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Hello everyone. After much delaying and issues, I've finally posted the third chapter of Jurassic Park: Terror on Site C . I am sorry for keeping you all waiting.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jurassic Park and its characters; Universal does. I do, however, own all the OC characters I created – and two debut in this chapter.


Alan was in shock as he walked up to his room.

'Deinonychus' he thought to himself. 'What the hell were they thinking? Why on Earth would they breed those?!'

As Alan walked, he saw Ian come out of the room.

"Dr. Malcolm"

Ian looked at Alan, confused. "What's up with you" he asked, noticing the paleontologist's surprised expression.



"Hammond resurrected the Deinonychus"

Ian raised an eyebrow. "What the hell is a Deinonychus?"

Alan sighed. "Velociraptor antirrhopus. Similar to the Velociraptors, but much bigger and much more deadly. Ian, if you thought the Velociraptors were terrifying….the Deinonychus are much, much worse."

Ian was speechless for a minute. Then he spoke.

"I you need me, I will be calling Hammond about this"

And with that, Ian walked back into the room.


Lewis Dodgson sighed in boredom as he continued to watch TV while in bed.

It was 11:00 at night. Only two days until the expedition to Site C, and he couldn't wait. The reason BioSyn was going is to steal dinosaur eggs as part of their plan to create their own Jurassic Park. They couldn't go to Isla Nubular or Isla Sorna – both were restricted by the UN, which following a series of poaching incidents on the former island, has gone to extreme measures to keep people off the islands. What made this worse for BioSyn was that LexxCrop, run by John Hammond's granddaughter, Lex Murphy, was helping the UN in restricting the two islands.

Bored with what he was watching, he grabbed his remote and changed the channel.

Then his doorbell rang.

'Ugh, who the hell could that be' Lewis thought to himself as he got up and went to see who rang his doorbell.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to see who it was. It was his fellow BioSyn agent, Ed Regis. Ed was a few inches shorter than Lewis, and in contrast to the brunette Lewis, Ed was a redhead. Lewis stood there, confused at why Ed was visiting him so late, and in a formal suit, too.

"Hello there, Dodgson", Ed said happily.

"God dammit, Regis, it's 11:00. What is so important that you decided to come to my house and ring my doorbell, forcing me to get out of my king-size, super comfortable bed?"

"Well, you see...um….I have some rather unsettling news" the redhead answered, entering Lewis' house.

"Make it quick, because I am very tired and I would really love to get to sleep. And really, just how bad is this news? Couldn't it have waited 'til tomorrow?! It can't be that fu-"

"Hammond knows", Ed interrupted.

Lewis paused in shock for a while.


"He knows of the expedition. He knows of our planned expedition to Site C. He knows it all, Dodgson. He knows all our plans! And he's creating a team to stop us from achieving our plans."

Lewis' jaw dropped.

"You're joking. How the hell could John Hammond possibly know of our planned expedition? There is absolutely no, and I mean, NO FREAKING WAY he could POSSIBLY know of that!" Unless, of course, there is a spy among us…"

"Well, I don't know if there's a spy among us, and I don't know how Hammond figured it all out. All I know is, one of our agents staying at a hotel overheard Dr. Henry Wu and Dr. Alan Grant talking about Site C and the Deinonychus. Later, he saw Dr. Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm talking, and they mentioned our expedition. This means that Hammond knows."

Lewis was speechless for a few seconds.

"GOD FREAKING DAMNIT!" the agent yelled at the top of his lungs. "This is just great – this is exactly what we needed. Now we have to deal with a team organized by Hammond trying to stop us."

"No. I have an idea" Ed said, grinning sinisterly.

Lewis, curious, stared at his fellow agent. "Go on.


The next day

Alan yawned as he woke up and got out of bed.

He was still in shock that Hammond actually raised the Deinonychus from its grave. He would try his best to get out of his mind – he just didn't know how to do it yet. Then he got an idea.

'I wonder what Ellie's doing. She should be at breakfast' he thought to himself. So he got dressed and walked out of his bedroom.

When he got to the living room, he noticed Billy watching what appeared to be a cartoon from the 80s. A deadpan appeared upon Alan's face.

"Seriously, Billy?"

Billy turned around. "What? Can't a man visit his childhood?"

Alan sighed. "Just keep watching. I'll be back later."

Alan left the room and walked down to get some breakfast.

When he got there, it was even more crowded than before. As he tried to find the buffet, he saw Dr. Malcolm chatting with a blonde. As he got closer, he saw who this person was - it was Ellie. Alan walked up to her.

"Dr. Sattler"

Ellie turned around to see her old friend.



The two rejoiced and hugged as most old friends do.

"So, how have you been today?"

"Good, good…getting reservations was a pain, but I did it. But…I am currently in the middle of a divorce".

As Alan and Ellie kept talking, Ian was bored. As Ian went to grab a meal, he bumped into someone.

This man was tall and lanky, with blue eyes and brown hair. He looked to be in his late 20s or early 30s. His hair was wild and unkempt, and his skin was a little pale. What Ian found to be the oddest, though, was that one of his eyes was more open than the other.

"Sorry", Ian politely said.

"Dammit…", the man whispered to himself. "*sigh*, It's okay, I gue – oh my god, you're Dr. Ian Malcolm!"

"Yes I am, Sherlock Holmes" Ian replied.

"Har, har, har…" the man said. "Anyway, my name is Anthony Tank. I am an agent of InGen – I am going on the expedition. Nice to see Hammond got you and Dr. Grant to come as well".

"Yeah….just got into a little argument with him over a dangerous dinosaur he bred and didn't us about. It's like he just wants us all to die."

"Let me guess. Deinonychus?"


"Hey, Anthony" another person said, walking up to him. This person looked to be around the same age and height as Anthony, but he was more properly built, with green eyes and blonde, less wild hair.

"Oh hi, Robert", Anthony replied. "Dr. Malcolm, this is my friend Robert Johnson. Robert, this is the famous Dr. Ian Malcolm." Ian offered his hand

"Oh my god, Dr. Malcolm! Listen, I am a huge fan of you" Robert said, shaking Ian's hand widly.

"Yes, yes, I get it. I'm a well-renowned mathematician and I happen to be staying at a hotel. Do we really need to keep pointing this out?"

"Yeah, yeah. Here, I already have a table. I'll see you two there".

And so Robert went to his table to finish his meal and Ian and Anthony went to get their own meals.


I am so sorry this took so long – I was busy with other stuff. Anyway, Chapter Four will be up much, much sooner – I promise. And in that chapter, Anthony and Robert's personalities will be explored, and the other OCs, as well as Sarah Harding and Nick van Owen, will make their first appearances.

And for those of you who don't know, Ed Regis is from Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park novel, which was

Alright, SuperJimmy978 is out.

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Fine.. I am still waiting for the Velociraptors to make an entrance though. Grant is..somewhat boring unless a raptors on his butt.

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@lorbo: Sorry. I'll lampshade that in the next chapter.

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Good job, this is interesting. Not my kinda thing, but it kept my interest.