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 Dreadknight #1 

Kirbinstan Provence, Latveria

This was the fifth patrol of the day and the light was fading fast. I was starting to loose my patience, my unit, the Batalionul 1 Operaţii Speciale, was a crack commando unit. We should have been hunting down the enemy's of Latveria not conducting pointless patrols along the Symkarian border. We where the best of the best, the Honor Guard and we where consigned to nothing more than grunt work.

“ 0, this is Alpha 1, message, over ”

This is 0, send

0, permission to return to FOB  Vulturii,  over”

Alpha 1, wait out”

Alpha 1, this is 0, HQ has advised you go to ground at your grid reference and set up for the night, be prepared to move at 0600h”

Roger, out”

Well sh!t. Another day sitting in the sleet and hail wasting the talent and resources that my unit can provide.

What's the word  Sef ?” Asked Cpl Danila, my 2IC, he was small, wiry and had hair so blond it could have almost been white.

Looks like we’re here for the night, HQ, in there infinite wisdom, deemed it so

Sgt Bone, you knew as well as I that this was always how it was going to turn out. I'll get the lads to set up STAG positions.....

The explosion hit me like a freight train knocking me off my feet, bits of rubble and red mush cascaded around me, I could see nothing but smoke and dust, I tried screaming “CONTACT” but ether my voice wasn't working or the force of the blast had ruptured my ear drums. As I tried getting to my feet the second force hit me, this one was just as bad as the first but this time it was an explosion of pain, coming over me like a wave. Laying on my back I propped my self against some of the rubble. I wouldn’t look down, couldn't look down. What ever mess the rest of my body was in, I didn't want to see it. I raised the scope of my rifle to try and scan my surroundings, all I could see was red and black until I saw them, rebels, coming at me through the smoke, I fired two rounds and the insurgent dropped, there was more now, coming at me from every where.

Bang bang, he took two in the head.

Bang bang, the next took two to the chest, I heard his gurgled cry as his body crumpled.

Bang Bang, I was starting to feel woozy, I was losing blood fast.

Bang Bang

Bang Bang


shhhkkkk.... Alpha 1 rad-skshhh-check. Come In Alpha 1.. Shkkksssh... RADIAN answer skshhhh...”


Later, The Iron Guard Bunker

“We have the subject, his vitals are growing stronger by the day, Project Dreadknight was a success”

“I will be the judge of that Minister Bardas, how long till he is operational?”

“Two to three days sir”

“See to it I am informed upon his activation, I will revel in the death of my enemy’s and the ascension of Latveria”

“Yes sir. All Hail Doom”  

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@primepower53: thanks Prime
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Solid first chapter man! Keep up the good work

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That's great! Nice start