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Continued from http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-genesis-the-punisher/659194/#10 (go read it and then this...go on)

Frank sat quietly, in handcuffs in an interrogation room. He stared straight through the mirror glass at the officers behind it

“It’s like he can see me?” said the unnerved young detective trying to drink his coffee

“You’re an idiot” replied Senior Detective Alex Kurtz “Don’t you know who that is?”

“No! I see a lot of skels and…”

Kurtz slammed him up against the glass coating him in his beverage “That’s former patrolman Frank Castle NYPD. Show some respect!”

Alex stared down the younger detective then entered the room and uncuffed Frank “How’s it going Frank?”

“Not bad Alex. How is…?”

“Gone! Moved to Nebraska of all places. She said I…”

“Work too much” said Frank finishing off his sentence “I use to get that from Maria, hence my career change”

“Bullet dodging to pencil pushing” Alex took a seat

“Paper cuts hurt more and they’re more often” replied Frank “So what’s the deal?”

“Well Nick Cavella, the spokesman of the quartet, seemingly the brains as well, wants to press charges”

“Cavella…why’s that name familiar?”

“You busted his brother Rick”

“Rick Cavella, drug addicted rapist and car thief. He should be still in jail?”

“Oh he is, I checked. And he’ll be there until 2027 when he’s eligible for parole”

“Let me guess, Nick works for Fisk” said Frank, a tone in his voice

“Close but not exactly. He works for Richard”

“It’s the same thing!”

“Frank, you know it and I know it but we can’t PROVE otherwise” said Alex

“It’d be easier to put a bullet in him, in all of them”

“I didn’t hear that and you never said that” warned Alex “Anyway with your brilliant pantomime of being spat on, the cell phone footage and they’re all slime; you’re free to go. Just leave the vigilante tactics to the pyjama brigade in future, bad enough we’ve got them zipping around the city without having the executive assistant district attorney punching out criminals”

“They’re lucky I don’t exercise my right to bear arms”

Alex escorted Frank out of the room and into the arms of his family “You better put a leash on him Maria” joked Alex

“I am so mad at him” cried Maria holding Frank

“I’m sorry baby” Frank whispered in her ear

Castle Home, Queens

The Castle’s car stopped a block from their home. Black smoke billowed into the air and the intense red glow of the flames illuminated the night sky. Sirens and lights added to the chaos. A police officer tapped on the window and Frank wound it down

“This way’s blocked off sir”

“I live on this block” replied Frank

“It’s not pretty sir, you better come with me” Frank exited the car and walked through the throng of rubberneckers and curious neighbours to see his home ablaze. Fire crews sprayed water on the inferno

“Jesus Christ!” cried Frank as he saw his home burning

“I hope you’re insured”

Frank glared at the cop “Are you trying to be funny or are you just a moron?”

The cop stood their mouth agape as the glow illuminated the older man’s face, a sternness etching upon his face. A man pushed through the crowd towards Frank holding a wreath “Mr Castle?” he asked

Frank glared at the man; there was something familiar about him

“These are for you” he thrust the wreath at him and walked off. The card on it read “To the widow Castle and her fatherless kids” Frank threw the wreath onto the floor and launched at the man. Two police officers quickly grabbed Frank, stifling the scuffle when Frank recognised the flower giver

“Richard Fisk…nice wig” growled Frank

“Let’s just watch your home burn down nice and quiet” replied Richard as he lit up a smoke and put on some sunglasses, the blaze reflecting in them

“Kinda pretty aint it Franky” said the officer on his left

“All those memories” chuckled the other officer

“I’m going to kill you” stated Frank glaring straight at Richard “Then I’m going to kill your dad”

Richard turned to Frank “Don’t make this personal Frank” Richard slammed his knee into Frank’s groin “Because if you do I’ve got a friend who likes girls around your daughters age” He grabbed Frank by the face and squeezed his cheeks “Do you understand? Now let’s watch the fire before I get you charged with something Mr EADA”

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Great story.

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@TheCannon: Thanks man. More to come, actually the whole arc is written

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That's great.

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@TheCannon: So get ready for more Punisher origin this week

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Nice man! Is Richard Fisk...hang on I'll look it up before asking dum questions.....he's the Kingpin's son! Right, right, right!

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@tomdickharry1984: Yup Kingpin's son, bastard son in my world in all forms of the word. Part 3 is up also if you want another fix :)

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very good work again, hope you find number 3 sometime soon!

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@ChaosBlazer: Thanks, I am looking for 3...grrrrrrrr

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Ah he was a cop, Also having Kingpin's son as the villain is working for me

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@joshmightbe: The son of a crime boss is often worse than the crime boss!

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@batkevin74: True

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@joshmightbe: Like your guy in the Splicer-verse

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@batkevin74: Ivan? Yea, I've actually been considering getting the Syndicate and the Corps back up and running

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Casually bumped!

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This read fast. I don't know if that's because it was short, or because I was that into it. I do know that I was that into it though.

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@cbishop: It's a short chapter, I am glad you're liking it

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@batkevin74: I am enjoying it. I had to stop to eat and do a few mundane things, but I'm headed to chapter 3 now. Btw, check your PM's.

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@batkevin74: Man this Rose has thorns!! Oh and Punisher is cool too.

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@impurestcheese: Well he's not the Rose here, he's just Fisk's son acting like most spoilt rich brat kids

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@batkevin74: Ah yes them. They think they can get away with anything