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Making a Superpower Not too powerful

i have an idea for a superhero but I am trying hard not to have her overpowered.

I'm up for suggestions.

This is the best version I have come up with so far.

Powers: Running acceleration-she can keep accelerating, she tops out at 200 mph. She can accelerate as fast as a car.

Kinetic Inertia Flight-She can keep going whatever speed she was running or moving at and fly. She can't make sudden stops or hover midair though, she would just drop down if she stopped flying, forcing her to slow her feet when she hit the ground.

Adhesion-Her skin can stick to stuff at will, which makes picking up stuff a lot easier, even with super strength.

Durability/strength-High, pretty much like hulks, EXCEPT she is vulnerable to water based attacks. When it hits her suit, her powers are drained. She can dry suit off at will but that costs durability as well. And she must wear her suit for powers to work. Water won't kill her, but once her powers are gone she's just a wet lady in breeches.

Overall I think this is a good power set. Most villains would never guess what her weakness is and would get steamrolled on a regular basis. Of course once they found out, she would be in serious trouble, and would probably have start wearing a batman utility belt for offense.

What are your ideas for making heroes that have powers but arent so overpowered that they can fly to pluto and back?

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Winn (my character)

Her cape can also go intangible at her whim, so anyone thinking they can just pull her cape would get a surprise. Yet it must be tangible for her to fly. Yes she only wears the costume cause she has to for her powers to work.

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@lorbo: No adhesion, maybe no strength.

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Ok, fine, now she is just a speedster that tops out at 200 mph with the ability to fly as fast as she moves, plus the ability to endure anything, so long as her powers arent drained by water.

Obviously the durablity factor is key to everything else, otherwise her feet would turn to mush while she ran and she would probabably go blind from flying without a windshield.

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I think all supeheroes should at least have some durability factor, only because the stuff they do, would kill or injure any normal human. Sure you could have a hero who flys 12 mph, fast as some guys run-BUT WHERE IS THE AWESOMENESS IN THAT?!

They are called super for a reason............

Last I change my mind on adhesion. Why? I'ts cool, she's like spiderman and Superman mixed together, minus a few powers.

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@lorbo: I don't mind her having a minor increase in strength, and I understand the need for durability in her case. The water weakness seems kinda silly though, who would make a suit that's useless when wet? She doesn't seem too overly powered in the first place to need that kind of hinderance. A speedster/flyer whose special suit amplifies kinetic inertia and gives some level of strength and durability sounds pretty clean and simple....the adhesion idea is cool too, but I think she needs gloves and for that to be an additional feature to the suit instead of focused through her skin. Ditch the selectively intangible cape and give her goggles or a facial shield or something so she doesn't get flies in her eyes while she's picking up speed.

Just my opinions, do with them what you may.

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I agree with you about the cape, it will go, I dunno I just like how they look, but they are a hassle. As for her adhesion, that stays, only cause I think it's cool. Water weakens her powers and suit because I made her so that NOTHING would kill her, unless her powers were totally drained, and water is rather plentiful. I know it may seem silly, but I prefer it to mythical Kryptonite. The whole reason that she even exists has to do with an alien plot to make real superheroes for their entertainment, from human beings. She did not design the suit, and had no powers originally.

Also since she has normal strength, that rules out her just beating people up, forcing her to have to outsmart and or use tools when facing foes.

BTW, she don't really need googles, her durability takes care of any damage that would happen to her eyes. As for the water, when it does hit her suit i'ts a gradual drain on her power. Basically if you splashed her suit with water and she didn't bother to evaporate it (yes her suit can do that), her powers would dry up in a minute. They would only come back after the suit was dry.

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I digress, I would'nt want flies in my eyes even it didn't hurt me..........she will get goggles after all. You were rite thunderscream.