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continued from here Earth Fall part 2

201 A.E. (after Earth)

Mt. Cinder

Marcus Stark struggles to climb a rather precarious peak, sweat rolling down his shirt as he pulls himself up. Just as he makes the top a gigantic old man stares down on him, "You about done here Mark, you know I hate this shrinky dink crap."

Marcus catches his breath, "Yeah give me a minute."

He then jumps off the mountain side and hits a button on his wrist guard growing just tall enough to land safely then the two men exited and returned to their normal heights as they handed their particle generator wrist guards back to a bored employee of Pym's great adventures, a side business run by the Pym family that allows people to have the experience of a vast world while still being stuck in the Ark. They then step out into Ark city 2.

Marcus eyed his great grand father James Howlett, "When am I going to get you up the mountain Jimmy."

"I've climbed more than my fair share of mountains boy."

Marcus chuckled, "Its not like you'd break a hip."

Howlett gave him a wary look as they hopped on the transport to head back home.


As the two arrived at the Stark complex Marcus and Jimmy tried to avoid eye contact with Marcus' cousin Danny. Danny looked over and loudly proclaimed, "Look, the great Wolverine has returned." In a snobby tone.

Jimmy ignored him, but Marcus had issue and turned, "You know the goatee doesn't make you look like Tony Lard ass."

Danny was about to retort when his father stepped up behind him and swatted him on the head, "That man is part of the reason you live to waste my money, show some damned respect."

Danny jumped up, "Did you hear what he called me?"

His father Jonas Stark looked down on his son,"You're a grown man, you want people to stop calling you fat go jogging or learn to shut up."

Jonas shook his head as he walked over to Marcus and Jimmy, "That boy's mother ruined him."

He then patted Marcus on the back, "Did you hear the news, you might actually get to climb a real mountain soon."

Marcus got a big grin, "The terraforming finished?!"

Jonas nodded, "The ground finished settling a few hours ago, half of Ark one is already buzzing about what they're going to do outside. I was actually looking for you to see if you're interested in a job."

Marcus shrugged, "Depends, what's the job?"

"The Pym zoo people are going to set out to release animal life into the wild and your Grandfather wants a Stark on the project, you were the first man I thought of for the job. He wants you to go to the armory to be fitted."

Marcus shook his head, "Pass, I hate those tin cans. My healing factor should protect me just fine."

Jimmy gave him a wary look, "It ain't that impressive kid."

Marcus gave a shrug, "More impressive than your's now days old timer."

Jimmy gave a chuckle.

Ark city 1

Jack Grimm looks over the transport vehicles intended for his long journey helping the Pym company populate the planet with wild life. While there he notices a loose connection in the power system, most would require specialized gloves do to the extreme heat of the power source but Jack's granite hard skin was virtually immune to high temperature.

He was going along as an engineer to maintain the equipment along the way. He finished the quick repair as the zoologists Frank Summers and Janet Richards arrived to load up their gear. Janet looked over to Jack, "Any idea who else is joining us?"

Jack nodded, "We have a geologist from Ark 12 coming as well as a couple of security guys from Ark 6 and of course a Stark is coming, have to protect that money."

Frank sighed, "Well lets hope the rich boy isn't completely useless."

Jack chuckled as Janet gave them a wary look. Frank then looked over, "Don't give me that look, you know how those Starks act."

Ark city 6

In a dive bar down by the cities power core a woman named Lila Rhodes sits waiting for her partner. She's a mutant with super human strength and a surly disposition. Her partner, a much more personable guy named Jim Pike was about half machine, he had been born blind with no arms or legs so his parents had went in for cybernetics to try to give him a normal life.

Lila had met him when they were both children and had been friends for most of their lives before starting a small security firm, until now they'd been limited to body guard duty for who ever met their fee but they couldn't refuse when the folks at Pym industries offered a huge pay day.

Ark city 12

Akio Hokama was sitting in the main plaza of the city under a large mural depicting the hero known as Sunfire standing in front of a line of soldiers who had given up their places on the ship along with the hero to make room for women and children. Akio came here often, his father had told him when he was very young that he should always be respectful of the sacrifices made so that he could live.

Akio is a geologist by trade and had jumped at the opportunity to travel with the Pym team in order to study this new world up close. He was a bit nervous so he came here to bolster his courage.


Ark Central Station the next day

The crew met up as the Pym industries crew loaded up the crates holding the miniaturized wild life and Akio looked on with interest. Marcus Stark wandered up behind him, "Cool isn't it, entire eco systems that can fit in a jar."

Akio nodded, "I'm eager to see a full sized lion with my own eyes. I always thought it seemed a shame to keep the king of beast so small and locked away."

Marcus grinned, "I think you and me are going to get along fine."

Frank and Janet then came in as Frank looked around and handed Marcus a bag to load, "Wonder when the Stark brat is gonna show."

Janet recognized Marcus at once but he shushed her as Frank spoke, "Probably having his fancy armor shined."

Marcus stepped up beside him, "Yea, can't be going out to meet a new world in dingy armor."

Frank chuckled, "Probably made of solid gold."

"I'd be shocked if it was any less than platinum."

Frank then turned, "You on security?"

Marcus shook his head,"No, I'm the Stark brat."

He looked back on the crew and pointed out the security, "That job is theirs, Rhodes and Pike were hand picked by my Grandpa Jimmy."

Frank was a bit red in the face as he spoke, "Is that supposed to be a selling point?"

Janet chimed in, "His great grandfather Jimmy, is James Howlett. Y'know Wolverine."

Pike gave a slight grin and nudged Rhodes with his elbow, "Hear that, freaking Wolverine endorsed us."

Jack nodded, "How nice for you, get in the truck. Pike will be in front Rhodes behind him. Third truck is mine."

Marcus gave him a bit of a glare, "So you're in charge now?"

Jack nodded, "When it comes to the trucks, yeah. Got a problem with it, you can walk."

"Fair enough, since Truck 3 is the boss' truck I'll be riding with you."

Jack shrugged, "Delightful.

Janet and Frank hopped in the second truck with Rhodes while Akio got in front with Pike as the bay doors opened and the group got their first sight of a new world.

(To be continued)


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Just make it Marvel A.E, or Marvel U A.E. Maybe we can make a design or get art of the cities and Arks so we can get a good picture of what to write.

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@awesam: I'll put out a request on the Artist show off forum

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Part 2 will be up soon

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@joshmightbe: I'll see if I can get a story up tomorrow, or write something for the central plot.