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Aquaman, Batman, and Cyborg

Arthur sat back watching the other two tap furiously on the keyboards in front of the "Bat-Cave's" computer. He cast a glance about lazily at the assorted objects and tools that where strewn here and there from Batman's various adventures. They'd been sitting there for hours trying to figure out where the next bombing was going to take place and who, if anyone, was behind these messages.

Finally Arthur cleared his throat, "Are you any closer-"

"No," The caped crusader cut him off, he really did know how to cut a conversation short.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" He offered.

"Arthur, I know that you are perhaps the strongest of us but right now you're kind of a fish out of water," Cyborg said looking over his shoulder.

Arthur frowned, "Perhaps I should leave then?"

Arthur felt a hand on his shoulder, "Why? The party just got here, besides I'm sure he just means about the tech stuff."

Arthur turned to find Green Lantern, he wasn't surprised, "Hello, Hal."

"Aquafresh, Bats, Cy," Green Lantern said, "Where's Sups, Flash, and the only reason I show up to this thing little pow-wow we've got?"

"Running provention," Batman muttered, "Wonder Woman said she didn't want to bother coming if you where here."

Hal clutched his chest, "Ah, Bruce you wound me, so what do we know?"

"Since last week?" Cyborg replied, "Not a thing."

Hal shook his head, "So we're up the proverbial creek?"

"No," Batman said shaking his head, "Far from it. Its right in our face I'm sure of it but we just haven't seen it. Maybe if we arrage the bombs and failed bomb atempts on a map of the US instead of the indivudal cities-" Batman began furiously typing at his key board while the others could only stand watch.

"Tell me that I'm not seeing what I think I'm seeing?" Green Lantern muttered under his breath.

Flash and Superman

The Flash felt as if he'd been running in cirles all day, which he probably had though they were large circles that encompassed city blocks and really the entire city itself as he scanned for another bomb, or clue, or anything. He finally slowed to a halt by Superman, "Any luck?"

Superman crossed his arms, "None, I've been scanning this city for hours with my x-ray vision and I haven't been able to find a thing."

Flash sighed, "Maybe its time we head back."

The com crackled to life in the Flash's ear peice, "Batman to Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman."

Flash put he's fingers to his ears, "Flash and Sups here."

A female voice came over the come, "Sorry, Bruce this isn't a goverment op as far as I can tell."

"Come to the Bat-cave," said Batman.

"Why?" Flash asked.

"No time to explain, Flash have Superman swing by D.C. and pick up Wonder Woman, Batman out."

Flash looked over at Superman, "Tall dark and scary wants you to-"

"I heard him," Superman said taking to the air, "See you at the Cave."

Something felt odd to Falsh but he had no time to fret over it now, in a matter of moments the Scarlet Speedster was dashing toward the cave. He was just about to the Gotham city's outskirts when the world became cold and frozen with large clumps of ice and snow everywhere. Flash skid to a halt after a minute of letting the ice drag him.

"Either Batman has gotten lax about Mr. Freeze or I just ran to fast again," He muttered to himself.

"Wrong on both accounts," came a sharp cold voice from behind him. Flash turned to find Captain Cold, ice hanging from his hand to form a blade.

"You know what," Flash said, "I liked you better with the guns."

"I can provide that, if you wish," came a flat dead voice, Flash turned again to find Mr. Freeze standing directly behind him.

"How did you sneak up on me like that?" Flash snapped, now irratated.

"Nevermind that, we're here with a message," Captain cold snapped.

"Let me guess," Flash said dryly.

"Heroes are outdated," Mr. Freeze said and with that both villians opened fire.

Flash managed to dodge most of the oncoming force until his foot was hit. He turned to smash the ice but it was too late the other two hand taken advantage of the moment. Flash felt the cold running up his spin first and then into the mother of all brainfreezes.

Now I know how popsicles feel.

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