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The X-men accepted the vampire Jubilee, fangs and all. X-23 became Jubilee's closest friend and lover. People in the area threatened to kill Jubilee so they decided to leave the X-men school. X-23 had already promised that she would protect Jubilee at all costs. After riding the rails for a few hours they realised that they had made a mistake and got off the freight train. Jubilee needed darkness during the day. They found refuge in an abandoned cemetery. Jubilee rested in a coffin in a mausoleum and X-23 stood watch. Jubilee thought that the mausoleum was sexy in a vampire like way. Jubilee really wanted to make love with X-23 but X-23 wasn't turned on by the coffin, etc. It frustrated Jubilee but she realized she needed to be considerate of her mate as well. The next night they began to head back home. In the meantime Wolverine, Psylocke and Gambit went looking for the girls. They had heard reports that Cameron Hodge was seen in the area. Psylocke was able to track them to some extent. They landed their helicopter and hid it. Psylocke said the girls weren't far away. Jubilee found she could survive on animal blood. One night as the sun started to rise, the unthinkable happened. Jubilee got wedged between two boulders and couldn't escape. She cried out and X-23 tried to free her. They both called out for help. Wolverine, Psylocke and Gambit found them and pulled her free. It was getting light so Jubilee crawled into a body bag, brought by Wolverine, to hide from the sun. She told Wolverine to take care of X for her. After a few hour's hike they reached the X-men helicopter and they got aboard. Wolverine spoke in a whisper "X-23 darlin, we aren't judging you or Jubilee. We love you both. Both of you will be safer with the rest of us. Cameron Hodge is in the area and you two can't can't cope with him alone. The five of us can't defeat Hodge." X-23 said "I'm so tired, I haven't slept in days." Psylocke sat down next to her and put her arm around her. X-23 wrapped her arms around Psylocke, leaned against her body and fell asleep. Psylocke whispered "I can detect Hodge and The Hulk within 100 yards of here! Don't worry, I'm comfortable here with X-23." As they took off they saw Hodge in one of his horrible cyborg incarnations. The Hulk came out of nowhere and attacked Hodge, allowing our heroes to escape. It was still light out when the arrived at the school. X-23 apologised to Emma Frost and said they were returning when they were found by their rescuers. Emma hugged her tight and said she was glad they were back safe. X-23 went to her room and went back to sleep. Psylocke and Emma Frost talked about Jubilee and X-23's woes. Emma said they would have to try to work through Jubilee's vampirism and deprogram X-23. Wolverine needed to be a father to X-23. Jubilee and X-23 needed to sort out their own relationship. Jubilee and X-23 needed a mother too. Emma suggested that Psylocke might be able develop a nurturing relationship with X-23. Psylocke and Emma were able to detect only Hulk's psychic presence a few miles away. They couldn't find any traces of Hodge. Emma directed Wolverine and Gambit to make contact with The Hulk and try to find out what happened. She warned them to be very careful around The Hulk. That evening Emma greeted Jubilee with a hug and a welcome home. Later X-23 and Jubilee were reunited and greeted each other affectionately. X-23 was feeling much more amorous now. Jubilee told X-23 that Cameron Hodge was a very dangerous being. The last time she saw him, he was a decapitated talking head. According to her "He was really gross and disgusting!"--to be cont'd.

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Not enough femslash for a theik2 story, something's up.

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I didn't want too much femslash. What would be appropriate? I can add more.

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Just seems weird that one of your few stories that isn't super femslashey stars Jubilee and X-23, who are already super femslashey... it's like... Bizarro Theik

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Joygirl, I have made some changes. How do you like it now?

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Lol, better. :P

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Split it up, its in a massive text bomb. other than that, I like the concept.