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Batman And The Flash

Hugo Strange's home was large and empty. White sheets covered what miscellaneous furniture remained, giveing the house an abandoned feeling. Flash assumed Batman probably felt right at home but he was far from comfortable.

"I don't think he's here," Falsh said running a gloved finger across the dirt covered sheets.

"He's not," Batman replied sharply.

"Then what are we doing here?" Flash asked, a few days ago Batman's short replies would have made him feel as if he where detested, but now Batman just seemed incredibly focused.

"We're figureing out the next piece of the puzzle," Batman said again. The way this man's mind worked could put even Deathstroke on a run for his money, which it probably had.

Flash frowned and leaned against a large piano, "So what do we know? We know some wack job has been sending people to die for his 'all important cause,' they tried to pin it on the Joker and Hugo Strange, and they keep repeating 'heroes are outdated.' Oh, and they freed Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold. So whats the next piece of the puzzle? Another of your villians?"

"Barry," Batman said coldly.

"What, did you find something?" Flash said dashing over to Batman.

"Shut up."

"Right... Will do," Flash said.

Batman walked about the house stalking the shadows like they where the criminal mastermind themselves Flash followed behind keeping as quite as he could. Suddenly Batman stopped and signaled for Flash to do the same, "Do you hear something?"

Flash listened intently, "No just the ticking of the clock."

Batman turned to him, "There was no clock."

The room to Batman's right exploded open, then the one to the left, followed by each of the doors in the hallway in a timed sequence. Flash dashed to the front, Maybe I can dissarm the bombs there maybe a clue insi- A door exploded outwards stricking Flash across the face and sending him flying into the next and out the window. He shook his head and dashed back into find Batman wrapped in his cape and someone else standing in the hallway a sword across his shoulders.

"Hello, 'heroes,'" the man spat in a british accent.

"How the hell are you?" Batman asked standing.

"You can call me Sabastian," the man said swinging his sword downwards, Sabastian Bloodstain, but you really don't wanna know about me, just the two I'm mind controling to kill you."

Flash looked around then scratched his head, "I only see you."

"That's right," Sabastian said, "Vyse, Lily, show yourselves would ya, loves?" A male teenager in a sleeveless hoody appeared from nowhere with a girl about the same age in a tank top and shorts. Sabastian cocked his head towards the boy, "Vyse here creates a special kind of fire that will never stop burning, even in low oxygen, unless he wills it, while Lily can make herself or whomever she chooses dissapear and reappear it will. Have fun boys and girls."

Vyse bared his teeth, "Heroes are outdated!"

Flash made a face, "You think we just met the man in charge?"

"Hit Vyse first," Batman said, "Just remember they're kids and they're not doing this willingly."

"Got it," The speedster said dashing towards Vyse but before he could reach the boy he was invisible.

Lily frowned, "Light travels faster than sound," and with that she was also gone.

"Hey, Batman," the boy called out, "Behind you!" He tossed a ball of fire. Batman just rolled out of the way and tossed a batarang.

The batarang strock the boy in the shoulder and expeld a thick icey foam to cover the boy's arm, "Cool off."

The boy screamed in pain and lobbed fireballs even faster until Flash cut in around him and pinned his arms behind his back. The boy flipped over backwards kicking Flash in the chin and disapearing again. Batman soon stood back to back with Flash as they studied the burning hallway looking for any signs of movement. After a few moments of not being attacked the two heroes stood back.

"Back to the Batcave?" Flash asked,

"No," Batman replied and tapped the earpiece in his cowl, "Cyborg?"

"Cyborg here," the voice replied, "What do ya need Batman?"

"I need all the information you can download on 'Sabastian Bloodstain,'" Batman said, "And the rest of the team."