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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Marvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 4- Private Eye

I walked through the hallways of a large building. There were so many rooms where people used to work. Such as lawyers, cops, and even detectives. This must be the building where crimes are being investigated. I heard the news of several reports when a woman was being attacked by a supernatural creature. Unfortunately, it was the job of the Night Crime Division. The organization's purpose is to capture criminals who were convicted of supernatural crimes. In this case, it's only a small amount of people working towards human crimes. But these are normal people except for Detective Nick Carrey.

Nick was a human who was born somewhere in the 1800s. Later in the 1930s, he was turned into a vampire after being bitten by a beautiful lady. It is said that Nick was presumed dead. But he managed to survive even though he knew that he couldn't live in the sunlight. He had to go through dark and high places so that he wouldn't die. I guess his goal was to find the woman who had bitten his neck.

I went to the elevator room when a black-suited man was already standing inside it. He looked at his watch several times just to see if he was coming late for a possible interview. The guy looked at me in a strange way that I was out of this world. He had no idea of what I am or what I can do. He was shaking a bit and decided to look slightly towards me. He said in these calm words.

"So...You're...Ummm. A new employee?"

"No mister. I just came to see someone."

"Oh really. I see. Ok. Well, isn't this a good day?"

I didn't even want to say anything back to him. The man always look firm, straight as he was about to get ready for his job interview. I can tell he was nervous about it. The new employee's heartbeat gets pounding like a ball.

"Don't be nervous. You'll do just fine."

"Oh...Why...thank you. I really appreciated it. By the way, my name is John Eskers. I was just getting ready for my interview."

"I can tell."

"You're sharp."

"I got cat's eyes."

"Cat's eyes?"

"Yeah. I can see through the dark."



"Ok? Anyways, Ummm. So what's your name?"

"Eric Brooks."

"Nice name."

I didn't thank him much since I was waiting to meet the detective. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm wasting my time talking with a new friend. I wouldn't say he's a friend though. Just a passing-by employee who's looking for work. I was still standing in the elevator until it came to a stop. The elevator automatically opened and I went out of it.

"See you. Eric."

The elevator doors closed behind me and I didn't say bye to him. Maybe, I would see him someday. But not hopefully. There are times that I couldn't handle myself with a full human. Since I'm part-human, I tend to have emotions just like I used to have them in the past. I was human alright. If you're wondering what I really am. Just say that I'm a dhampir who wants to kick vampire @$$ and other supernatural $h!theads.

I came across the floor where I saw a lady passing by and pushing some stacks of files. She looked at me while I was going off to see the detective. She wore glasses and a white shirt just as any other businesswoman would wear. I asked her the whereabouts of the detective's office just in case I was wrong about the floor. You may never know because there are too many floors in this building.

"Excuse me, miss. Is this the floor that leads to Detective Carrey's office?"

"Why...yes. It's right there on the corner. If you go straight down the hallway and turn right. You'll find it."

"Thanks you, miss."

"You're welcome."

As she went away and pushed the stacks of files, I walked straight through the floor and turned right just like the lady said. I saw the room that had a label on the frontside. It was Detective Nick Carrey. I knocked on the door twice to get his attention. There was silence for a moment there. I heard some noise calling out to me.

"Yes? Come in."

I opened the door and walked into his private office. There he was sitting on his chair and the desk front of him. He had stashes of files lying behind the walls. He was wearing two belt ties on his shirt. He had a light brown coat and a hat which makes him look like the 1930's private eye. I never seen much black and white movies except for the original "Night of the Living Dead."

He was talking on the phone to some lady. I can hear the tears coming out from her eyes. It seems that she was in trouble and the private detective was trying to calm her down. Maybe, she was his girlfriend for all I know.

After several minutes of talking on the phone, the detective hanged up and looked towards me. He stayed calm and rested his body on the black chair. He was like the top of the world whose purpose to save innocent lives, solving crimes. I heard he was a perfect detective who used to keep tabs on every criminal that he find. There was another vampire just like Nick who kept tabs on the beautiful Veronica. But he was different by the way. He's only a f*cking smuggler and cares about trading drugs. But I don't care when I asked the smuggler for the information. I only kill the supernatural b@$t@rd$.

"So...You must be Eric Brooks. Nice to meet you."

"It's good to know."

"Yeah. But I never heard that there was a dham..dhampir before or whatever you want to call it. You're something different."

"Different from you."

"Look pal. I don't expect any stakes from you. Got it? If you want help, I'm right here."

"Ok then. Where is Deacon Frost?"

The vampire detective began to laugh for a while. He had no idea whom he's dealing with here. He just pretends that he doesn't know about Deacon. If this vampire doesn't tell the answers. I'm going to put a stake right through his heart. He will surely deserve it.

"You're kidding me?"

"I wouldn't be here if I knew the true location."

"Ok. Let me get this straight. You came all the way here. Just to ask me that question? You know what, pal? You just wasted your time."

I got pissed when he didn't reveal myself of Deacon's whereabouts. I went towards his desk, holding his shirt tight and looked him in the eye. The vampire detective tried to turn away from my face. He also had a gun just in case that he would shoot me. But I reminded him that I could heal in seconds and come after him.

"Look...pal. Just leave me alone."

"Answer the question."

"I'll call the security guards. You want that?"

"What kind of a detective are you?"

"Hey pal. I used to save bunch of @$$e$ around this place. Ok? You don't even f*cking know me."

"Sure you do. I may not know you. But you know what? I just don't care."

I pushed Nick back on the chair. He was sitting, making sure that he slide the gun on the side of the desk. He wasn't the detective whom I thought he was. He sure got some nerves acting like one. I decided to do something in order to get some stuff out of the detective. I walked behind his chair and began to open the window blinds slightly.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing? Stop! Don't open the blinds. DON'T OPEN THE BLINDS!"

"If you don't answer, you will turn into a chicken crisp."

"Jesus Christ! Seriously, I just couldn't stand the f*cking daylight anymore. I used to like it, you know."

"Every former human does. Now spill it!"

"Ok...Ok. I'll tell you...But you gotta understand this will be risky."

"I'm all about risk, mister."

"Call me Nick. Anwyways, I heard that Deacon is living in the Blood Pact stronghold somewhere in the Eastern Europe. You might want to go there."

"I see. Any information that you might want to add?"

"Yes. I heard that there is going to be a blood party. More sounds like blood orgy to me."

"What a sick b@$t@rd."

"I know what you mean. Deacon wanted myself to take part in it. But you know what. I said no thanks. I want to stay in this filthy place and help people out."

"Since when did you start this private business of yours."

"Have you ever watched a TV series called Moonlight?

"No, mister."

"Anyways, it was the 1940s. Yeah. After I was turned into a vampire like during 1935. I had to start my own work somewhere."

"Does anyone in this building knows you're a vampire?"

"That's a good question. I'm sure they don't mind about it."

"Interesting. A vampire detective working with humans."

"You're wrong, pal. I only work alone in solving cases. But I do have a female assistant to help me out. I have a stack of $h!t lying around here."

"Well, it's been a pleasure to talk with you...Nick."

"No problem, pal."

"One more question."

"What is it this time?"

"Were you able to catch that female vampire?"

"The one who bit me? No, not a chance. Not even in a lifetime."

"I see. Then I must go from here. Carry on with your work. I hope you find that lady someday."


I walked out of the office and went below the building. The detective had the answers that I needed. With the information that he had given me, it will help me to find Deacon Frost. Now, I must travel to Europe to find the b@$t@rd who killed my mother. Some people might say that revenge won't be over until you killed that person who was responsible. I guess those people are right. Yeah, the ones who cared about me. It's time to take a trip to the East.

To be continued inMarvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 5- The Great Train Robbery.

Blade has the answers! Now he has travel to Europe and find the great Pureblood leader himself. Will Blade succeed? Find out in the next chapter of Blade. This is going be a wild ride, folks. A wild ride? Hmmmmmm.

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