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Marvel Genesis: Blade- Prologue

It was the darkest night and the rain kept dropping in the streets of Vancouver. The city is big much like New York City. I used to remember coming to this lonely place where poor souls have no homes or anything else that they could have. These people might get themselves in trouble these days. But it's not that these homeless people were using drugs all the time. It's that the creatures of the night might bite their necks off.

There was a friend of mine who used to visit Vancouver sometime back in the 1930s. He was a wild animal whom I used to fight back in New Orleans. I didn't even know why would he come there. Maybe, he was wandering around and see where he can continue his new life. But his only life was in Canada and yet I don't see him right now. I heard that he joined some group called Alpha Flight after a brutal encounter with some supernatural creature. But the creature wasn't a vampire though. It was a creature of pure evil that you couldn't even see. If you were wondering how I knew about this event, let's just say I used to help the wild animal on the way. I was kinda like him who tried to control the beast within. That kind of hunger always kept coming to me. It was my worst luck than ever.

I came to Vancouver in order to find someone. That someone killed my mother back when I was a child. A child of hope and destiny. At that time, I never knew my mother a lot. She was killed on the dark streets of London while she was pregnant. She was working as a full-time nurse at the hospital. It was the worst experience that my mother ever had. Because she encountered a doctor who was trying to save her. That doctor was the only person who was there with her. I found out the medical records of my mother's recent death. I realized that the European doctor bit her precious neck. That was the moment I became different. If it wasn't for the doctor, I wouldn't been a dhampir and hunting down my killer and other vampires. I would have been a human who would enjoy a happy life with his own mother. Instead, that precious life was taken away from me. I was lucky enough to be found by a vampire hunter who trained myself for years to come. The training was tough and I had to keep my vampire instincts in check.

The European doctor was named Deacon Frost who is currently leading a powerful organization. This organization was called the Blood Pact where powerful vampires reside. There were noble and have the riches in the world. Yet, I only focus on Dr. Frost who killed my own mother. Sometimes, you have to understand that revenge never ends in life. Because Deacon is not the only vampire I have to kill. Because of Deacon, I was born this way. On the other hand, the vampire hunter named Abraham Whistler was able to train me so that I could defeat the entire vampire menace.

There was a bar located on the end side of the streets. Not only there was one bar. You could see so many pubs around this filthy place. Overworked people used to come here and enjoy their drinks in the long night. But this bar wasn't normal like the other bars around Vancouver city. This bar is where all the nasty creatures enjoy their blood drinks. I can smell and sense them all the way from here. Whether it's far or low miles away, I can still smell the creatures of the night. I walked into the bar and saw the vampires dancing on the floor and one couple was biting their necks each other. It must be a dark pleasure that they're having and tasting each other's blood . At times, humans never heard about vampire $ex these days. It must be the Hollywood movies that the viewers loved to watch in their private rooms. But it's the reality that also counts.

I walked towards the front seat of the dining bar where the vampire bartender was serving drinks. He was cleaning the tabletop and serving cold blood drinks to the hungry visitors. I sat on the seat where I noticed a beautiful woman who was sitting next to me. She was shaking her glass of blood a bit and didn't even take a notice of me. The bartender came by and see if I wanted a drink.

"So pal, what would you like to drink?"

I still stared at the beautiful vampire who was wearing her skirts on. She had the wild scent from her face and I can tell she must have put her perfume on. A black hair and a red shirt. A perfect outfit for a perfect vampire lady. I turned around to face the bartender and told him what I wanted.

"I need red wine, please."

"Red wine? You mean blood."

"No mister. I just want some red wine."

"What are you? A human?"

"You're half-right."

"Wait a minute. Are you the one who's everyone calling Blade? You're that Daywalker guy, aren't you?"

"That's me."

"Yeah. I heard a lot of news about dhampirs these days. I'm not sure if there are so many of them around. But I guess you're the only one. Right?"

"You might be right. But it's possible there could be others like me."

"Oh boy. Talk about a rough night between a human and a vampire. I wouldn't want to go for that one."

"Listen mister. I need that drink."

"Sorry pal. We don't have red wine. We have all kinds of animal blood. Monkey's blood. Cow's blood, Dog's blood and even...Shark's blood. It's pretty sweet."

"You're lying. I can smell the wine from under your desk."

The bartender paused for a moment and realized that I wouldn't be the person to mess with. The bartender sort of gulped and swallowed the rest down on his neck.

"Look pal. These wine are for the richest humans who work their @$$e$ off."

"And yet I'm part-human. So give me what I want."

The woman finally spoke as she was still enjoying her blood drink. She was still beautiful and smell good as any other woman would be.

"Give him a drink, Bob. I'm sure he wants it badly. Don't you say? Mr..."

"Eric Brooks' the real name. But people just call me, Blade."

"Yes, I heard stories about you."

As the bartender was opening a box stack of red wine bottles, the woman gave myself a stared look. She looked myself in the eye and knew what I had come here for. But she was only looking for some pleasure either from a human or vampire. Or even both for that matter. The bartender finally poured the red wine into a small glass. I took the glass away from the table and drank small amounts of the human drink. I put the glass back on the table and looked at the bartender.

"Thanks, mister."

"Yeah pal. Whatever."

The woman gave herself a smile when the bartender didn't like my presence. He must have hated dhampirs. Who knows? But I'm pretty sure he's pissed when I asked for the red wine. The woman was sort of pale and she took her hand and then placed onto mine. She rubbed my hands a little bit as she started to have some chat with me.

"So...Blade. What brings you here?"

"I came here to look for someone."

"I see. I bet it must be a woman."

"You're quite right, miss. But I'm really looking for a man."

"Oh please. Just call me Veronica."

"Ok, Veronica. Where can I find Deacon Frost?"

As I asked the name, the bartender looked stunned as if he knew about him all along. He suddenly ignored of what I said because he was still afraid of me. The woman didn't move an inch or stayed away from me. She still sat on her seat and acted that she didn't know anything about Deacon Frost.

"Hmmmm. Deacon Frost you say? No, I have never met him."

I didn't know whether she was lying or hiding the real truth from me. It's that her perfume was strong enough to hide the truth about Deacon Frost. I knew from my mind that I would be meeting this woman because there is a slight suspicion involving around her. I had secret tabs from another vampire who knew about the beautiful Veronica. I just pretended that I didn't know her.

"You never met the big man?"

"Nope. I can tell you that he's busy in high places. You know..."

"I get your point, Miss Veronica. I was just making sure if you knew anything about him."

"Why do you want to know?"

"It's none of your business. I just came to talk with him."

The woman laughed and knew that a guy like myself would never have the chance to see Deacon Frost privately. At that point, I knew that she was lying to hide her own back.

"Give me a break, Blade. I don't think you'll ever find him."

"Why not?"

"Like I said. He's a very busy guy."

"It seemes that you know much about him."

"Look. I only heard of his "big name". Ok?"

"Fair enough."

"Hey Blade. How about we go outside for a walk? Maybe, you and I can spend some quality time together. What do you say?"

"Sure, Miss Veronica. Anything you say."

"Just call me, Veronica. Ok?"

We left the bar together while the bartender was staring at us. He must have known that Veronica might get herself in trouble. But the thing is that some people wouldn't want to reveal the truth about the powerful vampire. Yeah, the vampire with the four fangs. Even the crime bosses of New York City calls him that nickname.

Veronica and I went to the side of the streets where homeless people used to stay and slept on their beds. The beautiful vampire placed her hands towards my chest and scrolled down underneath my pants.

"Mmmmm. I never tasted a dhampir before. Maybe, I should suck your blood. How about it?"

As she was licking my neck and rubbing underneath my pants. I stayed calm and didn't feel a thing of what the woman is doing to me. I stayed like a statue and pretending the dirty things that Veronica is doing to my body.

"Come...on, Blade. Don't just stand there. I want you to f*ck my @$$ as hard as you can."

"Listen, Veronica. Don't waste my time. I want to know where Deacon Frost is."

The woman completely igonored my words and still kept touching all over me. She began to bite my neck as I moved away from her.

"Hey! What's the big idea?"

"Where is Deacon Frost, miss?

"I told you, Blade. I have no f*cking idea. And don't ever call me, "Miss."

"I know you're lying about him. Because you used to f*ck with him. Isn't it?"

Veronica stood frozen and knew it was a trap set by the hunter. A hunter like myself who hunts down the creatures of the night. The woman began to attack me while I drew my silver stake from the side of my jacket. I hold her neck and pushed her backwards to the wall. Then I took the silver stake and slammed inside her right hand. I closed her mouth so that nobody could hear her cries of pain. I then let go of my hand away from her red lips.

"Tell me, miss. Where is Deacon Frost?"

"I...I don't know."


"Heh! Look at you. A vampire threatening to kill another. You must be crazy."

"I'm half-vampire, b!tch. Now tell me...where is he?"

"Ok. You want to know. I can only tell you this. F*CK YOU!"

I took another silver stake from the side of the jacket and plunged it inside the left hand of hers. I closed her mouth again as she began to moan her little cries deep within herself. I swept away my hand as usual and begin to think that the woman had enough of my torture.

"Alright. I'll...I'll tell you. There is a man named...Nick Carrey."

"Nick Carrey? Who is he?"

"He's some private detective living in his d@mn small office. He has the answers what you're looking for."

"I see. Then you never met the big "Four Fangs?"

"Yeah...Yeah. That's right. I never met the f*cking guy in my entire life. You piece of f*cking hybrid $h!t!"

I took the stakes and rolled them over and the woman still felt the pain. She cried a little bit and this time I didn't close her wasteful mouth. She closed her eyers as she began to tell me something.

"It's...the truth. I never met Deacon Frost. But I did met his assistant. He was handsome though. He gave me the whole time that I needed."

"Are you some kind of street whore?"

"Yeah. You could say that. I was just a normal woman who's looking to buy some company. You know..."

"Who was the guy that you were with? Are you sure it wasn't Deacon?"

"I don't know. They looked quite the same and yet they're white and pale-looking."

"Ok miss. Tell me where I can find Nick Carrey."

"Would it be alright if you just take your f*cking stakes off?"

I took off the silver stakes from both her hands and put them back on the side of the black jacket. She gave myself all the details that I needed. As I turned around, the vampire didn't say anything much. Because she was still caught in her pain of torture.

"Thank for you cooperation, miss."

"Yeah. Get the f*ck out of here."

"One more thing, miss."

"What is it this time?"

"If you meet one of Deacon's assistants again, tell him that I'll be waiting."

I walked out of the side of the streets and completely ignored the woman's face. She was still angry and yet she wasn't killed by me. I sort of felt sorry for her because she was a homeless b!tch who's looking out to have some wild fun. She did told me the whereabouts of Nick Carrey's private office. Now, I have to continue my search for bloodthirsty revenge.

As I was walking the dark streets of Vancouver, a homeless man took a notice of me. He was laying on the ground and hoping to receive money from anybody including myself.

"Sir, could you spare a change? Cough! Cough!"

"I'm sorry, mister. I don't have any cash on me. But I do have something special for you."

I took out a silver stake and gave it to the homeless man. The poor man was confused and was wondering what kind of gift I just gave to him. He looked up into my eyes and started asking me.

"What's this?"

"Keep it. You'll need it just in case."

I walked out where the homeless man was still staring at the silver shiny object. He might wonder what he could do with it. But I'm pretty sure he'll keep that stake along with him all the time. Whenever or whereever he goes out on his own. He may not able to defend himself but times like this would happen to a poor soul. I ventured out into the unknown and find myself in a place of darkness. Ever since I was born a dhampir, I knew it was my destiny to kill vampires. Sometimes, you need reasons to kill them off. But I hadn't kill any of them back at the bar including the beautiful Veronica and the bartender named Bob. Because there were normal people until they were turned into the creatures of the night. If any vampire comes in my way, I'll surely kill them with no hesitation. My real name is Eric Brooks. But people just call me....Blade.

To be continued inMarvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 1- Daywalker.

What a bloody night that was? Now Blade has to find the private detective who knows the whereabouts of Deacon Frost. Before that happens, let's venture into Blade's childhood past and see what he's all about. Find out in the first chapter of Eric Brooks starting October. The name's Blade, mister.

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a very entertaining read my friend! I like the noirish elements that you've included into the character, as always great job!

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@moviegeek17: Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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I love the ending. If that homeless guy shows up later as a total bad@ss, that'd be awesome.

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@InnerVenom123: Thanks! Hmmmm.....Since you mentioned about his next possible appearance, I might have to think about it. You may never know. :P

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@The Impersonator said:

"So pal, what would you like to drink?"

"I need red wine, please."

"Red wine? You mean blood."

"No mister. I just want some red wine."

Just give the man what he asked for! Sheesh!

@InnerVenom123 said:

I love the ending. If that homeless guy shows up later as a total bad@ss, that'd be awesome.

I'm betting you're right :)

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