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Kim Possible graduated from High School full of hope and optimism. She was accepted into the State University Education Department. Kim planned to become a high school teacher so she could help shape the future. Ron Stoppable didn't get accepted. He was going to have to go to a community college first. Kim was disappointed but was determined to move ahead. Kim experienced a pang of homesickness as she prepared to leave home. But being as optimistic and hopeful as she was it didn't last long. She was taken to her dormitory by her family. Her room had a set of bunk beds and a couple of workstations, two closets, etc. There were final farewells. Kim's mother cried a little, and they left. Freshmen orientation was next day. Kim brought her superhero gear. Kim's roomie wasn't there yet. After Kim unpacked everything she was relaxing. Then the roomie arrived. It was none other than Bonnie Rockwaller! They were both astonished. Kim left the room while Bonnie was dropped off. Kim's mind was racing. Bonnie was her arch competitor in high school and now she would have to share a room with her! Even Kim Possible couldn't shake off the shock. After an hour Kim came back to her room. Bonnie announced that she wanted the lower bunk, didn't like being there and refused to talk about it. Kim said "People say I have a magnetic personality" to lighten the mood. "Well, you're not the reason I'm here!" As the minutes passed Bonnie relented and spoke to Kim. As they started their classes, Kim noticed that Bonnie would disappear for several hours each Saturday and Sunday. Kim didn't think about it much because she knew that Bonnie was eccentric. One Saturday night Kim was monitoring the campus security radio and heard that there was an incident in the nuclear physics lab. Kim thought it might be serious so she put on her Kim Possible mission clothes and headed to the lab. When she got there Senor Senior Sr. and Jr. with their gang were there trying to steal nuclear fuel from the reactor. Almost simultaneously Shego appeared and they both were surprised and felt the thrill. They both felt that the other had become more beautiful. Before they could act Bonnie came out of the shadows in her security uniform and yelled at Senor Senior Jr. "You haven't called me in months, you bum! Why are you breaking into my school?" She didn't wait for an answer and slugged Jr. hard enough to knock him out. Kim and Shego jumped in and captured Sr. and the gang. After the fighting, Kim introduced Shego and Bonnie. By this time the police had arrived. The police captain said "Wow, the famous Kim Possible at our little campus!" Kim said "Officer Rockwaller is the real hero!" It turned out that Bonnie called in the alert on the break-in. She worked as a campus security guard on weekends. Kim and Shego gave their statements and left while Bonnie basked in the spotlight. Kim and Shego went to a campus hangout to talk for a few minutes they gazed into each other's eyes. Kim explained that she and Bonnie were students there, and that she was pursuing a teacher's degree. Shego was there as Professor Go of the Education department. She said she was looking forward to teaching Ms. Possible. Kim was looking forward to being in Shego's class. Shego asked "How do you like paint ball?" "It's fun." "We could hunt each other some night?" "That would be great, Shego! The thrill of the hunt! You're my favorite prey!" Shego said "You're my favorite too!" They talked about kick boxing, karate and boys. Shego escorted Kim back to her dorm. They shared a parting hug. Kim felt that Shego's hugs were comforting and she liked them. Kim entered her room and found no one else there. She got ready for bed and hopped into her bunk and dozed. Bonnie came home a little later and Kim woke up and said "Congrats, Bonnie!" Bonnie embraced Kim and said "You don't know how much it means to me to hear that from you!" Suddenly Bonnie went limp because she passed out. Kim picked her up and carefully put her into her bunk. Kim removed Bonnie's shoes and said "Sweet dreams, Princess!" Kim got back up into her bunk and soon both of them were snoring.