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Marvel Genesis: Alpha Flight, Chapter 1- The Wild Man

I fell myself into a blank state. A state of deep unconciousness. Sometimes, I can't tell where the h*ll I am. I can hear some animal noises through this jungle. But I ain't sure if it was the jungle. I tried to remember things that happened in the past. Because I fought and destroyed.....I don't know. I just can't remember. Not only that, I fought somethin' which tried to eat my soul away. It would neva let me go. That....thing. Whatever it was. The creature would always bother me. I tried...to defeat it but the unknown being was too strong for me. It was too strong that I couldn't bear the pain on my gut. I must have battled the being for quite a long time. I think the unknown being was...the Great Beast. I sure ain't much wild to defeat it alone.

I heard some sirens and a group of vehicles rushin' towards my unconcious body. I still couldn't even move because I...fought the thing very hardly. I just want to stop it so that this thing would not try to attack me again. But it did attacked myself several times.

There were some men and women comin' through the jungle and found me. The jungle....where I fought the being. I gotta tell ya that it was a long fight. But I can't recall of what I tried to do with the being. It's like that part of my memory has been taken out. Then when I saw a sharp blade which was layin' three inches away from my lyin' body. I kinda remembered that I have used that blade before. I recalled that I went to Japan and received this special katana from someone I knew about. Someone who had the great skills of the bravest samurai in the world. He taught myself how to use the blade. There were seven special blades that the samurai had. These blades were used by the greatest samurai warriors in the past. The samurai just gave me this blade which can kill any demonic being. I can't remember what the other blades can do. I'm pretty sure one of 'em can kill.....


It was the sound of a beautiful woman's voice. I knew it...was Dr. Heather Hudson. She was the only woman who would look out for me. I think I have visited her once or twice. I just still don't know. But I sure can smell the beautiful scent from her orange-colored hair. She looked through my eyes to see if they were wide open. I was still unconsious and couldn't see the bright sunny sky and the light of day.

"Let's get him back to Department H", said the beautiful Heather who was willin' to save my own life. She always does it in a good way.

I heard Heather's word, Department H. I knew what that place is all about. The thing is that Department H is actually some military complex dedicated to hire and train superheroes. I was one member of the Department H. Yea, tell me about it. It wasn't pretty if ya ask me. The things I went through there. There were a lot of things happenin' in that place. The place I used to work with the new Team X members. Unfortunately, they aren't there anymore. Some of 'em were dead and the others ventured out on their own. I sure kinda miss 'em. To tell ya the truth, they weren't anythin' like the old Team X.

I was brought back to Department H and still layin' on the same hospital bed. I used to sleep on this bed for a while. I also seemed to recall that I looked for Heather in order to find out the answers about the Great Beasts. Afterthat, I still can't even f*ckin' remember. Heather and her husband, James came to the patient room to see how I was doin'.

"Logan?", asked the general who keeps wearin' his d@Mn old army uniform unless he has some extra ones on his closet.

"Hello sir. Nice to meet ya again."

"I have read the reports of what happened in the jungle."


"I was hoping that you could give me the info."

"Look pal. I ain't remember anythin' about the battle."

"You must have. You have seen it for yourself."

"Maybe I did. But I sure couldn't defeat it."

"I see. Then you failed."

"Yea, but there was one thing I have accomplished in all of this."

"What would that be?"

"I was able to face my own fears. So that I can fight the d@Mn thing."

"You must been brave to fight with that blade of yours."

"Oh yea. The blade I used to kill the demons."

"What can you tell me about the blade?"

"Like I said, I used it to kill any d@mn supernatural being that comes in my way."

"Where have you gotten this blade?"

"James, I think that's enough. Give Logan some break", Heather interrupted and showed a slight worried look on her face. I can't even tell why she would be worried about this whole thing. It's a good thing that Heather was able to come in time and rescued me. Otherwise, who knows where I would end up at.

"Heather, I only want to know the answers. If we don't find any info...."

"I know, James. But I think it's best you should leave Logan alone for sometime."

The general didn't say anythin' further than that. He always stayed calm about certain situations. Whenever he gets himself into bad mood, he had Joe Daniels by his side. The kid liked to play smart stuff on the general's shoulders. Yea, Joe always acted cocky sometimes. He sure thinks he can handle any tough situation that any person wouldn't able to solve it.

"Ok. Logan, I'll leave you to get some rest. But I want to see you tomorrow morning," the general said.

"What for? Anythin' special this time?"

"Something like that. You'll find out what I'm talking about."

I always wonder what secrets lie behind the general's back. He's a strong man alright. A man who used to serve in the Gulf War with the young kid, Joe. I didn't know what to say first. But I think I recalled their presence while I was servin' in the war. But that was a long time ago. The one I fought with Captain America.

"Heather. Watch Logan for me."


The general exhanged his looks as he walked out of the patient room. Heather was standin' near me and she held my hand. She reminded myself that the general is fine. I asked her about my past memories. But she can't say a thing to me. Maybe, she was afraid of the fact that the Great Beasts have affected her life.

"Logan....I want to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"How come you didn't kill the Great Beast with your blade?"

"I tried to kill it, Heather. But the d@mn thing was trickin' me. It's like it knows where I can attack. I used my senses though."

Heather realized that I was strong enough to beat the thing. But it wasn't like that. I had to learn the skills of a warrior. The samurai taught myself the lessons on how to defeat the demons. I was sure that the blade can kill the demons. The blade, which I tried to use it against the unseen Great Beast. It didn't actually worked. I wonder why would it happen. Maybe, the Great Beast didn't show its true form. Or maybe the Great Beast is just some d@mn being that only shows wild illusions. I asked Heather about the whereabouts of the blade. She said that the blade was being examined by top scientists of Project X. I don't know what they can get the information outta the blade. They probably can find ways to defeat the Great Beast. I sure want to contact my samurai friend and teacher about it. But the thing is that the samurai is very busy these days. He always finds himself in political situations.

Heather comforted me and told to rest for a while. I did what the beautiful Heather said. Sometimes, ya have to listen to the doctors. Because they want to make sure that you're alright and ready to do what ya have to do. I'm sure that I'm ready to hear what General Hudson has to say. It may not sound....nice.

The next day, I walked myself to the general's office. Heather and Joe were already there. The general got himself up from the seat and told me to sit down. I sat down on the chair and looked at the pile of folders lyin' on the general's front desk. I asked the general what's the big deal with the folders.

"Logan, these are the files of a new recruitment team," the general said.

"Ya gotta be kiddin' me. The new Team X?"

"No, Logan. The new team is called....Alpha Flight."

I was wonderin' why he would called that team name. If ya ask me, the name doesn't sound bad. I might as well have to stick with the name. Because the general liked the idea of hirin' new superhuman recruits.

I looked through the folders and checked their information. There were seven of them. They all had their troubles in the past. It must be somethin' to do with the Great Beasts. Who knows? I ain't wanna find out. Because I think I had enough of these f*ckin' Beasts for one day.

"Your first recruit will be Jean-Paul Beaubier. Also known as Northstar."

"Northstar. Not a bad codename for a gay mutant. Not to even mention he was an adult movie star."

"He is still now."


"He's currently acting in his last movie. It's some adult movie series from Playboy Entertainment. Apparently, he wanted himself out of the movie business."

"To do what?"

"Only Jean knows that. It doesn't matter. We need him on the team, Logan."

"So I have to convince Jean before he does somethin' new in his life?"


"What if he doesn't listen?"

"Convince him. You're the best what you can do."

I guess I have no choice but to look for these newbies. Some of them were quite capable of savin' lives. That's for sure. I asked the general behind the purpose of the recruitment team. All he said was the Great Beasts. But it ain't just that. There were several super-villains who were reported to attack the Canadian region. James haven't given their names yet. But once I had to find the team, we have to be ready for any kinda situation.

"Alright. When will I begin?" I said.

"You'll be leaving within five hours. You will be taken by the helicopter pilots and get extracted. They will tell you where you're going. For now, I suggest you get ready. You have a long road ahead."

Yea, tell me about it. A long road which is big enough to look for the new heroes. I hope that I can convince them. Especially the first guy whom I'm goin' to meet.

"And one more thing, Logan."

"What's that?"

"Be careful of Jean. He's....fast."

To be continued inMarvel Genesis: Alpha Flight, Chapter 2- Northstar.

What is this? Now Logan has to look for the new Alpha Flight team? What happened in the last chapter of Marvel Genesis: Wolverine? Well, I can't give any spoilers on that. You'll only find out later when the last chapter gets posted. Up next, Logan finds himself in the biggest movie business. How can he convince Jean to join him? Find out in the next chapter of Alpha Flight. READY...SET...ACTION!

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