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Marvel Genesis: Tales to Astonish-Part Three

Tales to Astonish Part Four:

Astonishing X Men:

Wolverine runs at Electron, who puts his hand out to stop him. "PLEASE!" he says. "I don't want to hurt you!" He blasts Wolverine through the air. "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!"

Sunspot leaps through the air, WHAM! he throws a blow to Electron.

"Stop..." Electron says.

"Can't hurt me, I'll just absorb it."

"Stop!...STOOOOP!" In a giant explosion, Sunspot is tossed through the air. "NO MORE OF THIS!" Electron shouts, NO MORE!" Domino's bullets melt as she tries to shoot him.

"Well, ***"

Dazzler's energy is absorbed by Electron, fueling his blasts. At this point, Electron has become so powerful, he's ripping everything to shreds. Dazzler, and Siryn rush to avoid it, leaving Domino, who's luck powers keep her from being hit, Wolverine, who heals from it, and Sunspot, who absorbs it.

Sunspot throws a series of blows, fighting Electron's constant barrage of energy, while Domino stays close to Wolverine, using her powers to keep them both from being hit. "Get me close!" Wolverine barks. "Sunspot left him open!" The two rush to him and Wolverine stabs him from behind. Electron howls in pain, and he hears a voice inside his head.

"An opening!'s okay." The soothing voice tells him. "It's alright....nobody here wants to hurt you, we want to help you."

Domino shields her eyes from the light, despite it dimming. The voice in his head continues. "We are here to help...we mean you no name is Professor Charles Xavier...take my hand....walk with me." The light vanishes, and Electron falls to the ground, unconscious. The team loads him into the Blackbird and carry him off back to the Mansion.

Iron Man:

"Mr. Stark!" General Ross says, shaking his hand. Let me be the first to thank you." he continues. "You just saved this base from being completely destroyed." He smiles for the camera. "Do you know why this happened?"

"Someone overrode my armor." Tony said sternly. He then started fiddling around with his gauntlet. "But I think if I can intercept the frequency, I can hack back." He says, mostly to himself. With a beep, he says "done." And flies off.

"Sh!t." Ross mutters under his breath. He contacts his comm. Link. "Ghost...Iron Man is headed your prepared."

Spider Man 2099:

Miguel swung around the city. "Have to find Parker." he muttered. "Have to find Parker..." He clenched his jaw as another burst of pain made his muscles tighten, and he let go of his web. He crashed to the ground. My shoulder! He thought. I think I broke my shoulder! Have to find help! Have to find that lizard guy......only this time He got up, slowly, while clutching his shoulder find him in the daytime...

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@primepower53: This was incredible, are you writing a spidey 2099 tie in for FoH...if so, I have an idea.

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@CapFanboy: already did it...the first four chapters of Marvel Genesis: Spider Man 2099.

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@primepower53: So you did... O.o