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Bo and Lauren were eating pizza at Bo's place. Lauren said "I'll bet I can toss a slice of pizza so it lands in your cleavage." Bo said "Bet's on! If you get a slice in in my cleavage we will make love!" Lauren said "That's great Bo!, here it comes." Bo moved her arms apart. The slice slid right into Bo's cleavage. They both giggled with excitement. Just to be sure Lauren tossed in two more slices. Bo said "You win Lauren, I'm all yours!" On the way to be bedroom they stopped at the bathroom so Bo could cleanup. She removed the three slices and wiped herself off. Before they made it to the bedroom, the phone rang. Kenzi was at the Ash's clinic. She was working on a case with Dyson and collapsed shortly after leaving a bar. It didn't take long for Bo and Lauren to get to the clinic. Lauren pumped Kenzi's stomach out and tested it's contents for poison. She identified the poison and set to work on an antidote. It wasn't long before Kenzi was given the antidote. It was long before she woke up and felt better. Ash came in and announced that he was relieved that Kenzi was doing better. Then he said "The problem is dear Kenzi isn't Fae. So this treatment will cost something. Bo said "Alright Ash what is going on?" " He said The price is a month's servitude for the three of you." Bo confronted Ash and he said he needed them to be his escorts while some important visitor's were there. The visit would take two or three weeks and he would find other things for them to do. Ash said "Bo, you worry too much. You all will be fine." Bo, Kenzi and Lauren were to share a room but each had their own cot. Ash said an incantation over them and had them locked in for the night. During the night their bodies became curvier and more voluptuous. The next morning Kenzi was feeling better. When they awoke they were all surprised by their new bodies but their newly acquired sweet dispositions kept them from getting angry. After breakfast they were brought to Ash. He said 'Well ladies, I have some important visitors coming today, and I need you to charm them with your beauty and wit. The girls were appalled by how creepy the visitors were. They escorted the visitors to the conference room and made nice with the guests. They lined up behind Ash while he welcomed the guests and introduced his three slaves. Bo, Lauren and Kenzi were to wait outside the room until needed. They quietly complained about being pinched on various parts of their bodies and being called slaves. Later they brought lunch in and served each guest. In the evening the group convened in the banquet hall. The girls were again posted behind Ash. He announced that the next night the girls would do a dance. The conference lasted two weeks and Bo, Kenzi and Lauren had to endure pinches, tickling and touches and crude pick-up lines. Each day would follow the same routine. At the end they were bidding the guests goodbye and one of them offered to buy the slave from Ash. Bo could tell he was tempted by the offer but he declined it. The next two weeks Bo and Kenzi helped Lauren in the clinic. At one month they were freed from slavery and went home. Bo and Lauren went into their bedroom and closed the door. Kenzi went out to test all the non-fae bars in town.