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A giant of a man sits on top mount Olympus and muses about how people used to think the gods lived up here. He often came up here to think. He was once considered a hero even a god by some but that was a long time ago. He thought of the myth of his death as he looked over old scars. His name is famous beyond all other heroes of history but he doesn't care. He just keeps seeing that day. His wife had been fooled into believing poison to be a love potion. He found that most odd she needed no potion to keep him.

She thought he died but no poison could bring down Hercules , she took her own life out of grief he wished he could do the same but he cannot die so he mourned her. For centuries he sat on this empty mountain top cursing the gods he once held sacred. After a while though he was ready to come back down. The world he found had new gods though there was no place for him any more so he climbed the mountain again and sat losing himself in memories until today. He did not know why but today he was growing bored he decided perhaps it was time for a hero again whether it was simple boredom or fate bringing him down is unknown but something big was about to happen .

In a bar about a little outside Denver a man sits listening to two women discuss a Brad pitt movie, he finds it all terribly amusing. He is an old man but he doesn't look a day over thirty. He was once a great warrior now he is a mercenary fighting for who ever is willing to pay. An indestructible man who was tired of life a thousand years ago. Suddenly sadness comes to him as the women mention the name Hector. This spurred memories of a fight the only fight he ever thought he was going to lose. His name is Achilles, he remembered the rumors about his heel but they were untrue nothing could cause any damage to him. He found this to be a curse as time went on that's why he allowed the coward Paris to believe he'd killed him. He tried to stop fighting after that but he was born for war.

In New York city , China town to be precise a man sits next to his son who is dying. This man was young to the eye while his youngest child was dying of old age. In his youth he'd been the world's greatest archer called Yu. The gods granted him immortality after he foolishly requested it. At first he found this to be a great gift but now after watching all his children and the wives who bore them die while he cannot has revealed to him the curse of his existence. There is a cave in northern England where a hermit has lived for longer than he can remember. Legend says he found the holy grail and rather than let it fall into the wrong hands he killed himself to keep it secret. In truth Galahad had drunk from the sacred cup and was given eternal life. He stayed in this cave were he'd found it for along while when it vanished today goading the knight to return to the world. There was a change in the world that was about to force these immortal warriors together but what could cause these men who for so long tried to stay out of this world to suddenly decide that they would reclaim the title of hero.

(these Characters are my version of mythological figures with no connection to existing characters)

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This is something I did a long time ago and decided to post here there are several chapters already and after some editing I'll have the rest up soon

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@joshmightbe: Nice work. I'll get round to reading the other in a bit

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@batkevin74: this is actually an old story of mine I just figured seeing it up here would help get my creative juices flowing for my new stuff

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This reminds me of Legendary The Enchanted. I loved that and i love this

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@spiderbat87: Never read it is it good?

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@joshmightbe said:

@spiderbat87: Never read it is it good?

Yea if you like dark steampunk fairy tales with stunning art
 Red Riding Hood
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@spiderbat87: I'll have to check that out some time

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Bump for posterity

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@joshmightbe said:

Bump for posterity


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@batkevin74: I know its bad but I wrote it nearly 10 years ago

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@batkevin74: I know its bad but I wrote it nearly 10 years ago

It's not bad, but it does need editing.

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This was pretty cool