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New Mutants #4

U Mutants – Part 1

Unfinished Business.

Rated T+

PG 1/PN 1 – Angled topographic view of a large house with some cars passing buy. It’s dark outside.

CPT: Collin’s residence. 06:00 AM.

PN 2 – Gail lies sleeping in her blue, silky queen sized bed.

PN 3 – She begins to shuffle about in her bed troubled. Her bedroom window mysteriously opens.

PN 4 – Gail’s perspective. A Caucasian man in his early 30’s with short brunette hair is smiling at her. They’re in a sunny park with children playing in the back ground.

CPT: A while back. New York City.

GAIL: I took it the other day and it there it was-positive.

MAN: I don’t know what to say, I-

GAIL: Don’t say anything, just be happy for me, for you and for…her ?

MAN: Oh I am happy; I can’t take this smile off from my face. I think it’s going to be a boy…I wouldn’t want a little Gail running around the house.

GAIL: Sean !

SEAN: *chuckle* Sorry sorry.

GAIL: Anyways, I think we should worry more about the preparations for the baby…my God, how am I going to fit work in with all this ?

SEAN: Uh, maternity leave ?

GAIL: Even THAT won’t be enough, Sean.

SEAN: It’s 9 months Gail, I think your stressing about this far too much, we haven’t even-

GAIL: I’m sorry !

PN 5 – Sean begins to put his arms around a young Gail.

SEAN: Don’t worry honey, everything’s going to be just fine.

GAIL: Thanks’…I just…I think I’m a little scared is all, I don’t even know how I’m going to cope…

SEAN: You seemed just fine about before…(Not-not now…)

GAIL: Sorry, right now I’m going to have to call into work.

SEAN: But you’re not even-

GAIL: You don’t know these people like I do Sean, I’ll have to book this up a year in advance.

SEAN: Sure, want to go home and get some relaxation time ?

PN 6 – She begins to smile.

GAIL: That would be…really nice.

PN 7 – Sean is sleeping peacefully in an apartment bedroom. Gail is searching through her wardrobe with a large bump on her belly wearing a large black blouse.

CPT: 8 months later. Revelations.

GAIL: (How…how in the world did he manage to…God…how on earth did I fall…did I fall in love with…the Devil incarnate ?)

PG 2/PN 1 – Gail begins to open up a large suitcase. Sean shuffles about in the bed.

GAIL: (He…he manipulated me ! he played with my emotions like some sort of…toy…I wonder just what would have happened if I never conceived this little girl of mine, I’d still be under his-

SEAN: Wuh ?

GAIL: (Oh no !) Se-Sean !

PN 2 – He turns to her still half sleep while rubbing his eyes.

SEAN: Wuh-Where you going ?

GAIL: I-I forgot something at the Washington’s’ house, I already called Mary she’s still awake. I won’t be long honey.

SEAN: Uh-…hold on…what’s with the suitcase ?

GAIL: (Dammit !) I-I thought I might give some clothes to the local charity store while I was there…a little good won’t hurt…will it ?

SEAN: Su-sure…whatever…you…say…*snore*

GAIL: (What in the…can’t focus on that right now, have to get away from this…this demon !)

PN 3 – Gail grabs the suitcase and hurries for the bedroom door. She’s wearing slippers and her hair is tied back in a bun.

PN 4 – Gail looks back at Sean with a fierce look on her face.

GAIL: *silently* you monster. You will never see this child in your life !

PN 5 – She exits and slams the door.


PG 3/PN 1 – An older Gail is shuffling in her bed troubled.

PN 2 – Close up of a digital alarm clock on top of a small cream coloured cupboard on the left hand side of Gail’s bed. It reads ’06:34’

GAIL: Nnnh…

PN 3 – The alarm now reads ’06:35’


PN 4 – Gail slightly opens her eyes.


PN 4 – She slowly directs her eyes to the alarm clock.


PN 5 – She reaches out with her left hand and slams the alarm clock.

PN 6 – She leans forward and rub’s her eyes.

PG 4/ PN 1 – Gail slowly gets out of bed.

PN 2 – She opens the bottom part of her dresser.

PN 3 – She takes out a framed picture and looks at it.

PN 4 – The picture shows a young Gail and Sean, both smiling happily.

GAIL: I never could get away from you, could I ?

PN 5 – Angled topographic view of the school.

PN 6 – In a white luxurious bathroom, Sofia and Laurie are combing their hairs already in their school uniforms.

CPT: 7:15 AM. A new day.

SOFIA: It is quite a shame that Ben and Sooraya could not come with us today, I hope they will change their minds.

LAURIE: …Change …

SOFIA: Yes, change.

LAURIE: No I mean…I need to-

SOFIA: I suppose these past few days must have been a big shock for everyone; it certainly has been for me anyways. I suggest we talk about it after school today.


PN 7 – Laurie stares at herself in the mirror with confusion while using her right hand to fiddle with her hair.

SOFIA: Laurie ?

LAURIE: Yeah, are you ready for school ?

SOFIA: Looks like it, David should be waiting for us downstairs.

LAURIE: I think I’ll meet you guys in a bit…I got some work to do…

SOFIA: Work ? well, do not be late, time is almost of the essence.

PG 5/PN 1 – Sofia heads for the bathrooms exit. Laurie grabs a pair of scissors near the bathroom’s sink.

PN 2 – Sofia and David in his school uniform are conversating in the kitchen.

SOFIA: There shouldn’t be any problem though…your with us so you first day should be just fine !

DAVID: So, no tour guide or anything fancy like that ?

SOFIA: “Tour guide” ?! well, seeing as how I did not get one when I first came into the school, I do not see why you should get one, David. (Unless…)

DAVID: Okay, just as long as I can get my 7-8 hours’ worth of education, I’m fine.

SOFIA: Without absorbing the knowledge of our teachers ?

PN 3 – David walks towards the kitchens window and looks out of it.

DAVID: Without. Sofia, can I ask you a question ?

SOFIA: What is it David ?

DAVID: Do you…do you trust me ?

PN 4 – Sofia looks a little shocked.

SOFIA: David…what do you mean ? i-

DAVID: Simple question, do you trust me ?

SOFIA: David i-

LAURIE: *Ahem !*

PN 5 – Laurie is standing near the kitchens entrance with her hands behind her back, smiling a little. She has a fringe and slightly curlier hair than usual.



LAURIE: Oh no…I didn’t think that-

SOFIA: Sorry Laurie ! it looks-you look very nice !

PN 6 – David looks back at Sofia.

PN 7 – He looks at Laurie.

DAVID: Laurie you look…whoa…

LAURIE: Is that a good “whoa” ?

DAIVD: A very good whoa, sorry…I was miles away is all.

SOFIA: Me too…

DANI: I think it suit’s you.

PG 6/ PN 1 – Dani stands behind Laurie in a white night gown. She’s wearing a black hair net. They all look at Dani surprised.

DANI: I can imagine what a drastic adjustment this might be, for all of you and I think… anything “extreme” that might be done and possibly said within these early weeks will be respected and understood. You look good Laurie.

LAURIE: Thanks Dani…I just a wanted a change, I mean we are going to be…superhero’s…right ?

DANI: Uh’huh. (Funny how the person I least expected to be eager about any of this, IS !)

DAVID: Yeah…which means making possible pub-

PN 2 – Sofia start’s heading for the exit.

SOFIA: I think we should begin making our way to school now, don’t you ?

DAVID: Uh, yeah right, bye Dani.

SOFIA: Bye Dani, see you later !

PN 3 – David and Sofia are heading for the School’s door, Laurie follows.

LAURIE: Bye Dani !

DANI: Goodbye kids, have a great day at school ! (wow, I sound like such a mom right now…)

PHOEBE: - Well, I think we’re going to have to compromise with this…oh wait !

PN 4 – In The girls’ room, Phoebe and Sooraya are sitting on Sooraya’s bed conversating, both wearing black night gowns.

SOORAYA: You can do something about it ?

PHOEBE: Well, I do remember there is one VERY good attribute that those costumes have…

SOORAYA: And that might be ?

PHOEBE: Oh ! Unstable molecules.

SOORAYA: Come again ?

PHOEBE: Had a feeling you’d say that, in short, each of our costumes are made from molecules that automatically return to its intended or should I say…original costumes form if someone like yourself needed to umm…”slip in and out”, it should be a walk in the park.

SOORAYA: May I ask, who created our costumes anyways ?

PHOEBE: My sisters.

PN 5 – Close up of a shocked Sooraya.

SOORAYA: Sisters ?! but you never really-

PHOEBE: I like to keep that part of my life…silent. We’re triplets. Obviously I was the only one that decided to embrace becoming a mutant, they on the other hand were much more reluctant. Their names are Irma and Celeste by the way.

SOORAYA: Oh…where are they now ?

PHOEBE: Off running their lives while I run mine.

SOORAYA: Don’t you miss them ?

PHOEBE: Don’t I miss them ?

PN 6 – Phoebe slightly smiles.

PHOEBE: I don’t think I ever could.

PN 7 – Sooraya looks confused.

SOORAYA: Okay…so are we going to be training today ?

PHOEBE: Most probably, though there’s something I need to check out near the garden…something that feels a little odd.


PG 7/PN 1 – Sofia, Laurie and David are walking past some houses down a lane, it’s mildly sunny outside and some people are walking on the lane as well. Their school is close by.

DAVID: Oh yeah ! if you guys don’t mind, I’m expecting some things coming in from Illinois and I asked for them to be delivered to our school but I don’t expect them to come on time so…

SOFIA: You want us to wait with you ?

DAVID: Well…yeah…

LAURIE: Sure, I’m not doing anything after school anyways, so yeah…

SOFIA: Yes of-course…though after that I will be In need of your assistance.

PN 2 – They both look at Sofia while still walking. Laurie looks a little worried.

LAURIE: What’s wrong Sofia ?

SOFIA: Well, there are a lot of valuable possessions that I left in my fathers-that man’s house, I would like to get them back but…you remember what he said the day before, yes ?

DAVID: Right, I think he could have been saying that out of rage or whatever but sure, if he does try anything we’ll give him a run for his money.

PN 3 – Sofia looks a little worried.

SOFIA: You mean with our…you know…

DAVID: Well, why not ? it’s not as if we’ve got a lot of training facilities back “home” *silently* though that’s going to change real soon*normal* so I think we should give it a shot, IF he does anything drastic.

LAURIE: Don’t you think we might get caught and then get into trouble ? I mean…-

DAVID: It’s called self-defence Laurie, if anything he’ll be the one getting in trouble, then again-

LAURIE: *silently* we’re mutants…”homo-superior”… remember ?

PN 4 – David and Sofia look at Laurie with concerned looks on their faces. They’ve reached their school gates. Some students are entering the school premises.

LAURIE: Sofia, your dad knows about us…all of us…the scenario that David came up with, if things did come to that, I think we’d be the ones in more trouble, right ?

DAVID: You’re…right, so we play it safe.

SOFIA: Yes, IF he does something drastic.

LAURIE: Uh’huh.

PG 8/PN 1 – Ben in his fire-form is playing around with a ball of fire. He’s in the garden. Sooraya is watching him from afar.

SOORAYA: (I fear for Ben a lot, he seems to be the most distant one out of all of us, I wonder what is on his mind ?)

PN 2 – He begins to walk around the garden in frustration. He’s still playing with the fire-ball.

BEN: This doesn’t make any sense ! I burnt down my whole house to crisp but I can hardly control one little ball !? dammit !

PN 3 – In the hallways of the school, Dani and Phoebe both still in their night gowns are walking and conversating.

DANI: Well it’s not as if I like using them, remember what happened to that Karla girl ? she ended up traumatized.

PHOEBE: Karla Sofen.

PN 4 – Close up of Phoebe’s serious face as she goes into Diamond Form. The left hand-side of her face show’s a black and white flash-back of Phoebe and Dani chasing after a girl the same age as them. She’s blonde and has long hair. She’s wearing white and gold combat gear.

PHOEBE: It was the girls fault, Dani.

DANI: Yeah, you may be right but part of me thinks she might be holding a serious grudge against us.

PHOEBE: Don’t you mean…me ?

DANI: Well…you are the one who amplified her greatest fear to a life-like scale, so I wouldn’t blame her if it was you she came after.

PHOEBE: Like I said before Dani, it was her fault, she had it coming. Had she minded her own bloody business I don’t think we’d need to remember a “confrontation” such as that.

DANI: But we need to better than that Phoebe, I’m partly to blame as well, but I only wanted to distract her.

PN 5 – Phoebe switches out of Diamond Form. They begin to walk down a flight of stairs.

PHOEBE: I do understand what you’re trying to say Dani, I really do but I think I’ve gone past that stage of being sympathetic AND holding back for that matter.

PN 6 – They begin to reach the bottom of the stairs.

PHOEBE: And you should too, at least, you shouldn’t be so hesitant to I don’t know, “live a little once in a while” knowing full-well that fear exploiting isn’t your only power.

DANI: You know what ? let’s have this conversation another time and go check on “the kids” shall we ?

PHOEBE: Whatever you say honey.

PG 9/PN 1 – Laurie and Sofia are already seated in their class-room. David is writing a math formula with Miss Rickwood looking at the class, smiling.

DAVID: In other words, when simplifying any basic equation such as this, you add the same symbols together if told to, and if need be, you subtract them from each other. Questions ?

PN 2 – He turns around to the class. Sofia looks surprised and Laurie begins to smile as well as Miss Rickwood.

PUPIL #1: Neat !

PUPIL #2: *whispers* the new guy’s so hot !

PUPIL #3: Why can’t Miss Rickwood teach like this ?

PUPIL #4: Old much ?

PUPIL #5: Could you do my coursework for me ?

RICKWOOD: Now now children, settle down !

PN 3 – “Camera” focus on Sofia still looking at David.

Anonymous Words On Panel: Kay’s so lucky she didn’t get assigned to this melodramatic school. If only we could kill these pathetic muties when we wanted to and get this over with.

PN 4 – Sofia stops staring and turns her head slowly to Laurie who is still smiling at David.

CPT: Sofia Mantega in short, controls the wind and all of its aspects. Listening to people murmur the quietest of sentences under their breaths is a walk in the park for her.

PN 5 – Sofia turns to the back of the classroom and squints her eyes.

RICKWOOD: Everybody ! please settle down ! I think we-

PUPIL #6: Miss Rickwood ?

PN 6 – Close up of a teenage Caucasian girl with pink hair with some white streaks In them.

PN 7 – The whole class look’s at her in surprise, including Laurie.

PUPIL #2: Well, look who decides to speak up for once !

RICKWOOD: Be quiet Emily ! what is it, Melissa ?

MELISSA: Haven’t we gone through the basics of solving Quadratic Equations already ?

RICKWOOD: Yes but David just wanted to-

PN 8 – Melissa gets out of her seat and walks to the front of the classroom. The whole class still stares at her.

MELISSA: Yeah, I get that he just wanted to help us or whatever but I know all of this.

RICKWOOD: Remember Melissa, not everyone else learns as quickly as you might.

MELISSA: Your point ? with all due respect, Miss Rickwood and to you too “David”…

PG 10/ PN 1 – Melissa approaches the black board. David looks at her.

MELISSA: This is supposed to be one of the greatest schools in the US let alone this state…

PN 2 – She takes the white chalk stick from David, he looks at her in surprise, so does Miss Rickwood and Laurie.

MELISSA: Yet we’re struggling to solve pre-school math ? Oh please.

PN 3 – She begins to write something on the board.

LAURIE: *whispers* she’s technically just as new to this class as David…what’s she doing upstaging him like that ?

SOFIA: *whispers* i do not know Laurie…

PN 4 – It reads “ ROOT 40”

MELISSA: Pretty sure anyone in here could do that, right ?

LAURIE: *whispers* I could but…

DAVID: I can, that’s just-

MELISSA: I never asked you, smart boy.

SOFIA: *whispers* who on earth does she-

RICKWOOD: Melissa, you must understand that you should not-

MELISSA: No, I don’t think you understand. As a teacher you really need to buckle up and put some more emphasis on your teaching, because as far as I’m concerned we might as well still be in Kindergarten, no offence.

RICKWOOD: I beg your pardon ?

PUPIL #2: WHOA ! who the hell do you think you are !?

PUPIL #6: Snotty pink-haired freak !

SOFIA: My word…

PUPIL #2: No really, just who the heck-

PN 5 – An Asian teenage girl gets out of her seat with a cross look on her face.

PUPIL #2: Do you think you are !?

MELISSA: I think-infact I know that I’m Melissa Joan Gold, you ?

PUPIL #2: The nerve !...

SOFIA: *whispers* Laurie do something, quick !

LAURIE: *whispers* I’ll try…

PN 6 – The Asian girl begins to storm towards Melissa.

LAURIE: *whispers* be calm…nnnhh…

PN 7 – A white colored essence begins to fill up the classroom from Laurie’s direction, Sofia looks at Laurie. David run’s out of the classroom.

SOFIA: *whispers* where did David just go ?

PG 11/ PN 1 – In the school corridors David looks as if he just saw a ghost.

DAVID: Wh-what the hell-who the hell is that girl ?!!

PN 2 – In the classroom, everyone falls under the effects of the white essence and they begin to drift into a deep sleep.

SOFIA: Oh my…Laurie ! I am sure this is not what you had in mind, is it !?

PN 3 – Laurie opens her eyes in confusion.

PN 4 – She stands up to take a look at the whole class. She is shocked.

LAURIE: Wow ! this is certainly not what I had in mind Sofia…where’s David ?

SOFIA: For some reason he is outside ! he ran out of the class for no reason.

LAURIE: That’s strange, everyone should be out for a while I guess…let’s go see what wrong !

PN 5 – Sofia and Laurie run for the exit of the class while avoiding sleeping students.

PN 6 – A sleeping Melissa smiles mischievously.

PG 12/ PN 1 – In the skies, not too high up, Ben in flame form is flying with a big grin on his face. The school is visible below.

BEN: (That Sooraya girl was right, if there’s anything I can do with these powers it’s that I can fly-

PN 2 – He begins to accelerate upwards. The sun shines brightly.

BEN: As high as I want !

PN 3 – Down below in the back garden, Sooraya, Phoebe and Dani watch him in amazement. They all look a bit tired.

PHOEBE: Well, you seemed to have cheered him up, Sooraya.

SOORAYA: Re-really ?

DANI: Phoebe’s right, this is the first time in my life I’ve seen Ben this happy, if he ever has been.

PHOEBE: Seeing as how that training session we just had didn’t exactly, “go in his favour” so to speak we wouldn’t want him beating himself up over it. Good work

SOORAYA: It was just a suggestion…he told me he had trouble as well with his powers, back in Afghanistan, right ?

PHOEBE: Minor troubles though, nothing we can’t patch up given the right amount of time.

DANI: I think the real problem is-

PN 4 – Topographic view of Ben still soaring.

DANI: Ben has the potential for immense power; he’s probably one of the strongest mutant’s out of us all.


DANI: It’s got something to do with burning his whole house down I guess.

SOORAYA: Hmm, yes.

DANI: We all have the potential to become extremely powerful but we don’t try to exploit that fact or else we’ll never be accepted by the world around us…(wow Dani, wow)

SOORAYA: Of course.

PN 5 – Ben begins to fly down at quite a speed. Dani and Sooraya look at him In surprise. Phoebe looks withdrawn.

BEN: I think you guys might wanna…watch out !

PN 6 – Phoebe and Dani shuffle back. He reaches the ground, a small flash of fire bursts as he touches the ground.

DANI: Nice work Ben, a little more practice and you’ll get your powers under control, don’t worry. Impressive flying skills, didn’t know you had it in you.

SOORAYA: You were very good Ben.

BEN: Thanks, a lot…I just thought that if-

PN 7 – Phoebe quickly run’s to Ben with her arms stretched in his direction, Dani and Sooraya look at them in confusion.

PHOEBE: Ben ! –

DANI: What the-


PN 8 – Phoebe quickly reverts to Diamond Form and pushes him out the way.


PG 13/ PN 1 – Outside of the school premises on a street, Melissa runs in panic. She’s on the phone.

MELISSA: Kay’ ! I think i-I think I’ve been found out !

On The Phone: What ? well, that’s not something we can deal with right now ! the guys have already started the mission plan, and obviously the first part of it was a fluke-

MELISSA: I-I don’t understand ! I need you here ! some girl- I think her names Sofie or something, she KNOWS about me !

OTP: Not my fault ! I’m on my way to the school, I’ve got some past problems to deal with-

MELISSA: Wait ! I think they’re already on to me. The mutants !

OTP: Oh $%&* ! I’m on my way !

MELISSA: Well hurry the hell up Kay’ or-

SOFIA: Or what ?

PN 2 – Sofia in mid-air halts Melissa from passing. Melissa put’s her phone in her chest pocket.

MELISSA: Oh please, I don’t have time for this Miss Venezuela.

SOFIA: How did you- you know what ? I do not much care, you caused a very big riot in our class today and somehow you seemed un-affected from-….

MELISSA: Don’t bother, I know your secrets already, filthy Mutants. You’re basically calling yourself out anyways with the way you’re using them in front of me…

PN 3 – Melissa walks to a shocked Sofia.

MELISSA: I’m warning you, get in my way and I’ll make you wish you never crossed MY line.

PN 4 – Sofia extends her arms. The wind’s begin to rustle up blowing her and Melissa’s hair. Melissa clenches her right fist.

SOFIA: David told me about you Melissa, he told us what you knew and he was right, you know far too much.

MELISSA: Oh really ? and you think I don’t have any knowledge on the three of you ?

SOFIA: I don’t much care.

MELISSA: Listen wind-witch and listen well, I’m going to make this clear and simple for you. Step out of the way or you will regret being courageous.

SOFIA: Melissa-

PN 5 – She raises her arms and begins to float higher. The wind’s force begins to knock some bystanders to the ground. Melissa and Sofia face each other in scorn.

SOFIA: I am not afraid of you.

MELISSA: Silly little girl…brace yourself !-

PN 6 – In front of the school gates, Laurie stands worried. A lot of people are passing her by.

LAURIE: (Phoebe ! what’s happening ?!)

PHOEBE: (Something out of the ordinary Laurie ! Ben almost got assassinated by a bunch of-of monsters ! what’s going on at the school !?)

LAURIE: (Long story short, there was a little fuss in my class today because of some girl, David absorbed some things from her and she’s like some Secret Agent or something ! he’s on his way home right now !)

PHOEBE: (Oh !? GOOD ! because we’re still in battle ! these vile things have made their purpose evident Laurie !)

LAURIE: (Yeah ? and what’s that ?!...)

PHOEBE: (They want our body parts !)

LAURIE: (I don’t underst-)

PHOEBE: (Laurie I can’t talk to you for much longer, right now I’m telepathically transferring some Isreali Special Forces training skills, learned from the man himself ! they should help you if you come into contact with hostile people ! take care !)

LAURIE: What the !? ( Pretty sure she knew the situation with me and Sofia right now…what’s taking Sofia so long anyways ?!)

PG 14/ PN 1 – In the school garden, a fierce battle rages on between Phoebe, Dani, Ben and Sooraya against a bunch of Black Ops suited men with black face masks.

PN 2 – “Camera” focus on Phoebe in Diamond Form fiercely punching one of the men in the face, blood splurges out from his mouth.

PHOEBE: Pathetic fool ! Sooraya ! I think we need to wrap this up quick !

PN 3 – Sooraya with the lower part of her body in and form turns to Phoebe.

SOORAYA: Meaning !?

PHOEBE: Meaning you need to live a little !

PHOEBE: Dani ! Ben ! take cover !

BEN: Alright !

DANI: Sure thing !

PN 4 – Sooraya moves to the centre of the garden.

PN 5 – She begins to turn her whole body into sand.

MAN #1: What the hell is she doing !? we can’t fail out first F£$%£$% MISSION !


CAPT: It was too late for the men. Their time had come.

PN 6 – A strong Sand-storm begins to engulf the perimeter of the garden. It grows bigger ripping the cloths and flesh of the men.


PN 7 – At the heart of the Sand-storm, Sooraya’s face outline is barely visible.

SOORAYA: I have to stop this ! these men- no matter their intentions have suffered enough ! Allah…please forgive me…

PG 15/ PN 1 – Melissa is aggressively strangling Sofia high in the skies. Sofia tries to fight her off.

MELISSA: Remember you little twat ! I did warn you NOT to mess with me !

SOFIA: Ghhhkk ! Nggghh ! Lggeett-

MELISSA: You filthy mutant ! I’m going to kill you and all your kind ! the U-Men will make sure of it ! NOW DIE !

SOFIA: NNNGggghh ! Leeet-

MELISSA: Shut !...

SOFIA: GGkkkooo-

PN 2 – Sofia let’s go of Melissa’s hands and slowly reaches for her head. Melissa squeezes harder.


SOFIA: Ghkkkk…wgghhilll….ngkkoott-

PN 3 – She clenches both her fists.

PN 4 – Melissa releases her grip on Sofia, they’re both still in the air.

PN 5 – Sofia places her palms on Melissa’s ears.

SOFIA: *cough !* *cough !* *cough !* You thought…nnngh…you could... beat me ?...now who’s the *cough !* silly little girl ?

PN 6 – Melissa looks up in agony. A pink pulse shoots from her mouth.


PN 7 – Sofia moves back from her and watches. Her fists are still clenched.

SOFIA: (Lowering the pressure in her ears to such a low point was a brilliant idea ! thanks David.)

PN 8 – A figure comes flying in Melissa’s direction at an alarming rate.

PG 16/ PN 1 – The figure appears to be Karla Sofen.

KARLA: MELLISSA ! what the hell are you doing to her !?

PN 2 – Sofia flies out of her way as Karla carries a now unconscious Melissa.

SOFIA: *cough !* who are you !?

KARLA: None of your damn- (this isn’t the time or the place, Melissa looks seriously hurt !)

PN 3 – She flies off without a word, she looks back at a shocked Sofia.


PN 4 – Sofia looks a little scared. She begins to rub her neck in pain.

PN 5 – As she starts to fly down, she notices a large black Helicopter some miles away from her headed in her direction.

PN 6 – She looks down below at the ground to see a large crowd gathered, with a black bus. Some snap-shots are being taken of her from below.

SOFIA: Why are they all gathered, what is ha-

PN 7 – In the Helicopter, a man shouts out of its entrance with speaker near his mouth.


PN 8 – Close up of a shocked Sofia.

SOFIA: *Gasp !*

To be continued……

NEXT – The New Mutant’s struggle to reel from recent events occurring in the neighbourhood! The mysterious U-Men make their presence known! WORLD-WIDE! Sofia and Laurie have an unexpected showdown with Melissa and Karla, one that ends in a SHOCKING conclusion! AND, a life shattering revelation is made known to one of our heroes! So stay tuned as the foundation making story-arc ‘U-Mutants’ commences!


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KA-BOOM! Great chapter! :P

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@The Impersonator: Thanks a lot ! (was the "KA-BOOM" some sort of pun to what happened to Ben ? lol.)

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@AgeofHurricane: You're welcome!

Yeah....you could say that. =P

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This was great! I can not wait for issue five and it was very thrilling to see so much action happening with both sides of the team! Great work, Hurricane!

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@KisserNe said:


This was great! I can not wait for issue five and it was very thrilling to see so much action happening with both sides of the team! Great work, Hurricane!

Thanks a lot !! "both sides of the team"...you just gave me an idea...O.O

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YES! Go me! I hope it helps and works :D

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Awesome! can't wait for #5!!!

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@punkpuppy3: Me neither !!!! >.> LOL