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Continued from: Part 1 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-genesis-the-punisher/659194/#12 and Part 2 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-genesis-the-punisher-2/659338/#5

Chapter 3

Maria, Frank Jr and Lisa stood beside the taxi with their luggage. Frank looked at his family “I’m sorry but this way you’ll be safe” said Frank

“It was bad enough when you were a cop” said Maria “When will it end?”

“Soon” stated Frank “I’ll make it right again I promise”

“Where are we going daddy?” asked Frank Jr tugging his father’s trouser leg

“Somewhere far from here buddy” he said as he scooped up his youngest “Somewhere safer and a lot more fun”

“I don’t want to go without you” cried Lisa hugging him tightly

“Honey I don’t want you to go either but its better this way”

“Okay kids into the cab” said Maria “You stay safe”

“Maria I’m a SEAL, a cop and a district attorney”

“You’re an idiot” she joked as she kissed him “I love you”

“I love you too”

Frank watched as his family drove away. His fists clenched into tight balls as he pondered his next move

Back alley behind Lucky’s Bar

Richard Fisk stood there looking at the big man in front of him

“What the hell are you?” he coffed

“I’m White Death!”

“Really? White Death. You look like a white Halloween gimp from a retard’s S&M party!”

White Death moved his hands to his belt and the four thugs flanking Richard all drew weapons and pointed them at him

“Whoa! I was just getting some gum” said White Death “Jumpy bastards”

“In this line of work one can never be too careful” said Richard as he lit up a smoke “You get the file from the bus station”


“So you know what to do?”


“Then why are you still here?” asked Richard

“The money…”

“What? Thirty five grand not enough for the leather clad wannabe super villain?” Richard stepped up into the face of White Death “Well jackass the price is now twenty five grand! Another word and you’ll do this for free! This job comes down from the top”

“The Kingp…”

“I warned you! You’re going to kill Frank Castle and you’re doing it for FREE!” Richard flicked his cigarette into White Death’s chest “If you mess this up, you’re dead! You don’t kill him; you’re dead! You put him in a coma; you’re dead! In fact you are actually going to have to work very hard to stay alive if you screw this up!”

“I won’t Mr Fisk”

“What did I say about talking?” Richard’s hand flew fast and backhanded White Death “You got three days you germaphobic white gimp or I send the boys round to uproot your entire family tree. Now get out of here! White douche!”

Richard walked back inside, his four thugs kept guns trained on White Death as he turned and walked off

District Attorney’s Office

“Maria and the kids safe?” asked Adam Waterson, the district attorney and Frank’s boss

“Yeah they’re…somewhere” replied Frank

“They do a good job those protective custody boys and they’ll be safer than hanging around New York if this Kingpin case ever gets to the inside of a court room” Adam sat heavily in his big chair behind his big desk “Now what happened in the park? I hear varying reports”

“Some of Fisk’s men tried to put pressure on me via my family. They’re probably also part of the crew along with Richard Fisk who burnt down my house two days ago”

“The Arson Squad will have a report back soon. Are you okay?”

“Me? Fine…just want this over and done with”

“This reminds me of the Sin Eater case back in the nineties”

“That was Stanley Carter, rogue FBI agent who killed Captain DeWolff” said Frank “That happened just before I joined the force and honestly it’s a whole different kettle of fish! Stanley went all costumed vigilante, Fisk is trying to intimidate me and my family making us drop the case”

“Is this side of the thin blue line any better?” asked Adam as he adjusted his glasses

“Same scum” said Frank bluntly

“When this Fisk case is over you’re going on holidays Frank” said Adam “I don’t care where and you have no say in the matter”

Adam’s secretary knocked on the door “Sorry to interrupt but there’s a package for you Mr Castle?”

“I bet it’s a bomb” joked Frank as he stood up and headed out of Adam’s office

Sitting on the desk was a red box wrapped in a white ribbon; Frank looked at the box carefully, listened and then pulled off the ribbon. He opened up the box and white powder burst into the air

“ANTHRAX!” screamed the secretary as she ran screaming

It took Frank about forty seconds to work out it was talcum powder mixed with icing sugar but as soon as the words anthrax had left the secretary’s mouth' the whole office was shut down and Frank had to stand there whilst the bomb squad did their thing… three long hours once the building was evacuated.

“I told you it was nothing!” said Frank as he snatched a towel off a bomb squad member

“We heard you the first ninety times Castle” said Lt Marcus Stone of the bomb squad “But when someone yells anthrax this is the way it’s gotta be done. Do I pop into your courtroom and tell you how to run a case? Well do I? If I did you’d smack me in the face. You keep it up and I’ll take you behind the dumpsters you arrogant prick”

Frank walked up to Stone and they eyeballed each other “Ready when you are” growled Frank

“Back in your box law boy” Marcus replied “You’re on edge coz you stood around wasting the better part of the day looking like a cake topper. Go have a shower. If you really want this then I’ll see you at Ennis’ at the end of my shift and we’ll ‘talk’ about it”

Marcus walked off, high fived by his team mates as Frank threw the towel on the floor in disgust and anger

Across the street from Hotel

White Death crouched and watched the apartments through binoculars. After staking out the area for nearly twenty four hours straight he was getting anxious and slightly worried; Richard Fisk could possibly kill his entire family if he failed. But failure wasn’t an option and killing Frank Castle would put White Death on the map, maybe even into the big time! Sure this Castle guy had some military and police experience but that was nothing, he was just a forty six year old suit working for the city. He checked his zipline equipment again, then the weather forecast then continued watching the apartments.

Ennis Bar

Frank sat a table sipping his scotch. Marcus Stone walked in with his team. Frank motioned for him to come over

“You showed” he said motioning to his team mates to take a seat

“I don’t like loose ends, never have” said Frank kicking a chair out for him

“Nah I’m good. So you want to start here or go out the back?”

“Sit!” ordered Frank. He sat “I’m…”

“It’s okay man it was a crap day. We all have them” Marcus spun the chair round backwards at sat

“Seems I’m having a week of them”

A barmaid placed a round of drinks on the table “Heard about that mess with Fisk, what a bastard!” Marcus downed his scotch and got up “We’ll get him Frank, in the end they all slip up because they think they’re better than us…and they’re not”

“Not we” Frank breathed quietly into his drink

(Frank Castle, Marcus Stone, Richard Fisk, Kingpin are all owned by Marvel. Marvel own these I'm just playing with them in their sandpit. I wrote the story but they own the sandpit...except for White Death but he's based on Scourge of the Underwolrd who they own so it's pretty much all Marvel's. Adam Waterson is a homage to Law & Order characters & actors)

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nice! My friend!

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Great story. I'm loving Green Panther.

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@TheCannon said:

Great story. I'm loving Green Panther.

This is Punisher but I'll also take the Green Panther compliment (I write that too) :)

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I'm sorry. I got used to you writing Green Panther, I accidentally typed Green Panther instead of Punisher.

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@TheCannon: I write a bit. Not as much or but i'm getting there

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I like to write, but I have things to do. This is fun stuff to do during free time however. I have school. Once summer gets here, I'll have five days a week free.

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@TheCannon: @batkevin74: I think now is the perfect time for a SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION for X Men: Secret Origin

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Why is shameless self promotion in all capitals?

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@TheCannon: to put emphasis on it.

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Read it and like it.

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Part 4 is up!

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This entire fan-fic has been totally epic so far...

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Thanks , I'd say go read part 4 but you're already there. More soon


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Is White Death a Maervel character?

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Found it! 19 pages back but I found it, don't know why it wasn't showing up

Found it! :)

Found it...:)

@tomdickharry1984: No, he's mine...sorry it took ages to get back to your question you probably forgot that you asked :)

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great job again, batkevin!

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@ChaosBlazer: Thanks man :)

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Is the White Death drawing yours ?

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@feebadger: Edited version of the Scourge actually

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Like White Death so far

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@joshmightbe: Yeah he's a guy who wants to be someone, getting put into an awkward situation

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I think I would have left out the shopped pic of Scourge as White Death, and left that to the readers' imaginations. Since you used it though, I found the comment, "germaphobic white gimp" pretty funny, because that pic is actually pretty reminiscent of his Rose persona.

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@batkevin74: DA? Wow Frank's going to have some more enemies then the 616 version. Almost finished reading - one issue to go

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