter 14- Time's Up


Chapter 15- The Game


Chapter 16- The Terrorist


Chapter 17- Darkness


Chapter 18- The Plan


Chapter 19- Counterattack


Chapter 20- Final Battle


Chapter 21- The Appointment


Chapter 22- The Experiment


Chapter 23- Betrayal


Chapter 24- Masquerade


Chapter 25- Lust


Chapter 26- Faces of Evil


Chapter 27- The Trickster


Chapter 28- Wonderland


Chapter 29- The Return


Chapter 30- The Awakening


Chapter 31- Showdown


Chapter 32- Iconic


Chapter 33- The Enemy


Chapter 34- The Samurai


Chapter 35- Faces of Tomorrow


Chapter 36- Sleeper


Chapter 37- Rip Van Wolverine


Chapter 38- The Truth


Chapter 39- The Draft


Chapter 40- The Thing


Chapter 41- Illusions


Chapter 42- Soulbreaker


Chapter 43- The Beast


Chapter 44- Reborn


Chapter 45- Crime and Punishment


Chapter 46- Sessions


Chapter 47- No Way Out


Chapter 48- Distractions


Chapter 49- Disturbing Behaviour


Chapter 50- The One


Chapter 51- Mouthless


Chapter 52- Western Wolverine, Part 1


Chapter 53- Western Wolverine, Part 2


Chapter 54- Western Wolverine, Part 3


Chapter 55- Western Wolverine, Part 4


Chapter 56- Kane's Legacy, Part 1


Chapter 57- Kane's Legacy, Part 2


Chapter 58- Kane's Legacy, Part 3


Chapter 59- Kane's Legacy, Part 4


Chapter 60- Marauders, Part 1


Chapter 61- Marauders, Part 2


Chapter 62- Marauders, Part 3


Chapter 63- Marauders, Part 4


Chapter 64- Gambit, Part 1


Chapter 65- Gambit, Part 2


Chapter 66- Gambit, Part 3


Chapter 67- Gambit, Part 4


Chapter 68- Gambit, Part 5


Chapter 69- Sinister


Chapter 70- What Lies Beneath


Chapter 71- Sabretooth, Part 1


Chapter 72- Sabretooth, Part 2


Chapter 73- Sabretooth, Part 3


Chapter 74- Sabretooth, Part 4


Chapter 75- Wendigo


Chapter 76- Cursed


Chapter 77- White Fear


Chapter 78- The Cure


Chapter 79- The Wrath


Chapter 80- Psychosis


Chapter 81- The Edge


Chapter 82- The Fury


Chapter 83- Mentor


Chapter 84- Mind Freak


Chapter 85- Kestrel, Part 1


Chapter 86- Kestrel, Part 2


Chapter 87- Kestrel, Part 3


Chapter 88- Attack of the U-Men, Part 1


Chapter 89- Attack of the U-Men, Part 2


Chapter 90- Attack of the U-Men, Part 3


Chapter 91- Attack of the U-Men, Part 4


Chapter 92- Marrow


Chapter 93- Vengeance, Part 1


Chapter 94- Vengeance, Part 2


Chapter 95- Vengeance, Part 3


Chapter 96- Vengeance, Part 4


Chapter 97- Stryker, Part 1


Chapter 98- Stryker, Part 2


Chapter 99- Stryker, Part 3


Chapter 100- Romulus





Wolverine: The Fall of H.A.M.M.E.R.- Introduction

Note- Complete Series (5 parts)

Note- This five-part story takes place after Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 70- What Lies Beneath.


After Logan finds out the hammer image on the secret disk given by the late Garrison Kane (former member of new Team X), Logan goes to Las Vegas to meet up with a man named Nick Fury. Logan wanted to learn more information about the disk. But Nick Fury told him that a super-powered H.A.M.M.E.R. agent had the other half of the information with him. In exchange of the information, Nick wants Logan and his new Team X members (Marrow, Blob, Washout, Bolt, and Wild Child) to capture the H.A.M.M.E.R. agent who's currently keeping tabs on other superhumans and mutants. He was given strict orders by Dum Dum Dugan in order to keep that information secret from anyone. The H.A.M.M.E.R. agent was also claimed to be a tough guy to deal with. Now, Logan and his Team X partners has to find this super agent before it's too late.



A feral mutant who was a part of a deadly experiment of Project X. After learning the top-secret information from Kane's disk, Logan heads off to Las Vegas where he hopes to meet a secret agent named Nick Fury who has more answers regarding the disk.

Agent Nick Fury

An agent who works for D.A.G.G.E.R. (Department of Advanced Genome and Genetic Enhancement Research) after his long-time service in World War 2, Fury joined D.A.G.G.E.R. to monitor or capture superhuman individuals and mutants. However, due to the circumstances which are happening at H.A.M.M.E.R. currently, Nick Fury takes the opportunity to find out the truth behind the organization. He then decided to join H.A.M.M.E.R. and act as a double agent.

Agent Jacob Trevor (Original Character)

A super-powered H.A.M.M.E.R. agent who has the ability to project force shields and levitate objects at certain high-levels (He also possesses a third ability. Top-Secret. =P) He was recruited as part of the H.A.M.M.E.R. super agents in order to track down rogue superhumans and mutants. He was sent by Dum Dum Dugan to keep the secret information safe and escape as a rogue agent.


Part 1- Sin City


Part 2- The Hunt


Part 3- Chase of Death


Part 4- Miami Heat


Part 5- Last Stand


Marvel Genesis: Deadpool Versus Wolverine

Note- This 13-part mini-series takes place after Project X: The Birth of Wolverine. For more information regarding what happened to Deadpool, check out the link above- Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 55- Western Wolverine, Part 4.

Note- Deadpool interrupts my writing...Sometimes...


It's been a year that Wade Wilson has been captured and held prisoner in the maximum-security prison, which housed full of dangerous, super criminals. The mysterious blond-haired agent offered Wade a way out in only one condition, a secret mission that nobody yet knows or what the agent is attempting to do. Wade gets freed and sets out on his wacky mission. Meanwhile, Nick Fury learns of the crazy merc's escape. He sends Logan to track Wade down at any cost and trying to figure out who could have released Deadpool and why.


Wade Wilson aka Deadpool

Wade Wilson was once a member of Team X and been subjected to similar experiments as Logan and Victor Creed, giving them healing factors and training to become dangerous weapons. Wade may be crazy enough to kill people in his path. But he knows how to take orders from a traitor.

Logan aka Wolverine

Logan has just joined the D.A.G.G.E.R. organization after leaving Department H. His main mission was to find the whereabouts of Romulus, the one man who turned him into a wild animal and a weapon. However, he not only has to find Romulus, he had to follow Nick Fury's orders to fulfil other missions along the way, including the mission to track down Deadpool and stop his unknown mission.

Agent Brent Jackson

As his identity was revealed in Part 2, Agent Brent Jackson was Nick Fury's top man, working with D.A.G.G.E.R. But his intentions brought him to the prison base, where Wade Wilson was held captured. He forced Wade to work with him; otherwise get his brain exploded with carbonadium. For now, his plan is highly-classified.

Commander Nick Fury

Nick Fury is the head of the D.A.G.G.E.R. organization. His father, Jack Fury founded it back the early 20th century. After the death of his father, Nick took over and made sure that the planet is safe from any dangerous threat. Now, the threat lies within his organization as he tries to find out the traitor and his unknown plan.


Part 1- The Assignment


Part 2- Catch Me If You Can


Wolverine: Future X- Introduction

Note- Complete Series (10 parts)

Note- This 10-part story continues from Marvel Genesis: Wolverine, Chapter 13- Deliverance.

Note- Most of the X-Men characters have a secondary mutation in Marvel Genesis.

Synopsis: The old man Logan never expected it to happen. The X-Men are still alive. However, there are only five members of the group, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Colossus, and Rogue. After being attacked by a Sentinel at the M.S.E. prison, Logan finds himself saved by the surviving X-Men. Now, the X-Men are on a mission to stop the Sentinel crisis. The only way to stop the Sentinels is to stop Master Mold who's controlling them. Logan joins with the X-Men again to eradicate the Sentinel threat.



Logan has been through a lot these days. Now that he's old and dying, he had to find Romulus before his time runs out. After being saved by the X-Men, he joins on their mission to destroy Master Mold. Logan was once known as Wolverine who can unleash adamantium claws from his knuckles. He has enhanced senses, which he can see, smell, and hear miles away. His healing factor can heal the amount of injuries. In the past, he's also shown to have super-strength when he goes into animal rage. His secondary mutation is unknown.

Scott Summers/Cyclops

Scott Summers was the first X-Man been recruited by Professor Charles Xavier. During the old times, Scott lost Jean Grey due to her dangerous powers when she transformed into the Dark Phoenix, her secondary mutation. Now, Professor X is dead and all hope is not lost since Scott assumes leadership of the X-Men. In the future, the Sentinels were deployed to attack every mutant in the entire world. Scott's eyes were affected by one of the Sentinel's blast during the human rights raid. Due to the blast, Scott couldn't open his eyes and unleash his powerful optic blasts. However, Beast found a way to open his eyes by using a special formula that could control mutant powers. He tried the formula on Scott. The formula worked for a while, which made Scott's eyes open. Scott also finds that he can control his optic blast at will. His secondary mutation allows the optic blast to travel at separate distances.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost was once a member of the Hellfire Club led by another mutant named Sebastian Shaw. Emma joined the X-Men when they had to defeat the Dark Phoenix. Emma later became Scott's lover after Jean Grey died. She has psychic abilities similar to Xavier. Her secondary mutation allows her body to turn into diamond form.

Hank McCoy/Beast

Hank was a young X-Man been recruited by Professor X, the same time as Scott Summers. As human-looking, he had large hands and feet which allowed him to perform acrobatics similar to Nightcrawler. His secondary mutation transformed himself into the blue-furry Beast permanently.

Anna Marie/Rogue

At a young age, Anna accidentally stole memories from her boyfriend. As a result, her boyfriend went into a coma. Xavier finds her and tells that she can absorb memories, special abilities, and personalities from any person she touches. She then joined the X-Men to control her dangerous power. Her secondary mutation allows her to gain flight and super-strength. She also used Hank's formula in order to control her power of absorption.

Peter Rasputin/Colossus

A Russian mutant who was once captured by Soviet X (the version of Project X) as a part of a dangerous experiment. However, he found a way to escape and later found by Charles Xavier. He has the ability to transform his body into organic steel, which grants him superstrength, invulnerability, stamina, and durability. His secondary mutation allows him to grow into a large size of a Sentinel.


Part 1- Expectations


Part 2- Extreme Measures


Part 3- Exit Strategy


Part 4- Experimentation


Part 5- Execution


Part 6- Extraction


Part 7- Deus Ex Machina


Part 8- The Next Solution


Part 9- The X-Factor


Part 10- Extinction


Sequel Series

Note- Most of these chapters will have two timelines. Maybe, a third one.



54 years in the future, Logan has lost everyone he knew, the Avengers, the X-Men and others. He tried to find Romulus who have caused it all. But years have been wasted for Logan as he kept searching and not being successful. Then Logan teams with an unlikely ally who can help him to search and defeat Romulus.


It's been years that Logan has suffered the hands of Project X. Now, he decided to join with D.A.G.G.E.R. an organization who recruits superhumans and mutants across the globe. Nick Fury has some new information, regarding the whereabouts of Romulus. With this new information, Logan can finally hunt him down for good. But he won't be alone in doing the job, with the help of his new team...X-Force.

X-Force Members

X-Force is a group of mutants who were recruited under the command of Nick Fury. Their mission is to hunt down Romulus and prevent his plans for future domination.


After years of being controlled by Project X, Wolverine has joined D.A.G.G.E.R. to search for Romulus. He also learns that Romulus was behind Project X in the first place. He has the mutant healing factor that allows to heal his injuries and can extract a pair of adamantium claws from his knuckles. He's also an expert tracker with super-senses.

Neena Thurman/Domino

Domino is a bounty hunter who hunts down her targets for cash. When Nick Fury found about her, he recruited her to work for D.A.G.G.E.R. She has the mutant ability to cause good and bad luck at close ranges.

Telford Porter/Vanisher

Telford was a common thief who stole a variety of expensive objects from around the world. With the use of his teleportation skills, he was immediately recruited by Nick Fury to join his organization.

Joshua Foley/Elixir

Joshua is a mutant with the ability to alter biological matter. As a kid, he was adopted by a Christian family. His foster parents knew Joshua was a special child due to his miraculous powers. The young Joshua performed his healing miracles on the sick and injured people during the church services. But his powers come with a cost. He accidentally killed an injured man during the healing process. When his parents saw this, they outcast him as a devil. Joshua ran away from his parents and was never to be seen again. During his teenage years, he undergo a secondary mutation which made his entire skin turned into gold. Nick Fury saw his potential in case of any dangerous threat to his organization. Joshua decided to join D.A.G.G.E.R. since he had nowhere else to go.

James Proudstar/Warbird/Warpath

James Proudstar was born from the Apache Indian village. After his village was destroyed by a Great Beast, James and his brother, John were hired as dangerous mercenaries due to their superhuman strength, speed, and flight. During the raid in Somalia, John was killed by a group of cyborg mercenaries called the Reavers. James was left badly injured after a brutal battle against the Reavers. Nick Fury found the nearly-dead James and took him to D.A.G.G.E.R. where he was provided for medical help. James later retrained himself in order to fight the Reavers for revenge. He changed his codename from Warbird to Warpath.


Fantomex is a mysterious mutant who can cast illusions on his enemies and even hypnotize them. Even though his real name and past was unknown, Fantomex volunteers to join with D.A.G.G.E.R. for his own purposes.



A legendary geneticist whose origins lie in mystery. No one knows the true existence of the man behind the creation of Romulus Formula. Romulus developed the formula so that he could unlock the mutant genes on those whose powers haven't been activated at the age of adolescence. In the future, Romulus somehow defeated most of the superheroes in the entire world.

Craig Hollis/Forever Man

Note- In Marvel Genesis, Craig is also known as Forever Man other than Mr. Immortal. He's also not a mutant. Instead, he's a normal human who receives the gift of immortality which he can't age or die.

Craig is one of the most powerful politicians who works for the government. He oversees the affairs of superhuman and mutant activities around the world. In his childhood past, he made a deal with a powerful demon in order to prolong his human life. He kept it as a secret and made sure that no one would stand in his way.




Chapter 1- Dark Times


Chapter 2- Unbreakable


Chapter 3- Desire


Chapter 4- Destruction


Chapter 5- Practical Magic


Chapter 6- Cyber Attack


Chapter 7- Sacrifice


Chapter 8- The Breach


Chapter 9- Doomed


Chapter 10- Lockdown


Chapter 11- Temptation


Chapter 12- Destination


Chapter 13- Deliverance


Chapter 14- Hide and Seek


Chapter 15- Seeker


Chapter 16- The Assassin


Chapter 17- Tyranny


Chapter 18- Identity Crisis


Chapter 19- Rush Hour


Chapter 20- Revelation


Chapter 21- Countdown


Chapter 22- Prodigal Son


Chapter 23- Left Behind


Chapter 24- X-Force


Chapter 25- The Rising Dead, Part 1


Chapter 26- The Rising Dead, Part 2


Chapter 27- The Rising Dead, Part 3


Chapter 28- The Rising Dead, Part 4


Chapter 29- The Rising Dead, Part 5


Chapter 30- The Rising Dead, Part 6


Chapter 31- Regret


Chapter 32- Unfinished Business


Chapter 33- Behind These Walls


Chapter 34- Shock


Chapter 35- Mind Games


Chapter 36- Unleashed


Chapter 37- License to Kill


Chapter 38- Purple Man


Chapter 39- Man of Steel


Chapter 40- The Brawl


Marvel Genesis: Alpha Flight

This series will take place after the events of Marvel Genesis: Wolverine.

Synopsis: A former soldier named General James Hudson takes charge of Department H, a secret organization that is devoted to draft superhumans and mutants. However, James had an idea of forming a superhuman group so that they can take down the dangerous threats in the regions of Canada. With the help of his wife and psychologist, Dr. Heather Hudson, they hire superheroes in order to form a new team called Alpha Flight. Logan also joins with the team after he had a brutal encounter with a powerful being that he could never defeat (Spoilers Hidden). Together, the Alpha Flight team takes on dangerous missions and under the secret and direct orders of James Hudson.

Characters (Department H/Project X)

General James Hudson

A former soldier who served fighting with the Islamic troops in the Gulf War. Later, he got promoted to being a general and hired to take over the Department H organization. He later married his wife, Dr. Heather Hudson who was recently working at Project X.

Dr. Heather Hudson

A beautiful psychologist who got hired to work at Project X where scientists conduct experiments on mutants and superhumans. She was being brought to examine the psychological status of the superhuman individuals after performing their missions. She also works at Department H, where she works side by side with her husband.

Characters (Alpha Flight Team)

Joe Daniels aka Guardian (Original Character)

Joe Daniels was James Hudson's right-hand man and a soldier who also served fighting during the Gulf War. He later joins with James Hudson to become a member of Department H. Joe also received a superhero-costumed suit called the Guardian which was designed by the Project X members. The suit allows the wearer to possess a variety of abilities. Such abilities include super-strength, super-speed, flight, force-fields, and energy blasts.

Jean-Paul Beaubier aka Northstar

Jean is a mutant who has the ability to fly and run fast as the speeding bullet. He can also manipulate the light energy and combined his powers with his twin sister, Aurora. He's essentially gay who likes to date out with other guys. Even though, he's capable of performing dangerous missions. He was also a former adult movie star whom he got hired by the director of Playboy Entertainment. Most of his movies, he co-stars with a famous adult movie actress named Pamela Anderson. Even some people say that he's bi$exual, but it wasn't the case.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier aka Aurora

Jeanne is a twin sister of Northstar. She's also a mutant who has similar powers like her brother. According to Dr. Heather Hudson's reports, Aurora had a history of mental illness which would later turn out to be an MPD disorder. In her childhood age, she used to have an imaginary friend. But her past friends used to say she was only talking to herself.

Eugene Judd aka Puck

Eugene was a circus performer and a professional acrobat. Until an incident killed every one of his family, Eugene had no choice but to join the Alpha Flight team. With the help of his acrobatic skills and great agility, Eugene takes the alias, Puck and performs dangerous missions along with the members of Alpha Flight.

Michael Twoyoungmen aka Shaman

Shaman is a powerful magician whose tribe was killed by a powerful being. Michael relies on his mystical abilities in order to track down the powerful being. But he failed numerous times. However, General Hudson gave him an offer that he could perform tough missions with the Alpha Flight in order to find the whereabouts of the being and bring back the peace to his tribe.

Dr. Walter Langkowski aka Sasquatch

Walter is a top scientist and friend of Bruce Banner. After the recent death of his friend, Walter begins to conduct experiments by opening a portal to another dimension. This dimension was called the N-Zone where powerful creatures reside and take over the hosts of a single individual. However, a beast named Sasquatch came out of the portal and fused within Walter's body. As a result, Dr. Walter becomes the Sasquatch. However, he transformes back into himself and whenever danger comes, Sasquatch comes out. Sasquatch has superstrength, speed, endurance, agility, leaping, and the healing factor. Walter also shares the deep communication link with the beast.

Narya aka Snowbird

Narya is a demi-goddess who was born of a human and a god of the Inuit mythology. She has alpha powers of the god and ability to shape-shift into a white version of any animal. Narya was found lying naked on the Arctic region of Canada. She was later brought to Project X for full recovery and examination of her godly powers. But Narya had no memories of how she got there and intend to find out her past and origins.

Logan aka Wolverine

Logan is a man of mystery and a mutant. He was born with the berserker strength and animal senses. Logan was once drafted into Project X after he served figthing during World War 2. During that time, he was part of a dangerous experiment that gave him the healing factor and later the adamantium claws. After working with Stryker's Team X operations, Logan has now found himself in a journey alone and trying to remember his true past. But when he encountered a powerful being, he tried to destroy it even from possibly destroying the entire world. Later, Logan reunites with General Hudson and the others to join Alpha Flight.


Chapter 1- The Wild Man


Chapter 2- Northstar


Chapter 3- Breakdown


Chapter 4- Last of the Tribe


Chapter 5- The Beast Within


Chapter 6- Playland


Chapter 7- Goddess of the North


Chapter 8- The Guardian Saga, Part 1: The General's Plan


Chapter 9- The Guardian Saga, Part 2: The Good Wife


Chapter 10- The Guardian Saga, Part 3: Awesome Joe


Spin-off Series

Note- This spin-off series focuses on Wolverine's son, Daken.

Marvel Genesis: Daken- Introduction


Daken was once born in Japan after the Second World War. He lived his life through hardships and been tormented by other people. Some call him, Daken, meaning "Mongrel or B@$t@rd Dog." He was considered an outcast due to his animal nature and being half-Japanese. They knew what he was and now Daken became that person who wanted power, taking on those who interfere with his plans. Later, he was recruited by Project X where scientists have turned him into a weapon just like his father, Logan. Unlike his father, Daken may be the worst there is. But what he does worst can be very nice. SNIKT!




Chapter 1- Born to Kill


Chapter 2- Innocence Lost


Chapter 3- Here Comes The Devil


Chapter 4- To Hell and Back


Chapter 5- Wild Things


Chapter 6- Fearless


Chapter 7- Dead Man Walking


Chapter 8- True Lies


Chapter 9- The Throne


Chapter 10- The Princess


Marvel Genesis: Sabretooth (Maxi-Series, 24 Parts)

Note- This series is a spin-off from Project X: The Birth of Wolverine and Marvel Genesis: Wolverine.

Note- This series takes place after Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 74- Sabretooth, Part 4.


One of Wolverine’s worst enemies, Victor Creed was confined in a small prison for a couple of years. Now, he was offered a chance to be free if he succeeds the mission in finding Mystique who somehow, stealing important secrets from several government agencies. Victor has to find her no matter what the cost and at the same time, plans to escape from the clutches of the government.


Part 1- Tracker


Part 2- To Smell A Mile Away


Part 3- Wisdom


Part 4- The Tough Crowd


Marvel Genesis

X-23: Blood Rage (23 Parts)

Note- This series is a spin-off from Project X: The Birth of Wolverine and Marvel Genesis: Wolverine.


A woman with a dark past, X-23 had become a dangerous weapon, designed and programmed to kill. She was Sinister’s perfect creation. But when her past returns to haunt her, X-23 becomes aware of her true existence. Along her missions, she questions herself of what she was doing and wonders whether her actions were for the right cause. She’s the best there is at what she does, but what she does best isn’t very nice. SNIKT!


Part 1- Reborn


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@The Impersonator: Really good plot ideas!
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@CapFanboy: Thanks!
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@The Impersonator:  
All I can say is YES!
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@sentryssj4: Thanks! I just finished writing the prologue. I'll be posting it now.
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@The Impersonator: Great work looks good, just have a question, why do you want 5 people for soviet X? You do know X is 10 in roman numerals?
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Thanks! Yeah, I know. I just wanted six people on the team since x is the last letter of the word. If you look at Team X, it has six people. Same goes for Soviet X which includes Omega Red.
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Project X: The Birth of Wolverine- Introduction updated with organizations.

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Nice I could probably help with some of the deadpool stuff if your doing that

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@EpicAssassin90: Thanks! But Deadpool's appearance has already been done. Plus, he won't be appearing in the last 30 chapters. =P

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If you need any help with deadpool stories in the future or 616 charecteristics or anything let me know

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@EpicAssassin90: Sure, no problem. I'll let you know. :)

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I'm going to go and read them right now!

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@TheCannon said:

I'm going to go and read them right now!

Have fun and take your time. :)

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This is really quite impressive!

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@batkevin74 said:

This is really quite impressive!

Thanks! Just you know the series is over. But the story still continues in an upcoming sequel series called Marvel Genesis: Wolverine. That series may be written by prime. =P

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@The Impersonator: Here I am at the beginining...wow! What an impressive body of work, and such a thought out cast/concept list. Well let's strap in and start the show shall we? :)

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@The Impersonator: Very very very nice, Very creative. Very Exited. Be happy if you linked me to any relevant stuff lol,

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thank you very much. Strap in, bub and enjoy the ride. :P

@Pyrogram: Thanks! You can check out my other fan-fics in the blog post, Impersonator's Fan-Fic library. All the links are there. :)

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I like it it's cool.

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Okay @cbishop and @impurestcheese you're both voracious readers, this series may be right up your respective alleys

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Update- Marvel Genesis: Alpha Flight and X-23: Blood Rage added.