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Marvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 2- The Hunter

I was trapped inside the darkness for like several hours. It was the first time that I went to a long sleep. But it wasn't anything that I had experienced before. I felt urges within my body like some angry beast shouting at me. There is always this feeling that you find yourself locked in the cage and never had the chance to get out. The worst part is that you couldn't let yourself free. Because I have been tied up with these hard chains on the wooden platform.

When I woke up, I saw that I was trapped in some kind of dungeon or a cell where the prisoners are punished for their past crimes. But this dungeon wasn't used for the criminals anymore. Because the old man had told me that vampires were being tortured here. I heard some news about a vampire sneaking into the old man's home. The old man's home was actually a mansion that looked as if it's haunted during those past days. I never thought I was still in the mansion while I was being imprisoned in the cell. I tried to get out of the chains but my strength was kinda weakened after I got so many hits by those bloody b@$t@rd$.

There were footsteps coming near the door. It sounded like the old man who would come to see if I was awakened yet. Like I said, the old man was a hunter and he hunts the creatures of the night. He had tough times dealing these bull$h!t$. But there is one good thing about the old man though. He shows a good heart and cares about me. He also knew what I was and what I would become.

The old man came up to me while I was still lying on the wooden platform, tied with the chains. I tried so many times to go free. As many times I would want to get that vampire who killed my mother's friend. That thought will never let go of my mind. I had some rough times, wanting to have a normal life. I would also certainly find the one who killed my mother. The vampire who turned myself into becoming something different from other vampires. The one who ruined my childhood life. The one who ruined....Everything.

The old man opened the window all of a sudden. It was a beautiful day outside and I didn't realize it was so beautiful as the days before. Those days that I used to spent good time with my foster mother. It was something out of the ordinary even for half-breed like me.

The old man looked to myself and was holding a silver stake on his left hand. He wanted to make sure that he could kill me with it. But it was something more than that. Before any action could take place, I shouted in anger.


The old man stopped and kept silent for a while. He didn't know what to say first when he rescued myself from those vampires. He wasn't an old man that I thought he would be. Not yet. But I liked calling him that way. It sounded like a nickname to me.

"Old man?", asked the vampire hunter who was still holding the silver stake, ready to stab my heart. "I hate to say this, Eric. But you shouldn't be calling me that. The name's Abraham Whistler."

"How do you know my name?"

"I know some things about you. I never thought this would happen. But it's unbelievable."

"Unbelievable? What do you mean?"

"You're one of them. Or I could say that you're the first."

"The first?"

I was confused of what the old man was saying. He explained it in more detail of what's happening around this world. He also mentions that the world is overrun by vampires. Not to mention the powerful ones called the Purebloods.

"Eric, I know you have so many questions to ask me. But you need to understand of what I'm about to do here. I'm only saving you. It's a good thing that I saved you back there. You weren't good enough to beat those $h!theads."

"Saving? But this looks more like kidnapping to me."

"I know. You just need to relax, Eric. Everything will be fine."

"How can I be fine when I can't get out of these chains?"

The old man ignored my words as he looked outside. He knew there was something right about me. He turned back and said the good news.

"You have passed the first test."

"First test? What you're talking about?"

"The sun, Eric. It hasn't affected you."

When he said those words, I realized that I was something different from any ordinary vampire. I was a half-breed ever since I was born. But these changes meant something to me. Even if these changes weren't to happen if that European vampire hadn't interfered with my life. I kept myself going and wanting to hunt down the vampires. No matter where they are or how capable they could be. I always have to turn them into piles of $h!t.

I asked the old man on how I was different. He didn't say anything at the moment. He was only concentrating on the tests. He explained that these tests were meant to check and see if I'm like the ordinary vampires. The old man began to aim the silver stake with his left hand. As he was about to stab myself, a female voice came shouting through the corners of the dungeon.


The girl came to the dungeon and saw what the old man was about to stab me. She was quite the same age as myself. She was shocked that the old man was going to take a hard kill. Her name was Abigail Whistler and she's the old man's daughter.

"Daddy...What are...you doing?"

"Sweetheart...Stay back. This isn't what it looks like."

"Listen here, old man. I suggest you release me from these chains."

"Eric, you know why I'm doing this."

"But your daughter....She'll get scared."

"Don't worry, Eric. She will understand in time. Now, the second test starts."

As I was about to say some hard words out of the ordinary, the old man plunged the silver stake inside my chest. I cried out in pain and I never felt anything like it before. I closed my eyes again, slept away in total darkness. Sometimes, I wonder if I was ever a human or a vampire.

To be continued inMarvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 3- Abigail.

Whoa! Blade gets stabbed by his new mentor? Will Blade get out of this alive? What will happen since Abigail have entered the picture? Find out in the next chapter of Blade. I don't even like the sound of this, old man.

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OW. Painful cliffhanger!

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@The Impersonator said:

As I was about to say some hard words out of the ordinary, the old man plunged the silver stake inside my chest.

Holy $#!+!!! Well that's unexpected and a bit nasty!

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@batkevin74: thanks!

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