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I APOLOGIZE FOR THE FORMATTING. Jubilee and X-23 (Laura) were killing time before Jubilee began her shift. Somehow Emma Frost found them and told them to report to the conference room for a briefing by Wolverine and Gambit. The girls groaned slightly and went to the conference room. While waiting, they gazed intently into each other's eyes. Wolverine and Gambit were giving the presentation. Jubilee, Laura, Psylocke, Emma and Cyclops were in the audience. Gambit, Wolvie and Psylocke (Betsy) were at the school giving seminars on developing mutant powers and career planning. Betsy was occupying the top bunk in Laura's room while she was there. She was bonding with Jubilee and Laura. The three of them went out one night and bought push-up bras. Betsy got sick one night and Linda had her sleep with her head on her lap. By the next day Betsy had pneumonia. After being released from the infirmary she was nursed back to health by Linda, Jubilee and Wolverine. Wolverine began the briefing by saying that using his sense of smell they tracked The Hulk. Since Wolverine had a bad track record with Hulk, he hid in the bushes while Gambit approached the big green monster. "What you want with Hulk?" Gambit responded "I'm checking around to see if anyone has seen Cameron Hodge." Hulk had been playing cat and mouse with Hodge for a few hours. Hulk was able to drop down on Hodge and knock him over. Hodge got The Hulk really mad and got his head twisted off. Hodge's head continued to provoke the Hulk. Finally the Hulk threw Hodge's head as hard as he could up into the air. Hulk didn't see or hear any more of Hodge after that. Gambit wrapped up the presentation by noting that there have been no reports indicating that Hodge's head fell to earth. Perhaps Hodge was in space now. Laura and Jubilee weren't paying close attention to the presentation. They are very much in love. But they already knew Hodge's story. Mephisto had granted immortality to Hodge. Hodge's head was cut off by Archangel. Since then Hodge has been using various cyborg bodies. The scene shifts to the debris field orbiting Earth. Hodge wound up among the space trash circling the Earth. In time he was found by scavengers from a far away planet. He was retrieved from the debris and brought on board the spacecraft. The aliens examined him and were even able to search his memory to find out what he was. They decided that Hodge was very dangerous and should be neutralized. Hodge didn't know what was going on. He saw that they were attaching a machine to his cables. Shortly he could feel something trying to take control of him. He struggled for a few seconds and suddenly everything went dark. He couldn't see, hear, smell, talk or move anything. Later Mephisto came to him and said "I granted you immortality, Hodge, but not invincibility. You will spend eternity in the darkness. Enjoy your isolation. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" A few days after the briefing there was still a lot of speculation about Hodge. They had no idea about the mental agonies Hodge was suffering, or that he was headed for permanent storage on a far away planet. Psylocke and Wolverine were being sent to Genosha. On the way back they were to stop at Madripoor to check on the Hand. Psylocke was saying goodbye to Jubilee and Linda. As she hugged both of them she said "I love you!" Linda reached out and embraced Betsy again and said "I love you too. I'm going to miss you." Linda was crying. Jubilee reminded Linda that Psylocke would be back again. Psylocke addressed them both and said they should take care of each other and she left. Jubilee and Linda hugged and Jubilee was surprised to find herself crying too. Then Jubilee touched Linda and said "You're it!" and ran off. Thus starting a game of tag.