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Justice League

Cyborg turned from the over-sized monitor where he was watching the recent News Reports, "Uh, guys, we have a problem." The others dashed to the computer, aside from Batman, asking what was so bad.

"I do believe you lot have more to worry about than that," a british voice called from the Batcave's opening. The league turned to find Sabastain and his pet standing in the doorway.

Batman's eyes narrowed, "How?" He stood and circled behind the large monitor reaching for a switch.

"Well, 'Bruce', there where to things I used to track you," Sabastian said, "1) the micro-tracker placed on your cape and the Flash's glove, and 2) I can mind control others, what do you think I did to Hugo Strange? Though he did fight it, and I knew that note sounded nothing like he would have written but I still forced all the information I wanted out of him."

Batman pulled the switch and an electric field Sabastian off from the rest of them. Sabastain only laughed, turned to Green Lantern, and snapped. Hal fell to the floor grabbing his head, and yelling. Wonder Woman rushed to Hal's side but he slapped her away with large green hand. His ring began to spark and spurt until a weapon formed. Green Lantern let go of his head and started swinging the large sword around wildly. The sword cut through the monitor and through the swtich, close enough that Batman had to roll away. The electric field shut off freeing the two from their temperary cage.

Sabastian turned to Vyse, "Get out there and do some damage." Vyse ran in and began launching fireballs at the League, while Green Lantern sliced through random object causing stalagtites to fall and bats to flutter about.

Flash ran toward Vyse, quickly spun around him ran up his back, and jumped off his shoulders to grab on to Green Lantern's legs. The two spun through the air a flury of green, red, yellow, and black. Barry reached up and pinned GL's ring arm down, "Hal! Fight this! Your ring is controled by will, if it chose you for that it must have chosen you for a strong will. You can over come this!" A green fly swatter smacked down on Flash's back causing him to let go and begin his fall.

"You can't help them, Flash!" Sabastian said almost out of breath, "I'm in control of them!"

Wonder Woman unsheathed her sword and dashed towards Sabastain only to be stopped by Vyse, "Why? Why are you doing this?"

Sabastain laughed again, "Think about it, I kill the world's protectors then I rid the world of any super power but mine: I will rule this planet!"

"Not if I can help it!" Superman shouted flying over the battles and towards Sabastian.

"Oh but you can't," Sabastian laughed, "I will own you too, Superman." Superman stoped just before hitting Sabastian and shook his head. Sabastian smiled at him, a dark smile, "Go on, go fight Aquaman and Cyborg."

Superman turned away, "No. I can't. I won't." But he still took slow steps towards the other two.

"Sorry Superman," Cyborg said, his hand pulled back into his sonic Cannon breifly holding Superman back. Aquaman used the water below the deck to try and help Cyborg but they where looseing ground inch by inch."

Sabastian looked out on the fighting with a smile, what destruction it was causing. He watched the Flash launch himself up again onto Green Lantern striking him reaptedly. He watched as Wonder Woman blocked an ever burning fire with her sword as Vyse tossed them. Half a turn and he could see Cyborg and Aquaman trying their hardest to keep Superman from getting to them. Suddenly his smile was gone, where was Batman.

Two black gloved hand cuffed him in the ears suddenly. Sabastian shook off the pain turning to face Batman, "That wasn't very nice."

Batman swung again, Sabastian ducked and removed his sword from underneath his trenchcoat. He came up with the blade towards the heroe's chest but Batman slapped the flat of the blade away with the back of his palm. While Sabastian's arm was wide Batman got in close, grabbing the other man's shoulder. Bruce brought his knee up into the young man who coughed and stepped back.

Batman backed up and got back into his stance, "You won't get away with this."

"Watch me," Sabastian spit blood to the side then charged Batman, "I've got people paying me millions to use that 'cure.' Even the millitary, and you know the best part, its non-leathel so I get double that much followers."

Batman spun and kick Sabastian in his face, "How, when you can hardly control four people? I can see you getting weaker."

Sabastian laughed, breathing heavily, " I don't need any more than four, imagine what I can do with Superman alone under my control."

"I have," Batman said coldly, "And I don't like your thought process." Batman dashed forward and slamed Sabastain's chin with his knee. Green Lantern suddenly fell, Superman took a step backwards, and Vyse stopped lobbing fireballs longenough to shake his head. Batman smiled, take out Sabastian and its all over.

Sabastian looked at him wide eyed, "No! I can feel the slipping!"

"Exactly," Bruce said pushing in close again. Sabastian gave a loud cry and swung the sword upwards cutting through the bat symbol on Bruce's suit revealing skin below. Bruce backed up as the sword came back again and again. Finally, Batman had had enough, he removed a batarang and tossed it at Sabastian. The batarang struck the young man between the eyes, breaking his nose.

Green Lantern stopped smashing at the Flash with a mallet, "What happened?" He looked down at Flash, "Hey, you ok?"

Barry gave him an out of breath thumbs up, "Can I take a break now?"

Bruce ducked another slice at his head that took the tips of the cowl's ears. He came in again sweeping Sabastian's legs out from underneath him then struck him in the head again.

Superman stopped moving foreward, "Stop!"

Cyborg stopped firing, "Aquaman, can you hold him in place for now? Just to make sure?"

Aquaman nodded, "No offence, Superman, we can't take any chances."

Superman nodded, "I don't blame you."

Sabastian knocked Batman's punch away with his sword, "Vyse, help me!"

Vyse stopped fight with Wonder Woman for a moment, "I-I-I don't know where I am. Who am I supposed to help?"

"Me you fool!" Sabastain shouted, "Over here."

The other heroes started to surround the two fighting. Wonder Woman dropped her sword and put a hand on Vyse's shoulder, "You can do this you can beat him."

"Beat who? Who are you? Who am I?" Vyse asked.

"You have to fight his grip on your mind or you'll never be free," Wonder Woman said calmly.

The fires around the romm started to dim until they where gone, "I-I don't understand, where am I?"

Wonder Woman smiled, "Safe."

"And Lily?" Vyse asked, "Where's Lily?"

Sabastain gave a loud cry, "No! Get away from him! He's my puppet!" Batman struck Sabastian one last time. Sabastian dropped to his knees, "This, can't, be."

Vyse sat beside Lilly's bed as she slept. He heard footsteps behind him and answered without turning, "You think she'll wake up?"

Batman remained silent.

"You were loud on purpose, weren't you?" Vyse asked, "They say you're like a ninja or something."

Batman gazed at the back of the young boy's head, "I came here to offer you some help, but I think you found someone better to do that."

Vyse smiled, "I thought I'd lost her years ago."

Batman turned, "I'll pay for the hospital stay, you get some rest, see you around."

Vyse laughed, "No, I think I'm just gonna go back to school and be normal. Being a hero and all it is so..."


Vyse, Lily and Sabastian where actually characters from a short story I wrote in 8th grade for english class. I liked them so much I had to put them in something, after all I'm always stealing Vyse's name.

This is a work of Fanfiction, DC and Warner Bros. own all rights to the Justice League and its many characters.

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Good story, nice use of the title for the ending. dialogue is a little jumpy and I lose track fast. but other than that good job :)

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Thank you very much.

Sorry about that some times I think everyone can see the bright colorfull yet deeply shaded panels I see in my head as I'm writing with speach bubbles in the right places. But I will try harder to remember to focus next time.