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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Marvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 3- Abigail

The problem is that no one could ever get some rest these days. Especially, when I tried to sleep and forget the nightmares that happened in the past. I was kind of tortured by the old man. He thought that I'm just like the vampires who drinks human blood. He had tests to see whether I can become the creature of the night. But I was just a part-vampire being born and cursed by the vampire's bite. The curse may lie within my very own soul. It may not rest in peace apart from other souls who have died in wars, disease, and violence. I was the lucky one who didn't die because I was special. Because of the vampire who bit my mother's neck, I gained all the abilities of a vampire and none of their weaknesses. It's times like this would never happen in my life. I always wanted to be normal but now I have to go through all the hardships and overcoming the curse that's eating my soul into pieces.

I was still in the dungeon where Abraham, the vampire hunter and his daughter were standing besides me. Abraham reminded myself that I have passed the second test. I was still alive and saw the wound on my chest got healed. I guess I had the healing ability just like a vampire. Except that a vampire's injury can't heal in the sun. Not even you kill them with a wooden or a silver stake. They just turned dead just like that. Not even you can smell their presence of death. These creatures just die, never coming back.

I opened my eyes and still looked at the old man. I was angry that I couldn't get out of the chains. The old man had a vial of blue liquid which he was about to inject into my bloodstream. I wonder what the blue vial can do to a vampire. Abraham said that the blue substance is used to kill the vampires. But the substance couldn't kill the dhampirs. It can only lower their vampire instincts. Now, Abraham wants to start his third test on me.

"I can tell you this, Eric. You're a very lucky young man."

I stayed quiet and didn't say a word to the old man. I wanted to ask him the questions regarding my vampire nature. Because, I didn't know what kind of person I was during that time. I know that I was a human who enjoyed good times with my foster mother. Ever since she died in the burning flames, I didn't know where to go. I was a lost kid until I was discovered and saved by the vampire hunter. He was quite old and had the guts to defeat the night creatures. Even though the vampires were used to be humans, the old man didn't hesitate to kill them. I didn't even hesitate to beat those vampire goons down. Because the thirst for revenge always gets increased by the minute. I'm still angry at the fact what the old man is doing to me. But he had good reasons for it.

"Eric, this will hurt a bit. Just relax. Ok?"

"Your daughter...She..."

"Don't worry about her. She's not saying anything."

"Why...are you doing this? Why...me?"

"I beleive that you're destined to defeat these things."


"Yes. And much more than that. It's not only vampires though. There are always something evil lurking on this world. So you better be prepared for it."

"Old man...You're something."

"You don't need to thank me. Now, I just need you to relax while I inject this blue substance into your bloodstream."

"What's the substance called?"

"Never had the name. Let's just say its Blue."

The old man injected the blue liquid into my right arm. I felt the nerves growing bigger and I tried to ease the pain. I can feel the hunger for blood. But the blue substance is preventing myself from feeding human blood. After several seconds of pain, I felt relieved and stayed calm for a while. The old man looked upon myself and touched my head.

"Eric...You'll be fine. No worries."

"Daddy...What's going on here?"

"Abby...This is not the time. Come...Let's go from here. I'm sure, Eric will do fine."

I heard their footsteps walking away from the dungeon. I was alone for the moment and I tried to breathe out of my lungs. It was a horrible experience which I ever had. The amount of pain that got injected within my bloodstream. I was sweating like h*ll. But several minutes later, I calmed down my nerves again. I'm beginning to think that this substance had temporary effects on me. I wonder if the old man had any of those extra juices to pump into my veins. It's the only way that I could control my vampiric nature.

While I was still recovering, the old man's daughter came into the dungeon quietly. I guess she must have escaped from her daddy's grasp. She wasn't supposed to come here. Maybe, she was curious to check on me and see how I was doing. I doubt the old man would do that. Abigail stared at myself while I was still recovering from the pain. She stood there, wondering if I might attack her in any moment. Then she began to chat with me.

"Hi...My name is Abigail. People call me, Abby for short. You must be Eric."


"You don't look too well. But daddy says you'll be alright."

"Yeah, the old man has the positive attitude."

"Why do you call him, old man?"

I told her the reason that he is a man who taught myself how to regain my humanity. That's what he was trying to do here. So that I wouldn't become like those vampires. Even though if I'm way different from them. Without the old man's help, who knows that I might kill an innocent soul.

"Because he's brave."

"I see. But daddy was brave even when he was young."

"Listen...Abby. Could you release me?"

Abigail didn't mention a word for a second there. She might be wondering if she had to free myself. Otherwise, she could get herself in a lot of trouble. Sometimes, kids always have to get in trouble. I never had troubles with other kids or trying to steal some goods. I was a good kid back then. Now, I'm just a freak who gets stuck up in this h*ll hole and being tied up in shackles.

"I don't know, Eric. Daddy says not to interfere."

"Then you're not going to help me."

"If I had helped you, where would you go?"

When she asked that question to me, I wonder where I can move on with this point. Without the training of my abilities, I would never have the chance to defeat these bloody b@St@rd$. Maybe, I should able to stay here and let the old man do his thing. I may not be patient but it can take a while. Abigail was with me all the time. She always had to bring food so that I could eat. Sometimes, I wonder if the old man allowed her to give the food to me. I was quite hungry though. I didn't had to sleep as well. Because I never felt sleepy since I'm a dhampir. The girl was never scared of me. She always used to tell stories of how she and her father used to live in their mansion. She also mentioned about her mother who died during childbirth. It was a similar fate that I also had to take. But this time it was different. Because the mother wasn't bitten by a vampire. She only died normally after giving birth to Abigail. It was a sad moment for the old man who worked hard day and night to give support to her own daughter. The only worse that could come is a vampire who threatened their lives. She did heard of the story during her bedtime.

"I don't know. I guess there's nowhere else to go."

"Then you should stay here. I'm sure you'll like it."

"You mean the mansion."

"Yeah silly."

She laughed a bit and always enjoyed having conversations. I never had those kind of human feelings with anyone except with my foster mother. That time, she never knew if I still had those feelings or it's just show them that I really wanted to. Abigail became my first friend who would also later become a vampire hunter. But that's another story.

The next day, the old man walked into the dungeon and came towards me. He saw that I slept peacefully like a human being. I promised Abigail that I would never tell the old man that she was here. Because I might be too dangerous for her. Or she might have released me. But the good thing is she didn't. She had listened to the old man and still had the guts to stay with me for a while. I will never forget that day.

The old man finally released myself from the shackles and the chains. I woke up slowly from the wooden platform. I felt the strength that I needed since I slept for two days. I guess it helped a lot so that I can get out of here. But there were second thoughts that came to my head. I felt like that I'm needed here. The one thing that I could defend myself is to train harder. That would be the best thing even though it might be the worst than I expected. I was still sitting in the wooden platform and the old man took out a glass of red liquid. He put it aside the wooden platform from where I was sitting. I knew what was the red liquid since I can smell it.

"It's blood. Sue you don't want to drink?"

"Whose blood is it?"

"A dead patient's blood. Kept in cold storage before he died."

"Dead patient?"

"I just borrowed his blood from a haematologist. He's a friend of mine. Works at the hospital all night long. I feel sorry for the poor guy though."

"I see. So you expect me to drink this?"

"No. I'm expecting you to make a choice."

"Is this another bull$!t of yours?"

"Yes, Eric. It's the final test. I'm putting it close to you for like...How about say half an hour?"

"Tell me...Mr. Whistler..."

"You can call me, old man."

"I thought you had a problem with it."

"Maybe, it's your own style. Listen, Eric....I know this must be hard for you. But this isn't a torture. I'm only trying to save your life."

"Yeah. I can see that."

"I know what you are, Eric. Now, it's time for you to understand the world of vampirism and other supernatural phenomena."

"So that makes you a monster hunter rather than a vampire slayer?"

"Vampire slayers...Monster hunters...You call them whatever you want. They mean the same thing. We're the hunters of the night."

"You mentioned "We". Aren't you the only one here?"

"Not anymore. You're about to become one. I think you just passed your final test."

"But it hasn't been half an hour yet."

"That was just a minor guess, Eric. If you were a full vampire, you would have taken a sip in seconds."

From that point on, I trained with the old man who taught myself everything to know about vampires. I used my newfound powers and abilities in order to defeat the vampires and other supernatural creatures. The training ground wasn't easy at first. But I became to learn things more and more as I developed over the years. Abigail also joined the ranks of becoming a new vampire hunter. We trained together and had fun all time that we needed. During the years of training, I found that the vampire, Deacon Frost killed my birth mother. I had to leave behind everything even including the ones I cared about. I travelled around the world and searched for the true killer. During my past searches, I had to train more and more because I crossed paths with Deacon several times. Everytime, I tried to defeat him. I just couldn't because Deacon already became stronger. He was a Pureblood.

It was a bright and sunny day. I just arrived near the private office of Detective Nick Carrey. I used to remember what it was like living with the old man and Abby. Those were good times and I had the guts to do my harsh training ever since. I'm hopeful that this Nick guy will tell me. But I have to be careful since he might look out for someone's blood. I opened the door to a large building. There was a help desk receptionist on the speaker phone.

"Name please."

"The name's Eric Brooks."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Yes...I came here to speak with Detective Nick Carrey."

To be continued inMarvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 4- Private Eye.

Now you know what Blade is about. What will happen once Blade is about to meet the vampire detective? Find out in the next chapter of Blade. Watch out, Eric. You may not want to trust on this guy. The interview is on, mister.

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