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(this is the second chapter of the series....and I do not own any of the characters shown in this story. They all belong to either marvel or dc. And I also am not earning any profit out of this story whatsoever. So on with the story....and I hope it's good)

The moment superman's eyes met Thor's he felt an impulse...an instinct that it was Thor that got him here and that he was his enemy. But superman suppressed this feeling,he couldn't just judge someone without knowing who they were or what their motive was...and superman immediately realized that this impulse was very unnatural of him...he sensed that something was wrong.

But at the same time Thor was feeling the same way....he immediately thought that superman was his enemy and gave no second thoughts to his instincts as he shouted,"You...You were the one who brought me here,you were the one who dared to threaten Asgard,foolish mortal you shall PAY for your insolence. I THOR SHALL PUNISH THEE!",and saying that Thor charged at superman.

"What,I don't know what...*oomph*",superman could not finish his sentence as Thor smacked him across his face with his hammer and the force of the attack sent superman flying away with Thor following him preparing for another attack

. Meanwhile,in a spaceship that had crashed landed on the same planet a few years ago,Batman appeared in it out of thin air. He regained his senses and started to investigate the place and look for an exit,when suddenly out of no where a man appeared in front of him.

The man was wearing a costume which symbolized what seemed to be the American flag,in his hand was a round shield,also with the star symbol that was there on the American flag.

As the man in front of him got up,their eyes met,both of them instantly thought each other as their enemy.

"Who are you? And why did you bring me here",the man who had just appeared asked.

"Who am I? I am batman,and it wasn't me who brought you here...in fact I believe that it was you who teleported me and brought me over here.",batman told the man,"and who might you be",he asked.

"I am captain America",the man spoke,"and I assure you that I am not the one who brought you to this planet and I am not your enemy",but the captain was really starting to doubght the batman and his instinct was buzzing,warning him that the man in front of him is most probably an enemy,but captain suppressed that feeling.

"You assure me that you aren't my enemy? And how do you do so?",batman questioned clutching a bat rang that was in his utility belt...he was for some reason doubghting captain America more and more,his instinct warning him of danger.

But captain realized that batman had his hand over his bat rang and thought that batman was preparing to attack. Captain quickly raised his shield and charged at him.

Batman threw a batrang at captain when he suddenly charged at him but his batrang harmlessly bounced off the captains shield. The captain smacked batman on his chest with the shield and batman took a few steps behind in pain. Captain tried to smack batman across his face,but batman was faster than he thought and dogged the attack before elbowing captain America on the face which made captain back away in pain.

Meanwhile,in the same large spaceship appeared green arrow as well as halkeye,both right in front of each other. As soon as their eyes met they both immediately thought the other to be an enemy and without any further questions both drew their bows and an arrow and aimed at each other and shot. Both dogged the others arrow which went and embedded themselves in the spaceships walls.

In the same planet was a ruined palace. Wonder woman had appeared over there a few moments ago and after regaining her senses she started to investigate the place. At one time this palace would have been even more beautiful then her own but now it was just a ruin where dark and evil spirits would live in.

For about an hour she explored the palace. She reached a far end where she saw a wast ocean in front of her. Again she kept exploring the ruins when she reached another far end...but this time in the distance across a small desert she could see a city. The city was huge and she could not see the end of it,but in the distance she saw two flying figures...one she soon realized was superman.

The sky over the part of the city where superman was started to darken as a huge black cloud formed over the area and multiple tornados started to form along with powerful lightening,which was caused by the other flying figure with no doubght.

Diana was about to fly away to assist superman when suddenly there was a loud roar that came from inside the castle.

A wall of the palace was broken into small pieces and from beyond the rubbles appeared a giant green monster with a look of complete rage on his face. "HULK SMASH",the monster named hulk roared and jumped at Diana.

The monster was faster than Diana thought and all she could do was raise her hands in defense. The punch was also much more powerful than Diana expected,in fact the punch made Diana realize that the monster in front of her was physically much stronger than her.

The force of the punch send her flying in the air. The hulk then jumped after his target into the air and reached her before she could regain her stability and pounded her on the chest which sent her falling to the ground.

The force of the fall created a crater in the desert down below,Diana slowly started to get up when the hulk landed on his feet right in front of her. "This is going to be very hard",Diana muttered before standing up again ready to fight.

Meanwhile in another part of the city appeared the Vision and in front of him appeared the Martian Manhunter. Both looked at each other in confusion.

But at the same time in another distant part of the city green lantern and Ms.Marvel had already started to fight. "So are you going to tell me why you brought me here only after I beat the crap out of you?",ms.Marvel asked shooting two photon blasts at green lantern who blocked them by creating a shield,"for the fifth time lady...I DID NOT BRING YOU HERE...IN FACT I MYSELF AM WONDERING WHAT I AM DOING HERE!!".

"So you will talk only after I beat the crap out of you...got it",ms.marvel Sid shooting two more photon blasts at the lantern who again blocked them and then creating a giant hammer like projection,he smacked ms.marvel away sending her flying into a building wall which gave away after the impact borrowing her under concert rubbles.

"And yeah about beating me...KEEP DREAMING",green lantern shouted and charged at the rising ms.marvel.

(To be continued)

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@Hoenhime: Hello!

Fun story, I particularly like Thor & Superman. You're juggling quite a lot of characters so you might want to focus more on certain ones if it get's confusing (but I do look forward to see how Vision and Manhunter get on). :-) Nice! Hope you continue.