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(All characters owned by Marvel, rated MA to be sure. Read and drop a comment or two, thanks)

Recording commenced:

I volunteered, probably, because I’m already technically dead! That and the fact the other half of me is a machine…also because it was the right thing to do. The other’s had lives, a future, me being from A future…which is why I’m here guarding the door with all of Dr Richards’ weaponry for when HE finally breaks through.

Maybe it’ll make more sense if I started at the start…which start? My start or when all this started? How about where this all started, because I don’t know sometimes whether I’m Mike, Larry, Jack, Michael, John or Luther! Besides I don’t think I’ve got time…

Most people thought that the Punisher was going to kill everyone; that or Deadpool! I met both of them, and while Frank was a tough bastard and Wade was a crazy one, they were just guys with guns! You can’t shoot the universe to death…for that you need powers, and by God did he have them!

His name was Calvin and he was an X-Man...I think he was one of Professor X’s secret first class ones, I don’t know…I hung out with X-Factor for a while…His codename was Mimic because that is what he could do! If saw a power, he could copy it. Originally he had all five of the original X-guys powers which in itself is an impressive power set, but soon his powers mutated and he had a range of ten…ten super powers! But not just powers; knowledge, skills…personality…that’s where this all came unhinged I think.

It was Halloween when they attacked, not just him, but all of us. An act of vengeance if you will…I got set upon by the Silver Samurai and Speed Demon, guys I’d never fought before. Happened all over! Spider-Man was beaten up by Mr X and Cyber; Captain America got attacked by Jigsaw and Hydro-Man. The Shocker, Electro and Kraven had a crack at Wolverine. It was chaos! But for some reason they dog-piled Calvin.

Green Goblin, Carnage, Mr Hyde, Vermin, Typhoid Mary and Nuke went after Mimic and it changed him…seriously; psychologically. Maybe it was because they were all crazy and their craziness got absorbed, I don’t know! That’d be something for…they’re dead…I just realised that the people who could probably help Calvin, are the ones he took out first…I’m jumping ahead, sorry, I’m just rambling to try and keep my mind of the inevitable…god I hope this helps someone…suck it up soldier!

So Calvin went nuts! I could bore you with details as he slowly slipped into madness, but he just went wrong in the head, besides all I heard was rumours…we never ran the same circles. He was an uncanny avenging type while I’m more your…dead cyborg who gets pulled out of mothballs when people need a monster to do dirty work. It’s true! I know my role…Anyways; Mimic copied Jean Grey, Professor X, Rachel Grey, Emma Frost, Gamesmaster, Nate Grey and Quentin Quire. I’ve got low level telepathy; having that much psychic power would be enough to drive anyone crazy! This coupled with his fractured mind, the beating and boom!

Calvin killed Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Hank Pym, Henry McCoy, Kavita Rao; pretty much anyone with a science degree who had powers or worked with powers. He loaded their brain with a telepathic flood of his idea and when it came up, he killed them…it took weeks before we caught on. In that time he copied Rogue, Absorbing Man and The Collective which pretty much set him up, as he dropped himself down to two psychics picked up Juggernaut, Sentry, Random, Magneto and Elixir.

Imagine one guy who can fly, harness any energy type, lift a planet; then add the ability to become anything he touched if he wanted and the fact he could split into roughly forty identical copies! That was the scary part, each duplicate could absorb powers on its own and then when Calvin reabsorbed them into himself…god walked among us and he was ready to wipe us from the planet.

Dr Strange, Blade and Brother Voodoo hit him with magic which actually had him on the ropes from what Kitty told me, but he’d absorbed Scarlet Witch just before they attacked and he said one word, “Explode!” and the fight was over. And the last thing Kitty saw before she dove into the earth to escape, was watching him EAT the Eye of Agamotto!

So he was unstoppable…but mad, which gave us an opening. If he’d been thinking he’d just turn himself permantly to whatever that stuff Thor’s hammer made of…thankfully though he’s had a crash course in super brains, he himself ISN’T a super brain.

Calvin took out SHIELD, STRIKE, SWORD and a whole bunch of other anagrams. Thousands died. They tried to stop him but it was…futile. Cap died, Wolverine died, hell even Thor died! Calvin was unstoppable and even when they had one of him on the ropes, he’d absorb himself, generate a new him with a new powerset and start again.

Kitty Pryde took charge. Nice kid…woman. Born leader and she decided to run; run far and fast. She’d seen too many die. She gathered those who were left: bad guy, good guy didn’t matter now: Jessica Drew, Gambit, Chemistro, Armour, Shatterstar, Black Mamba, Tiger Shark, Cardiac, Firestar, Bentley, Valeria Richards, Titania, Tombstone, Namora, Danielle Moonstar, Lyja, USAgent, Stature, Speed, Komodo, Cloud 9, Leech, Husk, Kingpin, Baron Blood and me. We were all just running from a madman with god powers who was bent on genocide!

Valeria came up with a plan to have us all go live in another dimension and leave this one. There were some mumbles and gripes but when Valeria explained that those who hated her plan could stay, everyone got onboard. The reality she scanned was given the frequency code of 6006 and how it varied from our reality was that all this fiasco hadn’t happened and Nicholas Fury was Nicole Fury. Not a bad place. But the catch was someone would have to hold off Calvin so the others could activate the portal to the next universe. How do you kill him? Well we’re going to collapse the Negative Zone on top of him which will power the portal AND kill him…we hope. Valeria told me the math, the computer part of me got it, the human brain part just hoped it wor…


Guess I got company. Calvin’s slamming on the adamantium door that protects the portal to the Negative Zone. Must’ve gotten the clues Speed left for him to follow us…I hope this works. So as I wait here, holding a ridiculous gun based on plans from Forge and Dr Doom, I hope this works. They all deserve to live…well Kingpin could do with a bullet in the neck, but I hope they all get a happily ever af…

“Hello Deathlok!” the voice was echoed thirty nine times, as forty Mimic’s stood in the shell of the shattered adamantium blast door “Ready to die?”

Deathlok looked at the switch built into his palm and smiled.


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I enjoyed this very much. On one hand, i would love to see what happens next. On the other hand, this seems like a last stand type story. You have made a rare thing here, a story that go go forward or simply stand alone. (Claps) Bravo.

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@wildvine: Thanks! I wanted to do a one-shot that had a larger scope, with back story and a future but self contained within just this story, I think it worked

@andrewtheking: Thank you

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Seriously, dude, this is great!

I'm online every now and then (usually once or twice a month) so if there's something you REALLY need feedback on feel free to PM me. :)

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Fat guy bump!

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Casual fist bump

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A self contained story that begs for expansion! Very nice, good work

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@batkevin74: mmmh I try to find a word to discribe this awsomeness! let me invent one lets call it "Volapiony"

This is Volapony!

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@poze said:

@batkevin74: mmmh I try to find a word to discribe this awsomeness! let me invent one lets call it "Volapiony"

This is Volapony!

Never had a word invented for me, thanks :) That's really volapony of you to do so

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@batkevin74: walcome :) and try to use it as much as you can! and keep omn writing such volapony stories pleas!

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@poze: See what I can do :)

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