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The Avengers had gathered at Stark tower once again for a meeting. Rogers seemed to make this meeting sound more urgent than usual, so like always, the team gathered up for a briefing. Most of the team was there: Wolverine, Red Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Spider Woman, Spider Man, and Iron Man. Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, walked to the head of the table, holding a large stack of files. He placed them on the table and gave his attention to his team.

"So Steve, what's got your star spangled banner in a bunch?" Tony quipped.

"Now's not the time for jokes Tony. Right now, we have an urgent matter at hand." Rogers relented.

"Really? I didn't notice any world threatening monsters or criminal masterminds attacking the country on my web swing here." Spider Man joked, getting a small chuckle out of Hawkeye. Rogers's expression remained stern and serious, making the two quiet down again.

"That's because this threat is not on our boarders; it is in Japan." The captain said, going to his console and turning on the main screen for the group. "Our allies in the Japanese government have asked for the help of the Avengers to capture a renegade Meta human by the name of Lucy."

He pulled out a file of a photo of a teenage girl with pink hair and what looked like horns on her head. Her expression looked emotionless, if not deadly.

"I would make a joke about how young she is if she didn't look like she was staring into my soul and trying to rip it apart." Parker said dryly.

"What makes her a big threat?" asked the Red Hulk, taking the mission much more serious. Despite the small jokes, everyone in that room knew exactly how dangerous one person could be. Age was a non factor in this.

"They were very thin on details, but she has some sort of telekinetic powers called Vectors. She can use these Vectors to tear apart human bodies, take down helicopters and even protect herself from jet missiles." He explained, surprising the group of heroes slightly.

"Has she killed before?" Logan asked now. Rogers's expression became grave.

"Yes… they say more than a few dozen. Possibly near hundreds."

"How the heck did we not hear about this? That many deaths would have been reported around the world wouldn't it?" Hawkeye said disgusted now.

"We've been too focused on our problems, that the Japanese were able to cover it up right under our noses." Rogers relented, feeling shame. He quickly shook it off and looked to Wolverine.

"Logan, your familiar with Japan, and you would be very well suited against her with your healing factor. I want you to go there and subdue her. But also, I want you to investigate what they are hiding. To have hidden something like this or so long… I need to know what is going on." Rogers stated firmly. Logan nodded silently.

"I also want you to take someone with you. It would be good to know that you have back up."

"I volunteer something as dangerous as this should be smashed down." Rulk said stepping up, but Logan shook his head.

"Sorry bub, but I want someone I'm more familiar with."

"Oh Logan, you're making me blush."

"Not you web head, I have someone else in mind, and they aren't in this room." He declared. "Steve, I'm gonna need you to make a call for me."

The next day, Rogers and Logan waited on the top of Stark tower, watching as the helicopter touched down. Out o the back walked Skaar, son of Hulk. He was in his usual loincloth and boots with his sword strapped to his back.

"Skaar, it is good to see you." Steve said greeting the green giant.

"Captain, Logan. What is this about?" Skaar said impatiently.

"Logan requested your help on a mission to Japan. It's a high risk mission, and he said you're one of the few people he truly trusts with this. I have to say I was surprised, but I trust his judgment on this. What do you say?"

Skaar raised an eyebrow at this, and looked at the mutant. It would be a lie to say that they had not work together before, in fact Logan had asked for his help quite a few times, even against his own son Dakken. But if Logan was calling him for help, he knew what that meant…

"Alright, I'll do it."

"Thank you Skaar. You and Logan will be flown to Japan in an hour; I'll let you two get ready for the mission." Steve said, getting ready to leave. "Logan, brief Skaar on the mission."

"Don't worry bub, we've got this one." Logan said, nodding his head for the captain to leave. After Rogers had gone, the hulking Skaar turned to Logan fully.

"Alright, talk. What is the mission we're going on?"

"Officially we're to go and find a mass murdering girl and capture her. On the side, I'm supposed to investigate what the Japanese are hiding." Logan explained. Skaar looked unconvinced and narrowed his eyes.

"'Capture' huh? If she's a mass murderer, why would we do that?"

"That's why I said officially, bub. But I know the real reason Rogers picked me for this mission, and I bet you know too." Skaar narrowed his eyes again but smiled darkly.

"… We're going to kill her." Skaar finished for Logan, who smirked and nodded his head.

"That's right, and your one of the few people I know who's willing to do it if I can't for some reason… now," Logan popped his claws out and smirked darkly.

"Let's go kill us a killer."


The Killer of Killers

Alright so I do want to do this story, but I am terribly busy with my other stories at the moment. I hope someone will decide to take over for me, if not then oh well. I might continue it depending on how I feel about it and if no one bites. Give your thoughts, and message me if you want to continue it!

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Good {"So Steve, what's got your star spangled banner in a bunch?" Tony quipped} This bit is more a Spider-Man or Wolverine line than something Iron Man would say, imo. Please continue...

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@4donkeyjohnson: i picked Tony for that because he's one of the people who is very casual with Steve, and he does occasionally make his own jokes :)