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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Marvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 5- The Great Train Robbery

I sat on the chair where I was waiting for the train to arrive. The train takes us everywhere to places whereever we wanted to go. I never catched a plane to travel on the eastern side since I didn't have my passport with me. I had no choice but to travel the hard way. It'll take days to arrive in Romania. Yeah, if you think about it. Days and even months will pass by until I reached my own destination. The train does go from Vancouver to other Canadian regions. But I also heard that the other stations does take people to Eastern countries. I wonder how a train driver would handle his stuff seriously. Maybe, there are different drivers taking turns and putting charcoals in the chimney. It was an old train that the people would like to take. In Tokyo, the high-fastest train always go up to speed like a bullet in the air. I sure want to reach my destination in no time. But I have to be patient about it. The good thing that I was able to purchase a ticket. With the help of the old man's resources, I did have some money on me. I might have given it to the homeless man. That's right, I lied about it.

There was a lady sitting next to me, reading her novel. It was called "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice." Anne was an author who wrote the "The Vampire Chronicles" series. The fans say that the book series was a hit. Including the first novel that the girl was reading. She was about this young like age eighteen. The girl who goes to high school and reaching her years of college. The thing is that I never went to college after I studied in high school. I was only able to concentrate on my training. Those were the toughest days that I had to endure. Not just pain.

While the girl was reading the book, she took a good look at me. She was like wondering why I was wearing sunglasses and had tattoos on the side of my head. At first, she didn't take notice of my cool appearance. Because she was busy reading the vampire novel. She had a smile on her face as she put the book on the side of the seat. She took a wild stare at myself and thinking what I was actually doing.

"Hey! You look cool."

I looked towards her and didn't mention a single word. I stayed quiet for a while and stared at the incoming train. There were a lot of people taking the train since it was travelling to another country. The girl was wearing some gothic clothes and had dark eyebrows slightly in her upper eyes. She must have been using some wild make-up on her face. She also had a blue-strained hair. You could tell from the looks that she's a bad girl. A bad girl who gets trouble in school all the time.

"What is it you want, miss?" I asked and still staring at the incoming train. She looked kind of awkward when I said like that. As if I really didn't want to talk with her.

"Miss? Ummm. I'm not some woman who goes out on some business trip."

"You're still a lady to me."

"Yeah. And I'm still young and 18."

"I see you're reading a vampire novel."

"Yeah. This is the best novel I have ever read.

"You read this novel already?"

"This is the fifth time, I'm reading it. It's f*cking awesome."

While the girl was sitting in enjoyment, the train just arrived at the station. I got up as the Goth girl came to follow me. It led myself thinking that the girl wanted to come with me. Even though I hadn't the slightest idea where she's going. She had a bag on her back assuming she was skipping school. Usually, you see some Goth children skipping classes, doing whatever they wanted to do. This girl sure likes to read vampire novels. I can also tell that she wasn't a vampire but she still looks like one. She had those dark eyes that make you want to think she's one of the night creatures.

I waited for the other passengers to get their belongings inside the train. It was kinda rush these days since it's vacation time for these humans. I don't mind waiting long periods of time. I just had to relax, watch out for any dangerous activity happening in the old train. These things never change if you ask me.

I finally went inside the train and looked for a seat. There were already seats being taken. It doesn't matter where you sit. As long you have the ticket with you. I found a empty seat which was way ahead on the last part of the train. I sat there and carefully placed my belongings under the last seat. I didn't want to let these people know that I'm carrying some $h!t to kill vampires onboard. I'm sure the authorities wouldn't allow myself to take these weapons in the airport. Since there's tight security involved after the 9/11 attacks. It wasn't a pretty sight. Even the Al-Qaeda terrorists are much more dangerous than the vampires. I never thought these humans could perform such a drastic thing. Like I said, it wasn't pretty.

I sat near the window and looked at the train station. It was a clear view as I recall the moments that I was with my foster mother. That's right. I used to travel on this train and meet some of my foster mother's friends. It made clear to myself of why I had to go with her. I had no friends at that time. I tried to make one back in high school. But there were some bullies who called myself a Niger or a freak. Freak is one thing that they're right about me. But I wouldn't accept the word, Niger. It was a private school and I had to overcome the obstacles in my teenage years. I only had one friend, Abigail but the thing is that she goes to a separate girl's school. Yeah, she was a tough lady with a big heart. I used to tell her the things that I was being bullied by some $h!theads.

As I sat on the last seat, the goth girl arrived from out of nowhere. I had a good feeling that she was trying to follow me. Or she couldn't find a seat elsewhere. She looked towards myself as I still stared outside the window.

"Hey man! What's up?"

"Nothing much. Can't find a seat?"

"No. They have been taken. Is it ok if I can sit here?"

"Sure miss. I don't mind."

The Goth girl sat on the seat and put besides her belongings. She sat in a strange way as other Goth freaks would sit. She pulled her legs which showed her slight skin off. She began to stare at the outside window and wondering how long this journey will take.

"Nice view, isn't it?"

"Yes, miss. Nice view."

"Before you call me, miss again. My name is Alice Walters."

"Do I care?"

"You don't like to talk. Do you? I'm pretty sure you're not that type."

"It seems to me that I have a long road ahead."

"Where you're going by the way?"


"Are you...serious?"

"Does it sound like a joke to you?"

"Well...no. I'd figured I wasn't the only one."

"You're going there as well?"

"H*ll yeah."

"What a surprise."

"Actually...I came to look for someone."

The Goth girl said in a sad way that she must have missed someone dearly. The girl didn't say anything much as if nothing bad ever happened in her life. She stared at the window and gave herself a smile on the face. On the other hand, I didn't take off my glasses while I was wearing them. Because my eyes could scare off the Goth girl at any moment. But I doubt she would be scared of my cool appearance. It's the eyes that counts. Since I have the eyes of both a human and a vampire.

The train began to move slowly as I and the Goth girl still stared at the outside window. The Goth girl moved towards her head and took a glance of how I looked. She did say that I was cool though. I had the shady sunglasses, the tattoos on the sides and the back of my head. I wouldn't say it was cool. I just needed some style just to look more as a hunter rather than being a rock star.

"What's your name?" the Goth girl finally asked. She was curious to see if I'm willing talk with her. At the moment, I wanted to relax and enjoy the journey for quite some time. Just like the other passengers on the train. I can hear no sounds coming to my ears except the Goth girl.

"The name's Eric Brooks."

"Eric Brooks. Hmmm. That name sounds familiar. I'm not sure....where though."

"Have you ever gone to private school?"

"No. I haven't."

"Then you don't know me."

The Goth girl gave a quick glance and exchanged her look. She turned her face slightly towards my black bag pack which laid under the seat. She was wondering what kind of stuff I packed during the journey.

"You have a problem, Alice?"

"No. I was just wondering..."

"About what?"

"Well...since you don't care. There's no point of telling you."

"Try me."

While Alice was about to reveal her journey, there were gunshots all of a sudden. I looked through the windows and saw a bunch of cowboys riding on their horses. I can tell that there were humans though. But I wasn't sure why would they come near the side of the incoming train.

The people got panicked and also saw the rackets occurring outside the train. Alice got quite scared and nearly jumped on the seat with her legs. I sat on the seat quietly and didn't open my bag pack yet. I had to find out what's going on here. This looks like a hijack moment for the wild cowboys.

The doors slide open and came the leader of the cowboys. He wore a black hat and the brown shirt with lots of threads which seemingly came out of it. He also had the shoes with silver spikes hooked on the tip of the bottom. He was a real human cowboy alright.

"Howdy, folks. Sorry to interrupt your precious journey. But I came here to look for someone."

The people got confused and had no idea what he was talking about. I liked to figure what this was all about. Since they were the actual cowboys from Texas. It seems impossible for them to ride all the way here. It didn't make any sense.

"That's right. Someone who has a treasure item in her midst. You people wouldn't mind telling where this girl is. Won't you?"

The passengers were silent and the rest of the kids were being tucked down by their own parents. The wild cowboy came towards a scared couple. He was looking at them, wondering if they knew about the person that he was looking for. He took out a gun from his side pocket and took a shot on the man's head. The man fell down and his woman screamed in vain. Some of the passengers also screamed and yet they haven't moved out of their seats. The woman cried out for her husband's body. But the cowboy told her to keep quiet.

"Listen, everyone. If anyone doesn't know where this person is. I'll kill every single one of you. This dead guy would be an example. If you have no clue of whom I'm talking about. It's she."

"She?" I finally replied to the cowboy as the other passengers were sort of looking at me. The Goth girl gave a scared look on her face and didn't even know what else to say. She kept quiet ever since the wild cowboy leader arrived.

"That's right, Niger. This girl has something that my master wanted. And I'm not leaving anywhere until I find her."

To be continued inMarvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 6- Wild Wild West.

WTF? Cowboys hijacking the train? A cowboy leader looking for a girl and the treasure item? What item is he talking about? And who's his unknown master? Find out in the next journey of Blade. YEE-HAW!

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Agh. Cowboys. I hate Cowboys. Blade better go all out on their asses. :P

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@InnerVenom123: Lol! Yeah, I'm not that a big fan of western genre. I want to add a western feel to this chapter and the upcoming ones. I like Jonah Hex though. :)

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@The Impersonator said:

"Yes, miss. Nice view."

"Before you call me, miss again. My name is Alice Walters."

"Do I care?"

Bwhahahaha stop bugging the vampire hunter lady :)

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@batkevin74: hehehehe, yeah. :)

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