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Alright this is a story I have been thinking for a while, though never really had pictured how good the start was going to be until now. I think I got a good way to start it off, so am going to try my hand in this...now please note for LOZ fans I will be using all qualities of Link's equipment. For those of you who don't know what this means, is that in the LOZ games equipment did vary from time to time on what they did...but for this story I will be combining all of that and will also be using the stuff that was never shown in the games but is written on the LOZ wiki giving a more in depth of what said equipment would be able to do outside of the games. Anyway lets begin shall we? 
Rating: M(for violence, swearing) 
Disclaimer: Do not own any LOZ or DC characters, those belong to their respective companies. 
Chapter 1: A darkness comes 
It was a rather peaceful day in the land of Hyrule, the sun shone brightly overhead and a few clouds rolled on by with the wind giving a light breeze across the vast and beautiful landscape. Across this landscape, two figures could be seen together walking along side by side enjoying eachother's company and how quiet it was before the two stopped sitting upon a hill before embracing one another as they relaxed. One of these figures, was a man an elf having a very fit physique about him dressed in a green tunic with a floppy green hat, brown gauntlets, with matching boots, on his back he carried with him a fine crafted shield which was indestructible and a magnificent and magical sword while on his belt he carried a magic bag which contained all of his items that he needed for fighting. Next to him was a beautiful woman, the princess of Hyrule, who like the man she was with was an elf and she was dressed rather beautifully, she is wise beyond her years, also being very powerful with magic and a good shot with a bow, unlike a lot of princess's this one knew how to take care of herself when she needed to. 
Their names were Link and Zelda, the two had been chosen by the gods to protect the sacred Triforce from evil and the two were chosen to each wield a piece of the Triforce Link with the Triforce of Courage and Zelda with Wisdom. The Triforce of Power had been given to Ganondorf, but he had been sealed away once more thanks to Link and thus peace had once more returned to the land of Hyrule however this peace wouldn't last long as a great evil would soon be upon the land searching for the power the Triforce possessed. 
"Link, its so peaceful I wish it would stay like this forever.."Zelda said softly as she looked to the man with her eyes, giving a smile before leaning in closer and resting her head on his shoulder. 
"I know what you mean Zelda, not having to worry about any threats, not having to be put into any danger"Link replied as he let his princess rest on his shoulder as they looked across the land while the wind blew against their backs. 
Meanwhile in another mystical dimension known as the sacred realm, it was quiet for the moment before suddenly a bright flash enveloped the room before it became some sort of portal as a dark being came out. He had red eyes, a body that looked like it was made of stone and as he looked around at this plane he saw the power that he had sensed before looking at the sacred Triforce intently as he slowly approached it feeling the power coming from it. This dark being's name was Darkseid, a ruthless and powerful god who had come from his own dimension in search of this power and though he had found it, he hadn't quite figured out how to use the Triforce to its full potential but as he looked he raised his hand towards it. 
"Come to me..."Darkseid said, trying to use his power to bring the Triforce to him however as he did so it broke apart the two lower pieces disappearing while the top piece had remained coming to him. 
However since he wasn't chosen to wield the Triforce of Power, it didn't accept him and only was placed into his palm after shrinking in size. Something wasn't right here, and the god knew it he then sensed where the other two pieces of the Triforce went to and going back into the boom tube he followed to where the power had gone, going right to the Hyrule fields to where Link and Zelda were. At that moment, Zelda looked alarmed looking at Link before the two looked down at their hands noticing that their Triforce pieces were glowing on their hands. 
"I sense a great darkness approaching, it isn't Ganondorf...but his power is great"Zelda explained sensing Darkseid, and no sooner as she said that the boom tube opened up a few feet right in front of the two as Darkseid came out from the portal. 
Link immediately, got to his feet drawing his sword and shield ready for a fight watching as Darkseid came from the boom tube and stepped onto the grass looking at the two of them feeling the power that resembled the Triforce. 
"It would seem that you two posses, the power that I seek...give it to me or die"Darkseid commanded them. 
"Not going to happen whoever you are..."Link shot back ready to fight this evil. 
"Insignificant being...you dare defy me.."Darkseid replied, his eyes glowing as he then shot an omega beam right at Link. 
The beam caught Link off guard, not excepting it as it struck him sending the warrior flying back and landing hard onto the ground as Zelda looked shocked quickly running over to aid him as he gave a groan trying to shake off what he had just taken. This of course was rather surprising to Darkseid, thinking that Link was just a mere man that he wasn't protected by anything, that he should have been erased after getting hit. But the realization came to Darkseid, that the power Link and Zelda had from their Triforce pieces must protect them in some way from his omega beams. 
"It seems theres more power in this relic then I imagined...no matter I shall destroy both of you and rip the remaining two pieces from your bodies..."Darkseid explained, as he approached the two, as Link was getting to his feet. 
As he came closer, Darkseid was taken a back by Zelda blasting him with magic as he crashed to the ground though the blasting only leaving a small mark on his chest as he got up looking at the two. It seemed that these two were more powerful then he had given them credit for, this gave him an idea a challenge for the two wondering if they could survive in his world sure he could probably take on both and destroy them however they were amusing enough to him that he wanted to see just how far the two could make it, as if they were two rats in an unfamiliar place he wanted to see just how powerful they really were. 
"No...no, I won't kill you two just yet, I have more...interesting plans for you two.."Darkseid explained, activating the boom tube behind him and using his powers to grab a hold of Link and Zelda throwing them in as they screamed and were sucked away from Hyrule, before Darkseid followed in after as the tube shut. 
It seemed like only moments passed before finally the tube opened up once more before Link and Zelda landed on a hard concrete street corner. Getting up slowly to his feet, Link shook his head before helping Zelda up while looking around rather confused as to where the two of them were. It was dark, tall buildings all around with lights coming from them, and as the two came out of an alleyway they saw cars go by.
"Link where are we? This place is strange..."Zelda said taking a look around at all the things around the two. 
"I...I don't know Zelda, but its not Hyrule..."Link replied taking a look around as well, looking up into the night sky seeing a light emulating showing what appeared to be a Bat.  
Link's ears suddenly gave a twitch, his eyes turning serious as he turned around stepping infront of Zelda with the master sword and shield out ready to take out whatever it was that was coming out of the shadows. It was a man in what appeared to be a grey suit, with the symbol of a black bat on his chest, gauntlets having sharp edges sticking out, and also wearing some sort of mask with pointed ears that covered the top half of his face and the mask connected with a long black cap going down on his back. 
"Who are you?"Batman asked, staring down at the two of them. 
Well there you got folks, the 1st chapter in the story hope everyone enjoys reading it. I'll update from time to time, when I get more ideas for each chapter so stay tuned.

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Link in Gotham. What more can a guy ask for? Awesome job!

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This was really good. Course, I'm a stickler on grammar and word choice, which could have been better. Very nice, though. I can't wait for the next part. It's pretty badass already.

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Chapter 2: New World, Old Habits.  
Batman led Link and Zelda back to the batcave, along the way they saw many things that were confusing to them such as cars, lights, tv screens and a lot of other modern things that they weren't used to. Upon entering the cave, Batman asked the two who they were, where they had come from, and how they had arrived in Gotham, Link and Zelda both looked to each other for a moment before they responded and explained what had happened calling Darkseid by "stone man with red eyes" seeing as they didn't know his name yet. It took Batman a moment or two before figuring out who they were talking about, though what puzzled him was why Darkseid arrived in that dimension. 
"You encountered Darkseid, he pulled you into what is called a boomtube which is able to cross dimensions thats how you came to be here but tell me something...do you have any clue as to why Darkseid was there?"Batman asked looking at the two. 
"We believe he was after the Triforce, its an ancient relic of our world"Link started looking to Zelda to finish. 
"Yes, whoever has all three pieces will be able to make one wish regardless of their alignment but Darkseid doesn't have all three pieces yet, Link and I have the other two but Darkseid has the other, but since he wasn't chosen I don't think it accepted him"Zelda added on. 
"We can't let him get the two pieces that Zelda and I have, otherwise he'll be able to make a wish...."Link finished as Batman was taking in all of what was explained to him. 
"Hm....we have to assume that Darkseid doesn't know the full extent of the Triforce, but it won't be that way for long hes smart and eventually he'll figure out that what he needs are the two pieces that you carry with you, the problem we face however is getting the other piece back from him"Batman said but before they could get any further, an alarm went off on the computer while Batman went over to check it out. 
"Seems we got trouble, you two stay here we can't risk anything happening to you"Batman ordered as he went over to the Batmobile getting inside and starting it up. 
"But wait, let me go with you I can help!"Link replied running up to him, though Batman just glared at him. 
"I said, stay."Batman said calmly before speeding off out of the cave. 
"Damnit....if we lose him, we don't know anyone else who can help. I'm going after him"Link said looking at Zelda, while reaching into his magic bag to pull out his pegasus boots putting them on.
"Be careful Link, can't afford you dying out there"Zelda explained walking up to him and giving a small kiss, causing him to smile a little and nod before running off rather fast due to his boots and leaving the cave. 
Meanwhile Batman was driving down the road, heading to where the crime was taking place though he looked out of his mirror and was rather surprised at seeing Link quickly catching up to him on foot. Sure he had seen Flash and Superman running at high speeds, but he knew them well and their powers while Link he had just met and only thought that he was a swordsmen and as Link got closer Batman rolled down his window. 
"Well it seems that your more then just a mere elf with a sword Link"Batman said as he looked between him and the road he was driving on. 
"Told you I can help, now let me"Link said wanting to help out his new ally. 
"Since your here, you might as well lend a hand were almost at the scene, a bank is being robbed"Batman explained, as the two zoomed their way before stopping a short while after right in front of the bank. 
The police hadn't arrived yet, but Batman hid his car just to be safe before he and Link now in his regular boots went into the bank as it was being held up by none other then Bane, Killer Croc and a few hired thugs with machine guns. Link drew his sword and shield, and Batman got a few smoke pellets ready as they were hiding behind a wall before Batman threw the smoke pellets filling the room before coming out of hiding with Link the thugs were the first to go by Batman easily taking care of them. However the smoke didn't last long as Killer Croc and Bane looked at the two of them, though they gave a few odd stares at Link with Croc giving a short laugh and pointing at him. 
"Well and just who is this? A clown dressed in a skirt?"Croc asked as he gave a laugh. 
"No matter Croc, he along with Batman will be dealt with"Bane replied, getting venom into his body as he bulked up on muscle before the two attacked both heroes Bane against Batman and Croc against Link. 
Link raised his shield up, just in time to blocked a hammered blow before pushing back Croc with his shield sending him stumbling on his feet, before slashing at him with his sword which he narrowly dodged. Croc attacked again, this time having picked up a desk before throwing it at the elf who rolled out of the way in time as he crashed to the floor though he was soon met with a fist to the face and sent flying back crashing into the wall  behind him. Meanwhile Batman and Bane were having a good fist fight, blows were blocked, dodged or countered until Bane grabbed Batman and threw him across the room sending him to the floor. With Link, Croc went up to him ready to bash down on his head but was taken off guard as he was kicked in the face, and then bashed with Link's shield again sending him to the ground as Link approached with his sword aiming for the final blow to cut off Croc's head. 
"LINK STOP!"Batman shouted as he saw, what Link was about to do though this gave Bane a moment to hit Batman in the face as he dropped to the floor while Link had stopped himself just as his blade reached Croc's neck.  
Batman then rolled out of Bane's way as his fist met with the floor before he was sweep kicked and then being tied up with specialized wire that would be able to hold Bane even with him being on venom. The police then arrived soon after, right as Batman led Link quietly out of the building and over to the batmobile the two getting inside and Batman driving back to the batcave. 
"Let me make something clear Link, your in a different world now you can't just go and kill your enemies unless there is no other way, the rules are different here.."Batman explained as he drove along. 
"Sorry, guess old habits die hard"Link replied just giving a shrug as Batman drove back into the cave before stopping as the two got out, meeting Zelda who had taken a better look around the cave. 
"Alright, now lets see about getting you two back to your dimension and getting that one Triforce piece from Darkseid back..."Batman said as he went back to the computer, typing a few things in before contacting the Justice League. 
Well there is Ch 2, hope ya'll enjoy reading it.
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Might want to delete your second post. I rather enjoyed it. The dialogue seems a little off, though. Guess I'm not used to Link talking. Curious, do you have a particular version of Link you are using? I know you're using all his weapons, but is there a particular version, or did you make one up for this story?

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@jobiwankenobi:   Ya just noticed the double post, also am using the OoT version. Also this site, is being really slow for me today and sometimes unresponsive. <<
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@Wolfrazer said:

"Who are you?"Batman asked, staring down at the two of them

Batman AND Link...that's insane! Nice work. Now so far I've only read the first chapter and it's pretty good. I give you a 6 so far on the ranking system, but that is sure to improve when I read the next bits. Good job

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Chapter 3:  A confrontation 
Soon enough the Justice League was contacted Link, Zelda, and Batman were transported up to the Watchtower meeting with the rest of the league Superman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Hal Jordan and Wonder Woman. Introductions were given, and the rest of the heroes were filled in about Darkseid and the Triforce. 
"So what....a magic pyramid your talking about?"Flash asked raising an eyebrow at the two. 
"Don't start Flash we need to somehow get the other piece back, more then likely Darkseid is on Apokolips studying the piece that he has already...until we can figure out a way to stop him its best if you Link and Zelda stay here"Superman explained looking to the two elves. 
"This power I feel it, but cannot seem to unlock it"Darkseid giving a rather annoyed growl, taking a look at the Triforce of power which was floating in front of him using his telekinesis. 
He had since coming back from Hyrule, had been trying to figure out what made the piece tick. Before he had just thought, that the three pieces were just together not that they had to be united to unlock the full potential of the Triforce....of course now as he thought it soon came to him, realizing that he needed the last two pieces. However by now he thought, that the heroes of this world would have contacted the two others thus making it difficult to get to them, or at least they would be annoying to get through knowing that he could with his power wipe out the Justice League.. This thought, after getting a plan in his head made Darkseid rise from his throne and activating the boomtube stepping into it and leaving the planet heading for Earth and arriving in Metropolis though as soon as he did, the people started running for their lives however all Darkseid did was just stand there waiting. 
It was long before, as usually a news crew came up and began to broadcast his appearance all over TV. Back on the watchtower, the big screen came on showing Darkseid as the reporter could only say that he was standing there as if he was waiting for something or someone. 
"What is he up to?..."Superman wondered taking a look at the screen. 
"Does it matter? We need to get down there, and stop him before he does something!"Hal replied. 
"Wait now, this is trap if he is just after Link and Zelda he could just be there waiting for them to appear"Batman added in. 
"Trap or not, we can't just sit by waiting he could destroy that whole city we have to stop him"Wonder Woman said. 
"Diana is right, we can't afford to take a gamble lets go Aquaman, Flash, Hal, Batman stay here we can't afford all of us going and getting ourselves killed, J'onn, I and Diana will go and face him"Superman explained as the three stepped onto the teleporter pads. 
"Wait, let me go with you! I can help."Link said taking a step forward, his personality of being a hero who has been destined to save countless lands getting the better of him....and maybe his thoughts of this being another place he needed to help protect. 
"Sorry Link, can't afford to stay up here where its safe"Superman replied, as the three heroes then disappeared heading down to Earth and to Metropolis ready to fight Darkseid. 
 It wasn't long before the fighting began, at first Darkseid was toying with them letting himself get hit and him throwing a few punches himself sending the heroes flying. However it wasn't long before, the battle began to get one sided in favor of Darkseid as the heroes were all smashed into the ground with very little effort on the New God's part. Meanwhile back at the tower, the rest watched on seeing their allies getting beat of course this bothered Link more then anyone else as he clutched his hands into fists before approaching Batman. 
"Send me down there now! I have to go help them."Link demanded, while Batman just stared right back. 
"We can't afford to, your too valuable if you die then that means Darkseid becomes closer to unlocking the Triforce"Batman explained, giving a glare to Link getting rather annoyed at the tone of voice he was being given. 
Link gripped his hands, turning back around to the screen seeing J'onn down and not moving whatsoever with shocked looks on Superman and Wonder Woman's face before the two attacked and then getting backhanded by the New God. Link then looked back to Batman, and did something he never thought he'd do at least to another hero anyway, he drew his sword and pointed it to the man. 
"Send me down there now...."Link demanded threatening to kill, this action got some shocked looks from Zelda and the other heroes. Link was serious about this, as if the consequences of what could happen wasn't a thought in his mind...it seemed all he cared about was protecting the world from the dark being that threatened it. His personality of being a hero, the destiny in protecting his world and the lands seemed to have now given Link a sort of obligation to help any world that was in danger and more to it seemed to be able to threaten others good or bad if they got in the way of him doing so. Batman meanwhile just stood there, staring right at Link not even being phased by the sword pointing right at his body and without saying anything he just raised a hand. 
"Fine, go...step on the pad right there.."Batman said pointing over as Link went and stepped on the pad, after having put on his golden gauntlets and pegasus boots with Zelda coming up next to him for a moment. 
"Be careful Link"Zelda said, giving the hero a kiss before moving away as Link was transported off the tower, down to Earth and to Metropolis. 
"Yo Bats, why did you let him go?"Flash asked. 
"Yeah, we could have just restrained him"Hal added in as the two looked to Batman. 
"In the short time I have known him, no matter what the odds, no matter how dangerous, no matter what is put forth in front of him, Link seems to be determined to do whatever it takes to save the world, even if its not his own. I wasn't about to get in the way of that, he has earned my respect"Batman replied as the group then turned their attention back to the screen as Link arrived on the battlefield with his sword and shield drawn. 

Upon arriving in Metropolis, the city was in partial ruins, buildings having been collapsed, cars on fire, people in the streets dead who were unable to get out of the way in time. Link was shocked at all the carnage, and what shocked him even more was in front of him J'onn his body having been fried more then likely having been burned alive, whereas Wonder Woman had her entire body crushed with a series of blows from the god, Superman though was still alive even if he looked half dead as he was blasted back by an Omega beam sending him into the ground, his uniform torn and as he looked up he was surprised at seeing Link there before he soon blacked out. 
"Well, finally decided to show yourself did you? Good, will make things a lot easier for me"Darksied mused, as he took a few steps forward before picking up a car and hurling it towards Link who dodged it quickly thanks to his boots. 
"Hm...it seems that you have a few tricks up your sleeve, no matter they won't help you"Darkseid added as the two stared at one another. 
"Lets finish this!"Link replied, gripping his sword as he then ran towards Darkseid aiming to strike him with the master sword. 
Cliffhanger! Well there is Ch 3 folks, yes Ch 4 will be the last short story I know but was what I was aiming for anyway.
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Awww... it's so short. Still awesome, though. Nice work.

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Chapter 4: A hero's strength 
As the blade  Darkseid raised his arm to block the strike though to his surprise it actually cut him, sending pain through his body as he kicked Link back sending him flying and sliding along the street. Though he had to admit that the blade was crafted very nice, he didn't think it could actually harm him in any way he thought it was just a regular blade and as he looked down to his injured arm he narrowed his eyes giving a sort of growl as he looked back to his opponent. Link meanwhile got to his feet, shaking his head trying to regain his composure as he looked to Darkseid readying his blade again and prepared to continue the fight.  
"Very surprising, you actually have a weapon other then Radion that wounds me..."Darksied said staring at Link. 
"As long as your evil Darkseid, my blade won't fail me in destroying you"Link replied back staring at the evil god. 
Darkseid just stood there, his face turning into sour and disgust of this one actually posing a threat to him when all the other heroes could not. Was it ironic? That a hero of superman's calibur couldn't beat him, yet someone from a different dimension could who was weaker then Superman? Darkseid moved quick, coming up at Link just barely giving him enough time to raise his shield and block a bone crushing blow which knocked the hero to the ground as the god continued to pound away at the shield, before knocking Link's arm aside and bringing his fists down upon Link's body causing the hero to yell in pain as bones broke. The god then grabbed Link by the neck, throwing him far as he crashed into a wall before falling and hitting the hard pavement letting out a cry of pain as he had never taken such a beating before though he reached back into his pouch pulling out a red bottle and drinking it as soon all of his injures were healed and he stood up surprising the god and also causing him to become angry. 
"I will not be beaten by a mere being such as you!"Darkseid shouted, a little frustrated as he then sent a blast of his omega beams towards Link. 
The elf hero just stood there, as the beams came at him before he quickly activated Nyru's love as the beams then stopped hitting an invisable shield around Link. Darkseid stopped with his beams, his anger growing as now not even his omega beams could hurt Link anymore, it was Link's turn now as he ran quickly to Darkseid bashing the god with his shield and thanks to his golden gauntlets it actually stumbled and pushed back the god before the hero then slashed at him with his sword again cutting into his chest a little as he back up some. Darkseid then reached out grabbing Link by the throat, looking angrily at him before making a fist and punching Link so hard he flew from the god's hand, going through a car, and going right through a wall and into a building before finally stopping as he laid still and unmoving. 
Meanwhile back at the watchtower, the rest of the heroes and Zelda were watching the fight though as soon as they saw Darkseid hit him with a powerful punch that more then likely shattered his body they had just about lost hope. 
"LINK!"Zelda shouted running up closer to the screen, nearly in tears at seeing her hero and love laying motionless without even so much as lifting a finger before the tears really started to flow and all she could do was cry. 
The other heroes expressed their sarrow, even Batman looked somewhat sad however through this saddness one of them spotted something on Link. 
"Hey what is that?"Aquaman wondered pointing to the screen, as it zoomed in on Link closely showing a small glowing fairy. 
"Its...its a fairy, it can revive Link!"Zelda replied as the tears stopped coming, and as she had her hopes rise up that Link would be ok. 
Back on the battlefield Darkseid approached the motionless Link, looking at him before turning around and activating the boomtube and bringing forth the Triforce of Power ready to bring it together with the Triforce of Courage. Though while he was distracted in bringing the piece out, he could only hear the sounds of footsteps and running from behind him and as he turned around his eyes turned to shock and he let out a grunt of pain as Link was back in action and had stabbed the dark god right through the chest with the master sword as it exited from behind him. This pain caused Darkseid to drop the boomtube control, and the triforce of power as Link kicked Darkseid off his blade who fell to his knees bleeding out. 
"Its over Darkseid, you threaten no one anymore!"Link shouted as he swung his blade with such force, decapitating the dark god's head as it fell off hitting the ground while the now headless body just fell back in a slump. 
"Alright he won!"Flash said excited. 
"Well now, who would have thought that he would win?"Hal asked crossing his arms. 
"Apparently not Darkseid"Aquaman replied. 
"Enough lets get down there, and meet him everyone"Batman said as everyone walked over to the telporation pad and teleported down to Metropolis. 
Zelda as soon as she arrived, ran up to Link hugging him from behind and giving him a kiss as he returned it smiling to his princess before looking over to the other heroes. 
"Its time to fix things..."Link said looking to Zelda who nodded. 
The 3 Triforce pieces were brought together and upon placing his hand on it, Link wished that all the death and destruction Darkseid had caused today be undone. The Triforce did the wish, and in doing so repaired the damages to the buildings and everything and it also brought back J'onn, Wonder Woman, and fixed Superman who finally came to. Batman then took the boomtube controller setting it for Hyrule, as everyone gathered around to see Link and Zelda off. 
"Look, we know your from a completely different world then us...you had no reason to help our world yet you did anyway, so I am making you an honorary member of the Justice League"Superman explained to Link, who just gave a smile and nod. 
"I appreciate that Superman...and who knows, perhaps our paths will cross again...I mean you have our location after all"Link replied. 
The league members smiled, all except for Batman of course being the way that he is and they all waved Link and Zelda goodbye as the two then entered into the boomtube and headed back to their world. 
Well there you have it folks, Ch 4 hope everyone has enjoyed reading it. Sorry it took so long.
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It was well worth the wait. I really enjoyed it.

Though, I heard somewhere that the golden gauntlets relieve pressure. That's why Link can lift things and take a pounding on his shield without breaking his arms. And also why he doesn't get an additive to his swing strength.

But who cares. Your story kicked ass.

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@jobiwankenobi:  Where'd you hear this? Cause that is kinda strange, was going off moreso of what the GG's say on the Zeldapedia, giving him immense strength. Sure it says that its use is for lifting heavy objects, but that doesn't mean its the only thing it could do.
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@Wolfrazer: I don't remember. Wherever it was might have been wrong but it makes sense seeing as he doesn't swing any harder.

Doesn't change the awesomeness of your story though.