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Ever since the announcement of Batman being in MoS 2 people (mostly Bafttyfans) have been quoting TDKR like the bible on sunday. And some people want it to be a fair fight. Im here to say why that doesnt have to happen to be a good movie. Superman could pawn Batman like he did here-

or here

Because quite frankly this is what would happen considering its their first time meeting and not a veteran Batman with years of prep time. What could happen is that Lex Luthor and Bruce are trying to help the city rebuild while both of them are doing research on Clark (which by the way I would like for Lex to find out that Superman is Clark. He hints knowing who he is but doesnt reveal it until he has Superman under his thumb like its a game to him). Now this is how I would like to see it go down.

-Bruce and Lex funraider

- Batman first finds out who Superman is

-Superman rushes to a crime scene where Batman has already taken care of it and has left Superman a note knowing who he is.

-Superman and Batman meet. IDK what but something causes a fight and and Superman beats Batman up taking of his mask (cus Batman would know he has X ray vision). Superman tells him to leave him alone.

-Lex does evil stuff and find out about kryptonite in the process

-Batman finds out about his plan and tries to help Superman. Superman falls into obvious kryptonite trap, An explosion is about to happen. Superman and Batman can get far away enough Superman throws Batman out of the buidling saving him while Superman takes the explosion. Superman survives but is badly hurt so Batman takes him to his apartment to heal him. Superman heals.

-Lex gets mad that he's still alive and has an even bigger plan to get rid of him.

-Superman is faces Lex and seeing what Lex has in store almost wants to hit him but realising his rage might end up making him kill Lex he lets Batman deal with him (by which I mean he decks Luthor). Superman either deals with the problem before or after decking Lex.

-Batman finds kryptonite and tells Clark at the end and gives it to him int a led box, Superman understand his worries and lets him keep the rock. In the end Batman starts to trust Superman and we find out that Batman had already kept some kryptonite that he got form the rock he gave to Clark just incase and realises that Clark is a better man than him.

-Superman flies off and smile for the camera.

-Credits- Clark and Bruce in a cafe.

(It may seem like Im adding Batman a lot but keep in mind that these are the only times when Batman should appear the rest of the movie is Clark dealing with the fallout of his actions in MoS and proving to everyone he is good)

This would be a great way to stick to the canon and at the same time give us a hopeful meanignful story (and NOT MAKE THIS A BATMAN MOVIE!! which is Angry Joe's, SUperman fans and my concern) that most people would say MoS lacked. Now Im obviously a huge Superman fan and he's my favourite (Batman is somewhere between 6-10) But I think the should have introduced Wonder Woman instead. How? My guess is that Paradise Island felt the shakes of the world engine, Steve Trevor Crashed onto the Island (or kryptonian Tech) which pisses of the Amazons. Wonder Woman travels to the states, the Daily Planet finds out about the Amazon army coming to America. SUperman goes to negotiate, pisses Wonder Woman and gets his ass kicked in the process. Even though his fighting skills are no where near her's his streanght and speed match her enough to calm her down. After that I dont care I'd watch that movie twice like I did MoS.

So what do you think, Will they fight? Will Batman win? Will Superman win? Is Lex Luthor going to be an actor playing a rich billionaire? We'll see 2015.

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don't get bent out of shape because of things like this. if you get argue with every idiot on the net, you will burn out faster than they will. there's an old saying where i'm from: don't argue with the dumb, their minds are rested.

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I actually really like your idea of the wonder woman/ superman script. I would've preferred that as well.

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The name of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises again and beats up Superman"

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@thetimestreamer: Look I dont care if people think Batman is going to kick Superman's ass in the movie. I just feel like that the studio is trying to think of some Bulls#!% scenario when they dont have to try that hard. At the end of the day Batman's role is not the stopper of asteroids but as the strategist/detective of the group.

@ultrastarkiller: the twist at the end is that he wakes up realizing he's in a hospital bed with diapers on after Superman sneezed on him really hard.

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@hero92: The after credit scene is when Superman kills himself after he sees Bruce bed out of Lois' bed

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@ultrastarkiller: Man of Steel 3- We see Superman surounded by suicide objects, realizes that he cant kill himself, so he flies so fast that he goes back in time, saves Bruce's Parents, he then has sex with Martha in front of Bruce, Bruce becomes a fat awkward kid who never leaves his room and never becomes Batman. Clark is his new Step Dad.

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