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Kidpool killed the Punisher, Spiderman, Luke Cage, Ironfist, and Daredevil, he also had another interesting encounter with Ms. Marvel, which he enjoyed.

When we last read Kidpool was about to put on a costume to infiltrate the Jean

Grey School of Higher Learning. Kidpool was thinking about a guy he saw in a

movie dressed as a giant Bat and a clown guy a few years ago. (A light bulb

appeared above Kidpool's head) and he teleported on top of the school standing

above the glass skylights. Suddenly Kidpool comes crashing through the glass into

the school. He lands in the middle of students and faculty alike. Iceman and

Gambit look stunned and said who are you? Kidpool pulls out a sign that says

(I'm Batman) he then plays the theme from the batman animated series, while in

a Batmanesque pose, concealing his little body. Iceman starts laughing, as

gambit scratches his head. Kidpool see's an image of a (ice cube melted by

fire) and teleports all over the school, until he finds Wolverine, who laughs

at him while he's in the Batman suit. Kidpool rips the Batman suit off like he

was Party Man from jackass. Wolverine laughs so hard that he hits his head on

the chalk board. Kidpool goes into his bag and hits Wolverine with a pie and

the students laugh, Wolverine gets furious and chases Kidpool. Kidpool rubs his

hand on the chalkboard and runs out of the classroom right toward Rogue and

teleports. Rogue is confused, as Wolverine screams he's right behind you.

Kidpool put his hand print on Rogue's lower posterior area and winks at her! She's

shocked as Wolverine pursues Kidpool, he demands that nobody gets involved.

Kidpool accidently ended up in a new danger room cornered by Wolverine.

Wolverine said it's just you and me bub, and popped out his trusty claws.

Kidpool had (the image of a Sucker above his head); as he popped out his own

claws, well not exactly! Wolverine looked at Kidpool and said, what are you

gonna do with those pencils boy, write me out this story? Kidpool and Logan

were kicking and fighting for what seemed like hours, blow after blow kick

after attempted slash. Kidpool was running upside down on the ceiling avoiding

Wolverine, making him go berserk, that’s what Kidpool wanted. Wolverine wasn't

paying attention to the fact that Kidpool had not tried to stab him with the

pencils the whole fight. That when things changed Wolverine charged in

savagely, and Kidpool fell over before he got there, and Wolverine snapped out

of berserker rage, thinking he had lost control killed a child. As he walked to

Kidpool's body, Kidpool rolled over with a sign that said (Syke!), then he

stabbed Wolverine in the heart with two of the pencil claws he had. Wolverine

was shocked, his last words were Maramusa! Kidpool teleported out of the

mansion; which he had rigged with explosives. Kidpool then detonated the explosives blowing

up the school, killing everyone inside. Suddenly a man appeared in front of

Kidpool dressed as Darth Vader, he said Luke I'm your father. Kidpool looked

angry, then the man ripped off the Darth Vader suit, it was Deadpool. Kidpool

unleashed his weapons for the first time in the story, his two green light sabers!

Stay tuned Kidpool vs. Deadpool next in: Kidpool Kills the Marvel Universe


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Loved the part with Rogue (lucky little pervert ;p) and the end looks promising. I'm definitely tuning in for the next part.

It's really great to see someone making a fun and interesting story like that and who doesn't make it too serious. I'm actually surprised that there isn't more comments and maybe you should try to post this in the Fan-Fic thread next time and make a kind of compilation of these stories. You could probably get more feedback this way :)

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lol --- hilarious! I am going to pretend the Rogue part was for my benefit **wink** and this time, my favourite was Wolverine's last word "Muramusa".


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@evilvegeta74: It's good but it's still a wall. Is Rogue dead from a slap on the butt?

Now as per the 'Mutual Reading Policy' I have read three stories of your and commented upon them. It is time for you to do the same on some of mine.

Here's all my stuff http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/batkevin74s-personal-library-of-indulgence/703446/#18 but for short, quick reads may I suggest these 2:

* The Takedown http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/the-takedown/644627/

*Batman Vs Darth Vader http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/batman-vs-darth-vader/637113/

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