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Kenzi, a human, entered the bar and greeted Bo, the nonaligned succubus on a Friday evening. Bo's dress was showing a lot of cleavage. She was scanning the room admiring the hot men and women in the room. She complemented Bo on looking very sexy that night. Bo told Kenzi that she was noticing how beautiful and attractive she was. Kenzi blushed a little. Bo commented on some of the women in the room. Kenzi said "Bo you are usually easily aroused but tonight you are more so than usual. What's with you darling?" Bo said that she needed a lot of sex over the weekend. "Kenzi, are you available this weekend?" "Bo, I love you. I would be glad to!" Bo said she had rented a hotel room for the weekend. Kenzi said "Sounds great!" The room was elegant. They went into the bedroom and began making love. Soon they were naked and breathing hard. Then Kenzi woke up in her bed, alone, back at the apartment. She checked the date and it was Friday morning. Kenzie was thinking about what a strange dream she had. Later that day she told Bo about it. Bo blushed a little and giggled. Then they went out to investigate a vampire feeding on Fae.