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Chapter 1

Superman flies through the skies heading for Wayne's mansion. He lands outside and ring's the door bell. He waits there for a few seconds till the door starts to open.

"Greetings Mr.Kent." said Alfred

"Hello Alfred." said Superman as he shakes Alfred hand, "where is Bruce."

"He is waiting for you in the bat cave." said Alfred.

"Thanks Alfred." Superman runs to the book case inside the mansion and takes out a book then the book case moves revealing a door. Superman walks through the door and walks down the stairs.

"I see your late again Superman."said Wonder Woman as she got up to give Superman a hug.

Batman gives Superman a disgusted look.

"So no hug bruce." Superman loked at him. "So let's get back to buisness,Batman." said Superman

"I'm not the one who called you here."said Batman as he looked at the dark corner. out of that dark corner the Martian manhunter walks out.

" I called you all here." said the Martian Manhunter.

"Why John."asked Wonder Woman

"Some threats need to be taken care of and we cant do it alone we need a team the Justice League." said Martian Manhunter.

"John look we know we need a team but it's just that all three of us are to busy to be on it full time." said Superman

"Clark who said we have to be on it."said Batman

Wonder Woman and Superman took a seat to listen to what Batman had to say.

"What do you mean Bruce." asked Wonder Woman

"What he means is that we can get a group to be the Justice League." said Martian Manhunter

"Then why do you need us." asked Superman

"We need you three to be there to still be head of the team but not be there all the time." said Martian Manhunter.

"So all we do is take turns watching the League." asked Superman

"That's exactley what we do." said Batman

"Who do we pick for the League." asked Wonder Woman

"I was hoping that you three could answer that question." said Martian Manhunter

"so is this dodge ball." asked Superman

"Yeah I guess." said Batman

"Well I choose Green Lantern and Flash they were past Leaguers and have alot of experince." said Superman

"Good choices." said Martian Manhunter.

"Alfred." called Batman

"Yes Bruce." said Alfred.

"Can you get Hal and Wally on the team and tell them to come here tomorrow." asked Batman

"Yes." said Alfred as he went up stairs and got on the phone.

"Well I think Black Canary and Vixen would be good choices. They both were past Leaguers and are pretty strong also Vixen new powers make her a trump card." said Wonder Woman

"Yes thats right." said Batman as he wrote a list for Alfred to call.

"Isnt Black Canary getting married."asked Superman

"Yes to Oliver." said Wonder Woman

"Oh yes Green Arrow told me." said Superman "anyways back on to subject, Batman who do you think should join."

"I say Black Lightning and Red Arrow." said Batman

"Who is Red Arrow." Asked Wonder Woman

"He is Roy Harper Ollies adoptive son."said Batman

"Wasnt he Arsenal." asked Superman

"Yeah but he changed again."

"Why them two." asked Wonder Woman

"Well Black Lightning could use the experince. and so could Roy."said Batman

"Why not choose Green Arrow he is the same as Red Arrow plus he is getting married to Black Canary so they could be on the team together." said Superman

"I would have picked Ollie but he is to busy being mayor of Star City." said Batman

"Good we got the team now were done." said Superman

"No where will the new team sleep." asked Wonder Woman

"Thats taken care of." said Batman as he turned on the Tv. showing a newly built Watch Tower orbiting the Earth

"It's the new Watch Tower." said Batman

"Nice." said Wonder Woman

"Oh Yeah will work it i wouldnt trust Wally." said Superman

"I was thinking you could John."said Batman

"Why me." asked Martian Manhunter

"Since you wanted this team I thought it would be good if you watched over them." said Batman

"I guess I could do that." said Martian Man Hunter

"Good so now were done."

"Yes we are but tomorrow 8o'clock a.m I want you guys back here." said Batman

"Well since we have to be here so early I guess i'll sleep over." said Superman.

"I hate you." said Batman.