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Legality: I don't own these characters and this is a work of fiction (a company known as DC Comics owns them). I just wish that I did own these characters because then I would use Lois for something more than a background cheerleader.


"What do you mean you are quitting?" Clark asked.

"Don't get so excited Clark," Lois said, "I am just doing what you did. You saw the evolution of the medium of reporting to blogging, and I realized that I was getting too complacent myself with the industry myself. My job is secure, but I didn't become a reporter for job security and good pension, I became a reporter to challenge myself and travel the world, but as it is, I rarely get outside of Metropolis anymore."

"What about Superman?" Clark asked, "You like covering his heroics, he makes things around here pretty interesting at time, doesn't he?"

"Right, sure," Lois replied, "but he can do that, and Metropolis is his, but I think I am too much of a cheerleader for him, always ready to cover a story, but I am not doing what I can be doing, dealing with real injustices, instead I just write a story whenever he saves the day. So I could be doing a lot better with myself than that. Reporting should be about adventure and righting wrongs, not just covering the beat. The media has the ability to inform not just entertain, so I want out."

"So what are you going to do?" Clark asked.

"I am going to ask Perry for an extended absence," Lois said, "unpaid, or what's the point right? I need to feel gritty and organic and like I am working for the story, not making a salary no matter what. And then I am just going to go, wherever and whenever I think there is a story. I already have a buyer lined up for the condo, I could close on it in two weeks. And then I can go."


Lois looked at her empty apartment. Clark had been a lot of help getting the boxes to the van and then into storage. All she had left with her was a bit of luggage and the tools of her craft - a laptop, satellite phone, notebooks and so on. She was really going to do this. She looked at her luggage, it was just a backpack, expensive enough, but still just a backpack with her clothes rolled up neatly inside. If it wasn't for the other bag full of writing and reporting materials, one might think that she was just a college aged girl off to explore Europe for a summer. She had much bigger plans though than just Europe.

"Lois," a voice said from behind her. She knew who it was, because she had locked herself in and the only way in was through the balcony, and it was twenty stories off the ground.

"Hello Superman," she said turning around.

"I heard about your plan," he said, "to go out and make a difference"

"That's right," she said, "we have you to deal with the big threats, but there needs to be people like me to go out and find out the injustices so that others can act."

"It sounds dangerous though Lois," Superman said, "I don't want anything to happen to you."

"That is the point though," Lois said, "without some danger then what is the point. Injustices occur where things are dangerous. I can't cover the quilting fair in Smallville and expect to make a difference. I need to get out in the world, get my hands dirty, break a few camera lenses, have my computer seized, stuff like that. Make a difference."

Superman looked at her with skepticism.

"Take this then," he said.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It is a version of a Justice League communicator," he explained, "only one that will contact me directly. Just in case you get in over your head."

"That is really nice," she said while looking at it, "but I can't accept it." She handed it back to him.

"For the same reasons," she explained, "I can't have you fly halfway around the world to save me when things get tough, otherwise I won't be doing my job like I can. I promised Clark to copy my location to him regularly enough, so if you are worried about me, then you can check with him, but I need to do this alone."

She turned around and walked away. She knew she should have said goodbye, but she really needed a clean break from the safety of her life at the moment. Superman would understand she knew. She picked up her bags and walked away and although she knew that he was there looking at her, she didn't look back. She locked the door behind her and slid the key under. She was on her own now, she had already bought her ticket and she was leaving in under a few hours. Her new adventure was about to begin.


Author's note: So provided that anyone actually reads this and likes it, I am willing to offer that I am taking suggestions as to where she is going to go. The suggestion should be for some kind of injustice in the world - Elephant poaching in Botswana? Poverty in India? Natural resource exploitation in the Congo? Sex trade in Russia? Environmental degradation in Antarctica? Human rights revolts in Bangladesh? The civil war in Syria? Basically anything contemporary where there is a great injustice, and I will give it some consideration for inclusion as to where her first (or second or third or ...) adventure takes her.

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@razzatazz: Good job. The way you write it sounds logical. Maybe she should go to China and have an interaction with the Great Ten, or a place that only exist on the DC Globe like Vlatava (Count Vertigo), Zandia(Brother Blood), Bialya (Queen Bee), Markovia (Geo Force), Qurac, or Kandaq (Black Adam).

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@dngn4774: I was already thinking China though not how you might think.

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@razzatazz: Nah I get it. I know you don't want to write her as some hero groupie but I do think those fictitious regions I mentioned are good for continuity purposes.

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@razzatazz: cool

You could really take her SO many places...this could be an interesting story (very drastically different from other stories we've seen...)

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@dngn4774: True, just I probably know more about real world stuff as opposed to the fictional ones.

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@the_poet: I think so, I thought audience participation would be good too. There are always lots of hot spots around the world.

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@razzatazz: Maybe she should do a piece on how former secluded nations such as Atlantis and Themyscira are now engaging in more diplomatic actions with foreign nations. She could also interview Atlanteans or Amazons to see how they feel about opening their borders to talks with foreign leaders.

You could also do a piece on views of metahuman rights or vigilante justice. Should metahumans have to disclose the nature of their powers to the government? Can vigilantes be given legal permission to act as executive officers such as police consultants or private detectives?

The best way to do any of these stories is to combine elements from the real world with components of DC continuity.

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@dngn4774: I agree, i liked you suggestion about the Chinese stuff from DC. I think I have an idea for it, but I am still formulating it.

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@razzatazz: There has to be a part 2!? Doesn't there? You could even send here to some fictional DC countries to cover things, attending a press conference in China where she is TOLD what to report...this is fantastic and I urge you to write more

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@4donkeyjohnson: Yes, I forgot this project, I should get back to it when I can.

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@razzatazz: Well done! And I'm going to copy this link over to a raging nerd debate over in Gen-Disc, which will hopefully get 10,000 people to read this and YOU, yes you, to write the next chapter. Good job!

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@batkevin74: I am happy that so many are happy for me to continue this project. I will do it, I asked for recommendations and I got some so I guess I will act on it.

Remind me to vote for the character contest by the way, the links to the stories werent working yesterday so I couldnt read them

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@razzatazz: Lois: So you're a super hero and a prince?

Geo Force: Yes

Lois: Which is more important?

Geo Force: .......

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@batkevin74: Hmm, interesting, I was going for more real places, maybe I should have her go to Syria?

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@razzatazz: Syria, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Darfur in the Sudan, hell even Mexico!

But also ficitional places are good too and can meld several issues into one place without really offending a specific country; Santa Prisca, Khandaq, Markovia etc

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@batkevin74: Even Gotham would do, the amount of chemicals used by Bane, Joker, Scarecrow and Firefly there is bound to be spill over into the hands of ordinary thugs.

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@toplel: I already posted it, it is near the top of the fan fic forum at the moment. Its called Heart of Acid.