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In the last episode after an encounter with Ms. Marvel, Kidpool tracked down the

Punisher, and was ready to make his move. Kidpool teleports inside of the punisher’s

hideout, while waiting for the Punisher to eat his food Thirsty the Punisher,

decides to go to the refrigerator for a beverage, before he eats. (A light bulb

appears above Kidpools head) Kidpool grabs a laxative out of his bag to make

sure the Punisher end up in the bathroom. He puts the laxative in the Punishers

food swiftly and teleports to the bathroom. There he quietly rigs up the

Punisher's toilet with explosives. The explosives were remote controlled.

Meanwhile the Punisher was digging into his food, three minutes later the Punisher

felt a rumble in his stomach and was racing to get to the bathroom leaving his

weapons, on the table next to his food. The Punisher immediately jumped on the

toilet but was confused as to why his shower curtain was closed. While on the

toilet doing his duty, the Punisher reached over and pulled the curtain back.

There was a sign posted that said (Hi Frank) suddenly the bathroom door opened

up and Kidpool was standing there with a detonator. The Punisher was shocked,

Kidpool's eyes on his masked squinted, and (a picture of skunk appeared over

his head). Kidpool pulled out a sign that said (Boom!)With his free hand, and

then he pressed the detonator button. There was a well contained explosion at

the Punishers hideout, Kidpool teleported outside just in time. Kidpool decided

he wanted to gloat, so he went back inside to view what was left of the

Punisher's body, and then he pulls out his crayon and marks the Punisher off

his list. While looking at the remains, he decides to steal a Punisher shirt,

as he walks toward it, he slips and falls in some sh--! Angry he decides to

just leave instead, using the shirt to clean himself up. Kidpool decides to

head to a pawnshop downtown next; he'd heard that Daken had been there a few

times from a comicvine source. On the way there he decides to get off his

tricycle and walk, when he sees that commercial on a huge flat screen with the

M&M;'s dancing to the song (I'm Sexy and I Know it!). Kidpool starts

dancing like them in front of the pawn store window and (a light bulb appears

above head). Kidpool goes in the pawn store and steals a mini-trench coat and

puts it in his backpack, and then he goes to the owner to ask about Daken. The

owner is terrified of Daken, but a little guy in red pajamas had a huge gun

pointed at him. The owner tells him Daken pawned a part of a sword (maramusa)

for cash, Kidpool Holds his hand out, and the owner gives him the sword fragment

(maramusa).Leaving the store Kidpool grabs some yellow and pink paint. Kidpool

rides his tricycle to a machine shop where he threatens a workers life, and

then hands him a note telling him to, melt the fragmented sword into six metal

spikes. Afterwards, Kidpool paints them to look like short pencils. Kidpool

heads for the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning next, taking a detour

through a bad neighborhood; he decides to help some bad kids steal rims off a

car. Luke Cage suddenly appears, and asks him what he's doing? Kidpool looks

way up in the sky at Luke (and a ? appears above Kidpools head). Luke is

shocked at Kidpools appearance, and calls in assistance, Kidpool turns back

toward the car and proceeds to take the wheel off the car, the other kids have

ran off at this time. Iron fist, Spiderman, and Daredevil show up. Spiderman

starts laughing at Kidpool, and says Luke, do you need back up for a mini Dead

pool! This annoys Kidpool. Iron Fist states that Kidpool is very peculiar.

Daredevil says something isn't right here! Meanwhile instead of taking off a

rim, Kidpool is hooking up C-4 to the car with special adamantium spikes from

the Punishers hideout. Luke decides enough is enough, and tells Kidpool to

stop. Kidpool jumps up and kicks Luke below the belt and hurts his toe. The heroes

all laugh, as he reaches in his bag and hit everybody with pies except

Daredevil for laughing at him. The heroes have a WTF moment, mini deadpool just

hit us with pies and Daredevil starts laughing, Kidpool takes advantage of this

and teleports away as Spiderman's spider sense go on overload. They wipe the

pie out of their eyes and wonder how he got to the end of the alley and Kidpool

points; the Heroes all see a sign except Daredevil that say (Boom!). Kidpool

ignites the explosives, leaving the Heroes dead and tattered, even Cage due to

the adamantium spikes. Kidpool hops on his tricycle and heads to the Jean Grey

School for higher learning and sees Ms. Marvel again apprehending criminals,

and stops. Ms. Marvel spots him again (a question mark appears above her head)

she ask Kidpool who he is as she approaches him. Kidpool holds up his hand

giving her the stop motion. Ms, Marvel does. Kidpool gets off the tricycle and

throws down a smoke pellet, when the smoke clears he’s wearing a trench coat

and holding a huge radio. Ms. Marvel (has a huge question mark above her head),

Kidpool plays the (I'm Sexy and You Know It song) and flashes Ms.Marvel. Ms.

Marvel is shocked, and then she fall over with laughter! Kidpool see's this and

becomes angry, and is holding a grenade. He decides to let her slide because he

is mesmerized by her legs again, then he takes off using his looneytooon speed

leaving a dust storm trail behind him on foot. Later he returns to get his

tricycle and head for the Jean Grey School for higher learning, in which he got

there in about 20 minutes. Figuring that the school was full of mutants he

decided on wearing a costume over his costume to infiltrate the school. You'll

never believe what costume, Kidpool uses, and toon in if you want to know,

you'll never believe it! Kidpool Kills the Marvel Universe part 21/2 coming


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ROFL! That's a hell of a story right there, sir. Pretty imaginative and very well thought out situations. I especially loved the part with the Punisher but that's probably because I already did something like that with my brother (the laxitive part, not the explosive part :p).

In short, that was just awesome so keep up the good work :)

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Thanks working on the other part now!

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You should post them in the Deadpool or fan fiction sections. You'd probably get more replies. Looks good btw.

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Read me!

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Awhh!! Love that pic of Phoenix and Deadpool.

K --- this is really killing me, but this line:

Kidpool rides his tricycle to a machine shop where he threatens a workers life, and then hands him a note telling him to, melt the fragmented sword into six metal spikes.

The image of a tricycle, death threats, and metal spikes....

I will be giggling for a while. :)

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@evilvegeta74: It's funny, but its a big wall of text and its hard on the eyes! The content (asides from spelling mistakes) is great but the slab of words...I do like it, I'm just voicing my concerns with it. Regardless, keep writing, it is just my opinion. Nice pic; are you you Kidpool or Phoneix? :)

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