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continued from here part 3

The day of Earth Fall

Maria Hill looked on the ault as she issued an order, "Put them all in suspended animation."

She turned and looked on Michael Morbius, "Are you sure you want to do this? You'll be on your own if anything goes wrong."

Morbius nodded, "I'm best suited for it, and its better if people like me are kept from regular people. I'll be your warden as long as you need."

She nodded, "Load up the Ark."



125 miles north of New Attilan

Marcus was with Rhodes as they inspected the area for trouble when they saw a structure over on the horizon, "What is that?"

Marcus took out a pair of binoculars and looked, "Its an Ark. I was under the impression only seven made it."

Rhodes took the binoculars, "Should we check it out?"

"Call Pike and Jack just in case."


The group stood in front of the entry way to a battered Ark, its bay had been sealed by rock and there was no way in aside from cutting into the hull. Marcus looked on Frank, Janet and Akio, "Thought we were leaving them at the trucks?"

Jack shrugged, "They insisted."

Akio stopped before coming to the ship, "We shouldn't open this."

Jack ignored him and proceeded to take a cutting torch to the hull. After breaking through they found an extra wall with a hatch in it. Marcus allowed Jarvis to hack the lock and they entered. The hatch then slammed shut and sealed behind them. Pike looked back to the door, "That seems a bit ominous."

They then heard a scream from above. Jack pulled the rifle from his back as Pike attached his guns to his arms and Marcus and Rhodes armed themselves as well. As they cautiously walked forward Akio pointed to a broken wall, "There's someone behind there, terrified."

Rhodes checked went to check and a man bolted from behind it. Pike shot out his hand and dragged the terrified man back as he clapped his hands over his mouth trying desperately not to scream. Pike then helped him to his feet. The wide eyed man begged, "Please let me out, I promise I'll go good I swear, no cop will ever hear the name Mac Gargan again just please don't let them get me."

Jack sat the man down, "Whose after you?"

He looked up shaking, "Morbius and the Baron and a guy they call Bloodscream. They let a few of us out every few months and chase us down. They fight over who gets the blood."

Marcus looked down, "Vampires?!"

Mac nodded, "They went crazy, Thinker told me it was because they ration. They don't got enough to keep their heads straight."

Rhodes looked around, "This is a prison ship."

"Jarvis, what's this Ark?"

The device replied, "This Ark was designated a prisoner transport, it was considered inhumane to let the inmates die. They were placed in suspended animation and Morbius was placed as Warden."

Pike looked down on the device, "How many prisoners?"


"How many currently still live?"

"Life signs indicate there are 64 inmates still alive tho given current data it appears 2 are part of the problem."

Fear began to fill the group as Marcus ordered, "Lets get the hell out of here."

Jarvis chimed in, "Negative sir, the time lock on the hatches was activated by our entry it will take approximately 212 minutes for my systems to hack the lock again."

He sighed, "Anyone know how to fight a vampire?"

Gargan nodded, "Damn near everyone here has done it at some point."

"Jarvis, any chance there's someone who would help us out still on ice?"

"There is only one inmate other than Gargan that would not be more dangerous than the creatures we are trying to avoid, but your family has had some issues with him."

He chuckled, "I'm a Stark, I'm sure my family has history with all of them."

"Not that side of your family."


The group stood nervously outside the cell as the inmate woke from his long sleep. Janet looked on the prisoner, "Why would they need to keep a guy frozen behind a steel door in chains as well?"

Marcus stared on, "Because they were smart."

As the prisoner awoke he looked at Janet, "Well there's a sight to wake up to."

He then turned his head as Jack spoke, "You've been on ice for a little over 200 years, you help us out of here and we'll consider your sentence served."

He grinned as he noticed Marcus, "You're a little taller and hair's different but otherwise you're the spittin' image of a runt I used to know. He send a grand kid to take me out?"

"We didn't know you were here, Mr. Creed."

Sabertooth chuckled, "Nice to see he still remembers."

(To be continued)


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Yeah, that's probably what it takes to keep Sabertooth imprisoned. Great story. I think you should slow it down a bit. At least until we have more writers.

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@awesam: I'm going to spend at least 2 more chapters on this story arc maybe 3 so it should slow down the pace a bit. At least half the next chapter will be flash backs to explain how the prison Ark ended up in the state its in and how Baron Blood and Blood Scream got out of their cells. Plus I'll explain how Gargan learned what they were doing.

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5 will be up soon

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@joshmightbe: Aww hell. Now i wish I had been writing Blade in :)

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@oscuro: Blade could still pop up at some point but they're be more than vampire stuff this story arc without him.