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Something I wrote in class, and I am actually proud of this one. There is no real rhyme structure though, but the story is there.

Very well, I can tell, a new~page, a new~rage/ A new~mage and my pen is my magic~wand/ Enough ink do drown~down in a tragic~pond/ The magic's on, the crowd~goes~loud as the mage comes out/ He is certain~as~the~curtain draw/ That his flaw~may~awe and inspire, and he creates perfection/ No smoke and wires, no mirror reflexions/ Just fire, flaming out of his magician~gloves/ His intuition~shoves, pushes him further/ No card tricks, the show goes smoother/ The the best~trace he is dressed in dress~pants/ Colored in black, the turns the time back/ Has on a black jacket, with a black shirt/ He stops~the~rhyme and stops~the~rhyme to get back~his~work/ Only his gloves are white, to let loose~and~produce his great~ness/ Without hesitation he begins levitation, becomes completely weight~less/ He~flies, his~tries are hate~less/ But the crowd becomes hateful, their cries become ungrateful/ He is unsure, might~be/ He stand~and~bends over backwards, literall~ly/ The crowd yells out, "Entertain~us! Hypnotize~our~eyes and enter~brain~us!"/ "Must we mention that you are Blaze!"/ "We give you our attention, so you must amaze!"/ And he does amaze, with every trick/ And every wave of his magic stick, he defies the laws~of~humanity/ As he takes and barely escapes the claws~of~insanity/ But every trick gains a worse reaction/ So the stakes are raised~as~Blaze~praised the main attraction/ Nothing delivers satisfaction so he must take action/ He promised something awesome, and he delivers~and~withers/ In the shoes that's black leather, waves of hand changes weather/ He shakes, shivers~and~quivers, but despite~that~he~bite his lips and delivers/ He stands over the graves~and~waves his wand/ Using all his strength he curves a few words off the top of his head/ To go to the length of bringing back the dead/ With all the strength he had, he pushed time in reverse~to~birth~the~curse/ Sun and moon~are~soon gone, only lighting~is~left/ He keeps fighting for his breath/ As the thunder rocked the crowd is shocked/ Every face~from~every~place have their attention~glued, they forgot their pretentious~boos/ They are staring~without~any~breath/ Their eyes are glaring~as~he~fights~with~death/ He focuses one more time, and spells out the spell/ Word by word, he is nervous, you can tell by his yells/ At last, he spits the word and splits a grand~valley/ Here comes the grand~finale/ Thunder~strikes~asunder the earth~to~give~birth to the dead and th used/ Magic was forbidden, he knew in his head but still abused/ He made something unimagined/ Reviving the dead pageant/

Now, the dead won't leave, the crowd can't believe their eyes/ Surprise, his spells aren't lies/ But the dead, now consume~the~mage/ As they resume~their~rage/ They attack from front and back the helpless mage/ His body is strife~and~out~of~life/ Engaged!in~a~darkness~cage/ The spell too away all of his will~and~force/ In the aim to entertain, he has no strength to kill~the~curse/ The skin that he is in is sipped~and~chipped/ His body is downed~and~drowned in he waves of the dead/ He doesn't raise his head/ Doesn't yelp~for~help/As the crowd just watches... The effort to save their hero~is~zero.../ He gave his all~for~them/ Just to fall~in~damn/ But just as he passed with Death/ Death granted his one last breath/ And a last gaze~so~Blaze looked at the crowd/ His last words are cried out/

"... Are you satisfied now...?"


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Wow... I know I am. Wonderful use of imagery. The frustration, the power and anger and finally succumbing. Yes, I liked that very much.

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Funny, I just finished reading "Marvel Zombies: Dead Days #1".

I liked it. When is this supposed to be happening?