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Killer Elite #1

Page 1.1

An abondoned warehouse which has been lighten up from the inside.

Page 1.2

A big crowd that is raising hands in which are cups with red wine and only one guy is standing in front of them on a stage.

Unknown Guy:Brothers!Sisters!

Page 1.3

A normal guy with dark short hair,wearing black hoodie and jeans with some trainers,raises his hand with the cup of wine.

Unknown Guy:We were banished from our own men.The League of Assassins.

Page 1.4

He continues to hold the cup and continues talking.

Unknown Guy:Because we were too weak and because we wanted to do good.

Page 2.1

The crowd goes wild and starts yelling.

Unknown Guy:But now,we,the ones that 'didn't deserve it' would show them who they are and that they have mistaken.

Page 2.2

The crowd starts shouting 'YEAH!' and such kind examples of happines.

Unknown Guy:We are going to take them down.One by one and then Ra's.

Page 2.3

Unknown Guy:And when they are all dead we are going to be victorious.

Page 2.4

The crowd starts spilling the wine of so much enthusiasm.

Unknown Guy:The ones that were too weak to be part of their organization.

Page 3

The guy drinks out a little bit of the wine and then yells out.

Alistar Knight:And I will have led you to the win.ALISTAR KNIGHT!

The crowd goes wild and from the warehouse start to go out sounds like in a concert.

Page 4.1

Batman is standing on one of the high buildings of Gotham,patrolling.

Page 4.2

When he hears police sirens he jumps off from the building.

Page 4.3

He falls on another building and rolls over.

Page 4.4

He starts running but when he jumps off from that building,he hears that the police siren is underneath him.

Page 5.1

He falls on the roof of the police car.

Police Officer:Jeesus Christ!You scared the crap of me.

Batman:What's the deal?

Page 5.2

Batman starts walking towards the crime scene which has been cut off and the cop walks by his side.

Police Officer:Armed roberry.This things happen often.

Page 5.3

Batman kicks the door of the shop.

Batman:Better surrender.

Page 5.4

But when he walks into the shop he sees a woman that is lying on the floor,crying.And a man with a gun lying on the floor with a head cut off and another man with a black,ninja costume,standing next to him.Alistar Knight.

Batman:Who are you?

Page 6.1

Alistar jumps towards Batman.

Alistar Knight:You don't care about who I am.

Page 6.2

The guy kicks Batman in the torso and Batman falls backwards.

Batman:Why did you kill the guy?

Page 6.3

Alistar does a front flip and lands on his feet and pulls out a small grey ball.

Alistar Knight:Because he deserved it.He was going to kill the woman.

Page 6.4

Batman stands up and throws a batarang at Alistar.

Batman:That doesn't mean that you can kill him.

Page 7.1

Alistar dodges the Batarang and throws the ball.

Alistar Knight:Here you are wrong.

Page 7.2

The ball turns out to be a smoke grenade.The whole shop is full of smoke.

Page 7.3

Alistar gets out from the shop.

GCPD:Stand right there!

Page 7.4

Alistar takes out a grapling gun and shoots out the wire.


Page 8.1

Alistar disappears but Batman gets out of the shop but it's too late.

Batman:Where is he?

GCPD:He got away.

Page 8.2

GCPD:Who was that?

Batman:I have no idea.But the style and moves were familiar.

Page 8.3

GCPD:Who do you think is he?

Batman:I'm going to find out.

Page 9.1

Back in the wearhouse where Alistar and his people are hiding out,Alistar gets in and everybody goes straight to him and stop him.

The Elite:What happened?

Alistar:They didn't have a clue what was going on.

Page 9.2

Alistar takes off his mask and smiles.

Alistar:The assassin was killed.They tought he was a thug.

Page 9.3

The Elite goes to the weapon room and opens a wardrobe full with katanas,stars and these kinds of stuff.

The Elite:They shouldn't learn that there is a war going under their nose.Especially Batman.

Page 9.4

Alistar continues taking off his costume.

Alistar:Don't worry.We are going to destroy the League of Assassins.

Page 10.1

Batman sits on his chair in fron of the giant screen of the computer in the Batcave.

Batman:Who was that guy?

Page 10.2

A dark figure comes out of the shadows from the cave.

Talia:I can Help you.

Page 10.3

Batman stands up and looks up to her.

Batman:Talia?What are you doing here?

Page 10.4

Talia goes closer to Bruce and puts a hand on his shoulder.

Talia:I know who you are searching for.

Page 11.1

Bruce takes the hand of Talia off.

Batman:How do you know who I am searching for?

Page 11.2

Talia sits on Bruce's chair.

Talia:Because I am searching for the same guy.

Page 11.3

Talia types something in the search function of the computer.

Talia:That's Alistar Knight.Part of the League of Assassins.

Page 11.4

Talia:He was banished from the League 5 years ago along with other men.

Page 12.1

Batman puts his hands on the keybord.


Page 12.2

Talia:Because they were too brutal.Even for us.

Page 12.3

Talia:They assassinated everyone who they didn't like.

Page 12.4

Talia:So my father decided to banish them.

Page 13.1

Talia stands up.

Talia:Now he has gathered the others along with him and he wants to destroy us.

Page 13.2

Batman turns around to see Talia.

Batman:What does that have to do with me?

Page 13.3

Talia:Because the one that you fought tonight was him.

Page 13.4

Talia:He killed one of ours.

Page 14.1

Batman:It was a regular thug.

Page 14.2

Talia:It was an inside man.He was like a double agent.

Page 14.3

Batman:I knew I recogized the style.

Page 14.4

Talia puts her hand on Bruce's face.

Talia:Bruce,we will need you on our side.

Page 15.1

Batman:Talia I won't take sides.

Page 15.2

Batman:I'm here to help and save people.

Page 15.3

Batman:If your war hurts innocents then I will take both of you down.

Page 16.1

Talia takes her hand and turns her back on Bruce.

Talia:This is not as small as you think.

Page 16.2

Talia:We have assassins almost everywhere.Somebody will get hurt and you'll come to us.

Page 16.3

Batman;Don't be so sure.

Page 16.4

Talia gets out of the Batcave.

Page 17.1

Alfred comes down and brings dinner to Bruce.

Alfred:Was that miss Talia?

Page 17.2

Batman sits again on his chair,grabs his chin and starts looking at the screen.


Page 17.3

Alfred put the dinner on a little moveable table near Bruce.

Alfred:What did she want?

Page 17.4

Batman:My help.

Page 18.1

Alistar is standing on one high building with a sniper in his hand.The same black costume and blackmask with red stripes.

Alistar:Here begins the real show.

Page 18.2

Alistar puts the sniper in front of his eye.

Alistar:This is one of the companies that has personel that are part of the League.

Page 18.3

Alistar:I have to take down the main guy.The leader in this group.

Page 18.4

Alistar stars sweating.

Page 19.1

A dark shadow appears behind him.

Page 19.2

Alistar turns around and points the gun at the person.Ra's.

Page 19.3

Ra's al Ghul:Hello there,Alistar.

Page 19.4

Alistar Knight:Hi,Ra's.