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Kidpool ambushes the Hulk at the playground, the Hulk starts laughing. (A picture of a

huge question mark Appears above Kidpool's Head) Meanwhile the Hulk, changes

back to Bruce Banner due to laughter! Kidpool Sticks a grenade in Banners mouth

because he's laughing as well, and boom, Banner/Hulk has his head blown off!

Kidpool pulls out a crayon out of the crayola box and marks the Hulk's name

off! Kidpool then skips off to his high powered tricycle and rides off to his

next prey. This brings him to the beach, curious about how to find his prey (a question

mark appears above his head) suddenly he see an oil tanker! (A light bulb

appears above his head) Kidpool pulls a rocket launcher out of his backpack and

shoots the tanker. Oil begins to gush out everywhere (Sheep with guns are

jumping a fence while he counts them above his head) suddenly out of the Namor

emerges to stop the tragedy, this excites Kidpool, especially since he almost

fell asleep standing up! Namor demand to know who caused the incident, Kidpool

shoots at him with the rocket launcher, Namor scratches his head and charges

after Kidpool (A Huge Question mark appear above his head)! Kidpool takes off

in a Looney Toon fashion, leaving a dust storm in his trail as he run into a

nearby building away from the beach. Namor foolishly charges into the building

behind Kidpool. Kidpool shoots Namor with two super soakers filled with rubbing

alcohol; it burns Namor's skin and temporarily blinds him. Kidpool pulls out

some jumper cables from his bag, and connects them to a power box, and then connect

the other end to Namors ears to electrocute him. Namor passes out cold. Kidpool

then pour some bottled water on him just for good measure. When Namor comes through,

he realizes that kidpool has him chained up in adamatium chains, laid up under

a tanning bed. Kidpool, get cursed out by Namor, while Kidpool shakes his head

as he closes the tanning bead. Next he turns the power up high and fries Namor.

The last image in Namor’s mind was an image of the tanning spa that he was

killed in. After the deed was done he pulled his crayon out, and scratched out

a picture of a fish (An image of Kidpool frying a fish appeared above his

head). Kidpool left the tanning spa later that evening. While riding down the

street he spotted Ms.Marvel and was checking out her legs, she was finishing

off a few criminal and spotted him. She was stunned; she did a double take, and

began to approach his high powered tricycle. He was mesmerized and couldn't move,

until she said hey, what are you looking at? (A playboy bunny sign appeared

above his head)! In a panic he took off, waving a sign at her saying (I’ll be Bach!!!)

and disappeared. Ms.Marvel (had a question mark above her head)! Finally

Kidpool, tracked down Frank Castle, who had happened to live nearby. Frank had

just gotten some food, as Kidpool saw a great opportunity to get him. The only

vision Kidpool could see was [ a picture of a toilet + a grenade= :) !] toon in

for the next chapter: Kidpool vs. The Punisher, Wolverine and his adult version


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wtf did I just read? I enjoyed it.

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My late night craziness!

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@DoomDoomDoom said:

wtf did I just read? I enjoyed it.

This. And....evilvegeta74 ought to be a writer.

I'm serious, you'll make more than J.K. Rowling.


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...............................................................................................................................Why was Hulk at the playground, this is my only question

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LMAO! That's really a great job, sir!

Deadpool Approves ;p
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thank you very much, It's just for entertainment ,and I write sometimes, there will be a part two!

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This is a Kidpool story, a crazy story, why not a playground, remember that the hulk would rage out and find peace in certain places, such as a lake ,forest, playground etc...Part two is coming soon.

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Just magic.

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I would have liked to have seen this with art. :)

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Funny you mentioned that, I can actually do that too, but I really don't wanna be sued by somebody!Part too will posted soon!

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@evilvegeta74: Okay there are some spelling and grammatical errors and its a wall of writing; but it's quirky, funny and in the vein of Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe style of comic. Good job

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read me

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I find it gets funnier the faster I read it. I don't know why.

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Love it, but it should be in Fan-Fic.

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@Blood1991 said:

I find it gets funnier the faster I read it. I don't know why.

I have now lost all ability to read this at a slow pace.

Kudos lol, this is amusing.

If you plan on making it multi-chapter and not just a goof-off, it should go in fan-fic, as YNCBG already mentioned.

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lol --- so funny and the bit about the rubbing alcohol? hahhaha --- perfect! I would normally feel sorry for the victim but nah ---- its Namor.

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@evilvegeta74: Part 2 coming soon?

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