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Anya Corazón, a young teenage girl, is about to survive the event that will mark her for the rest of her life...


WebCorps, the company where Anya's mother works in, is in the midst of chaos and with everything that is happening around her Anya runs towards a woman who has been hurt. When she sees her, her stomach is tied into a knot and hurtful tears emerge from her eyes.

Anya: "Mama! No! Mama..."

Two eight-armed creatures rampage through Sofia Corazón's lab. The hideous creatures damage machinery and research but there is no greater casualty than that of Anya's mother, Sofia. Two rivers run down Anya's cheeks as she pleads for this to be over.

Anya: "No! No! No! Por favor!"

In front of Sofia was the beautiful girl she had raised. Memories played out through her mind as she held her in her arms for the first time, as she taught her how to walk and how she would struggle to get her "baby" ready for her first day of school. Through Anya's eyes the woman she was desperately pleading for was not only her mother but the woman who would take her to the beach every other week, the woman who taught her about boys and the woman who listened to her in her time of need. The woman in front of her her was her best friend.

Sofia: "Anya, mija!--" <mija = term of endearment>

Cecilia Reyes and Armando Muñoz, Sofia's lab assistant & voluntary test subject, were close with the dying woman but even so the chaos around them didn't allow for a moment of sorrow. As Anya set her head in order to hear her mother's last words Cecilia and Armando used their mutant powers to fight off the spider/humanoid hybrids that are destroying their lab.

Cecilia: "How are you holding up Armando?"

Armando: "I'm fine but I didn't know my powers made me this helpful in a battle!"

Cecilia: "Do you think Sofia's going to be okay?"

Armando: "I can only hope"

Shortly afterwards police sirens can be heard. Anya holds her now dead mother and weeps for her loss. Cecilia realizes that they need to go but she decides to help out the young girl in need of a friend.

Anya: "No! No es justo! No puede ser!" <No! It's not fair! It can't be!>

Cecilia: "I know it's not fair honey and I'm so sorry!"

She takes Anya from her mother's arms and hugs her tightly in order to comfort her. As she does this, tears fill Cecilia's eyes. The creatures continue to attack in the background and as Cecilia hugs Anya, she protects her not only with her arms but with her powers by creating a force field around the two. Two minutes later, Cecilia kindly rushes the situation.

Cecilia: "Mija, we need to go now!"

Armando, creating a shielding from his skin himself, reaches the two girls and directs his words to Cecilia.

Armando: "We are going to get blamed for this. We need to run!"

Anya realizes her companions are right and gets up whilst still in tears. Armando tries to keep the ones responsible for Sofia's death away. Even so, one of the two ugly creatures that resembled arachnids, headed straight for Cecilia and Anya. In one swift movement Anya stands up, wipes the tears off her eyes and furiously kicks one of the spider-men in the face. Her rage builds up because those two mutates are responsible for her mother's death. She runs straight for the second arachnid and punches it in the stomach leaving both of them out of commission for a while. Afterwards, she nods in agreement with Armando and Cecilia and with a tender kiss she says goodbye to her mother.

On their way out a woman, who seems to work at the company sees them and screams in a frightened manner. She then turns the other way and runs towards the exit. The three mutants follow her to the exit but outside the company's entrance the police are waiting for them.

Woman: "That's them officers. Those are the mutants who caused everything"

In a moment of despair Anya reacts.

Anya: "RUN!"

Gun fire begins to be shot and Cecilia creates a force field around the three to protect themselves. Armando, still unsure of the full extent of his powers puts his arms around the two girls and suddenly the three disappear before the eyes of the police.



Cover Sketch by IcePrince_X

Cecilia, Anya and Armando were in shock so they could not tell Miguel Webb, Anya's best friend, what had happened with clarity.

Miguel: "So these creatures came at your mom out of nowhere?"

With tears in her eyes Anya nods in response. Cecilia holds the girl as she cries to herself, too. Armando remains strong and with a sad look in his eyes he turns to thank and apologize to Miguel.

Armando: "I'm sorry we barged in like that. We just didn't know where else to go and Anya said you were trustworthy."

Miguel: "Of course. It's fine that the three of you are here. Just explain to me what happened."

Anya frees herself from Cecilia's warm arms and after wiping some tears off her face she begins to explain:

Anya: "Remember a while ago when we left from school to meet up with my mom at her lab in WebCorps and some workers approached us?"

Miguel nodded: "Yeah. They wanted to know where your mom was so that they could ask her some questions about work. A really weird question since we were on our way to see her at the lab."

Anya: "Right! Well that night I described them to my mom and she said that they were probably the two men who worked closely with your mom.

Confused by Anya's last statement Armando questioned Miguel.Armando: "Wait. Does your mom work at WebCorps Miguel?

Miguel: "My mom is Cassandra Webb"

This didn't answer Armando's question. Armando only spent his time in Sofia's lab as a test subject. Anya's mother's research was on mutant powers so Armando didn't know much about the people that worked at WebCorps. Because of this Cecilia answered his question.

Cecilia: "She's the company's owner."

Armando opend his eyes in surprise.

Miguel: "So what happened with the creatures at the lab."

Anya continued.

Anya: "That night my mom told me she was very suspicious about them. Some weeks later your mom, Miguel, kept offering my mom a raise if she'd let me work at WebCorps as an intern."

Cecilia interrupted: "Did you know about this Anya?"

Anya: "Yeah. I myself wondered why Miguel's mother would be interested in me."

Sceptical about his next comment Armando asks vaguely: "Does she know about your... skills?"

Anya: "That I'm a mutant?"

Armando looks at Miguel quickly awaiting a response.

Miguel: "I already knew."

Anya: "Oh yeah! Miguel is my best friend. I told him even before I told my parents."

Cecilia reacts abruptly: "You didn't tell your mother did you Miguel?"

Miguel: "Of course not. It does seem like that would be a good reason for why my mother would be interested in you. Although, I don't see how this has to do with the creatures?"

Anya: "After my mom refused her offer we never talked about the subject again."

Miguel: "Why did you guys refuse?"

Anya: "She doesn't trust your mother, no offence."

Miguel: "That's fine, my mom can be sketchy a lot of the time. Still, I want to know what happened today in the lab!"

Cecilia interrupts: "Wait, before we get into that. Anya, did those two men who work with Ms. Webb say anything else to you? Anything that might gives a clue what might be going on in the internal affairs of WebCorps?"

Anya: "We shook hands and that's it. They were pretty nice."

Miguel: "One of them did accidently cut you with his keys."

Cecilia and Armando automatically reacted.

Anya: "Oh yeah. When we shook hands he had his keys in his hand and he must've grabbed my hand too hard that he cut--"

Anya realizes what Cecilia and Armando had already notice. Then Miguel reacts to it.

Miguel: "You don't think that's how my mom found out about you being a mutant?"

Cecilia said sarcastically: "She runs a laboratory. How else would she know?!"

Anya: "Does that mean that the creatures were sent after my mom and me by Miguel's mom?!"

Art by IcePrince_X

As she finished music began to emerge from her jean's pocket. Her phone was ringing and the caller ID registered "Papa" <Dad>. Anya answers quickly as she realizes that Gilberto Corazón, her dad, had not contacted her since Cecilia called him earlier.

Anya: "Papa! Estas bien?" <Dad! Are you okay?>

Gilberto: "I'm okay mija. What about you?"

Just then Anya bursts into tears.

Anya: "Ay papa! No puedo con esto. Te necesito aqui, no se que hacer!" <Oh dad! I can't handle this. I need you here and I don't know what to do!>

Gilberto: "Calmate Anya. Yo se que me quieres ahi. Yo tambien quisiera estar ahi pero por tu bien y proteccion por favor no te expongas aningun peligro. No quiero perder a mi niña tambien." <Calm down Anya. I know you want me there. I wish I was there too but for your own good and protection please don't expose yourself to any danger. I don't want to lose my little girl too.>

Miguel, Cecilia and Armando watched as Anya listened to her father comfort her. Suddendly she stops crying and her eyes open wide.

Miguel: "What's wrong Anya?"

Anya turns to her companions and slowly explains her surprise.

Anya: "M-my dad says that he knows what happened. Ms. Webb has explained everything to him."

On the other end of the phone line Gilberto sits in comfort on his couch right across a silver haired woman. The woman sits properly with a cup in hand. She grins as Gilberto talks on the phone. Suddenly Gilberto interrupts the conversation to talk to the woman.

Gilberto: "Would you care for more tea Ms. Webb?"


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Woo hoo!! Cecilia Reyes, Anya and a cliffhanger!! Not to mention, so awesome IcePrince_X art to compliment the story!! :)

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thanks for appreciating my work but with a great material of sora_thekey who wouldn't get inspired! :-)


thanks for the opportunity and I look forward in reading more of your stories.

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Love the way it turned out :)

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Love the way it turned out :)

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Other than I was a little lost at first (sorry late night night, started working grave shift here) I think in the opening a better narative description of the location would've been good. I kind of got in the meat of the story where Anya and Sophia were interacting and I was wondering how the hell did they get there. Granted I don't read a lot of fan fics, and it's been years since I've read a comic script (minus that leebaker thing a few months back). 
I think as an intro to a series a lot of questions and plot devices will be fleshed out hopefully to give a solid foundation to the story, the universe and the characters. From what I've gathered from my reading 3 teens, young adults have mutant powers which haven't fully been realized?  
They're friends it seems. Cecilia, Anya, and Miguel?   
Anya's mother works for Miguels mother from what I've quickly deduced, Miguels mother wants something to do with Anya and is now in a position to get what she wants by using anya's father as bait.  
I'm just trying to make sure I'm following not really breaking anything down. If so like I said the details obviously will flesh themselves out in future volumes I'm sure, no need to tell you how to write these things since we both know Tom and he's the perfect guy to pick his brain on this stuff.  
And again I just wanted to add I don't read a lot of fan fiction so it reads differently than a comic script that kind of lays out a location, a scenario, whats happening in panels or pages, etc.  
I think it's good, it's a start, keep at it and lets see where it goes, make sure to keep me updated if possible I'd love to see how this progresses Geo.