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Previously:JLA/Avengers #2(DC & Marvel)

Page 1.1

Amazo pushes Batman backwards.

AMAZO:I'm going to tell you everything.

Page 1.2

Batman stops moving and starts listening.

AMAZO:Just calm down.

Page 2.1

A dark place,only a little light hanging from the ceiling,Amazo standing still.

AMAZO:When the storm happened I was sleeping.I couldn't move.

Page 2.2

A thunder hits the ground.

AMAZO:Until the thunder.

Page 2.3

Amazo wakes up and starts shaking his head.

AMAZO:I was sleeping for almost a year.

Page 2.4

Amazo starts shaking and moving towards the door.

AMAZO:And when I woke up I heard something in my head that told me to open the door.

Page 3.1

Amazo opens the door.

AMAZO:I couldn't control myself.

Page 3.2

When he opens the door he sees the deep space.

AMAZO:I oppened the door and I was in space.No idea what happened.

Page 3.3

Amazo passes the door and gets in space.

AMAZO:When I got there,the door disappeared.

Page 3.4

A big metal head appears in front of Amazo.

AMAZO:I discovered that I was in my mind somehow.

Page 4.1

The head appears to be Ultron

AMAZO:Ultron.That's what he callled himself.

Page 4.2

Iron Man interrupts Amazo and with an amazed voice says:

Iron Man:Ultron?He was there?

Page 4.3

AMAZO:Yes,he was.

Page 4.4

Ultron shows himself in his real size.

AMAZO:He somehow was controlling me.

Page 5.1

AMAZO:Ivo was gone.He never actually existed.

Page 5.2

Ultron waves his hand and the JLA androids appear.

AMAZO:Ivo was gone and Ultron was my creator.

Page 5.3

AMAZO:Ultron created the androids and he was controlling us.

Page 5.4

AMAZO:He wanted me to destroy the JLA or the Avengers and he was about to replace you.

Page 6.1

Amazo and the JLA androids are fighting the real Leaguers without Black Canary,Batman and Green Arrow.

AMAZO:But we only maganed to defeat you guys.

Page 6.2

The real superheroes standing in some kind of closed tubes filled with water,unconscious.

AMAZO:We defeated them without you guys knowing.And we replaced them.

Page 6.3

Amazo grabs his head.

AMAZO:It was 2 days after the battle with them and I started filling dizzy.

Page 6.4

Amazo fights some other robots that are being controlled by Ultron.

AMAZO:I managed to get myself out of it.Ultron wasn't controlling me anymore.

Page 7.1

Amazo fighting with Ultron.

AMAZO:I fought with him.I was different.I was good for the first time.

Page 7.2

Amazo lying on the ground while Ultron stands in front of him victorious.

AMAZO:I fought with him but he was too strong.He was blocking my powers.

Page 7.3

Amazo running from some base in the desert.

AMAZO:I managed to escape even when they were shooting at me.

Page 7.4

Amazo getting in the old laboratory where he is hiding right now with the others.

AMAZO:After I ran away I came here and I started hiding myself.

Page 8.1

Amazo sitting on a chair while holding some weapons.

AMAZO:I started getting ready for another fight with him.

Page 8.2

Amazo constructing some robots.Battle drones.

AMAZO:I created my own army.

Page 8.3

Amazo fighting Ultron while his drones are fighting the JLA clones.

AMAZO:I fought with him again and I had my own army.

Page 8.4

Ultron punching Amazo while laughing.

AMAZO:He told me that he is ready to kill you guys.It would have been in the day you met the Avengers.

Page 9.1

Ultron stepping on Amazo's chest breaking everything there is inside of him.

AMAZO:Then he destroyed my body.

Page 9.2

In some lab Amazo wakes up in another body.A tall,bald and muscled up android body.

AMAZO:But I woke up in another body.My current one.

Page 9.3

Amazo flying towards his old base naked.

AMAZO:With him creating me I could have transfered my mind to another body whenever I was destroyed.

Page 9.4

Amazo getting in his old base,his lab.Finding only ash and a head from one of his drones.

AMAZO:I returned to my home.Everything was destroyed.

Page 10.1

Amazo repairs the head.

AMAZO:I needed a friend.

Page 10.2

Amazo talking with the head.

AMAZO:I knew I lost.Ultron won the war.

Page 10.3

The head picks out it's tiny legs.

AMAZO:But one day my friend told me that I had to help the world and destroy the clones of the JLA.

Page 10.4

Amazo leaving the lab.

AMAZO:I thought I was going to die.

Page 11.1

Amazo watching the news at some TV store.

AMAZO:But when I saw the news I knew that you guys were yourselves.You weren't clones.

Page 11.2

Amazo going to the battlefield where the JLA fought the Wrecking Crew.

AMAZO:I arrived there and I thought that they were going to sense me but they didn't.

Page 11.3

The Watchtower.The Avengers meeting the JLA.

AMAZO:I could feel the tension.They wanted to kill you.

Page 12

The battle starts.Clones vs. Real Superheroes.

AMAZO:That's where I showed up.

Page 13.1

Our time.The place where Amazo is telling the story.

AMAZO:And after that you know the story.

Page 13.2

Batman stands up.

Batman:So that's your story.

Page 13.3

AMAZO:Yes.Do you believe me?

Page 13.4

Batman:I actually do.

Page 14.1

AMAZO:That's great!

Page 14.2

Batman:THen if that's true we should get ready.They will attack us soon.

Page 14.3

Ollie stands up.

Green Arrow:I thnk we would need some help.We are all street levelers and they are really powerful.

Page 14.4

AMAZO:I have their powers.Almost all of them.

Page 15.1

Batman:That won't help us.

Page 15.2

Iron Man:We can call some friends to come.

Page 15.3

Batman:Ok.I'm fine with that.What about us guys?

Page 15.4

Black Canary:We can call the Teen Titans.

Page 16.1

Green Arrow:Connor and Gar will be a great addition to the team.

Page 16.2

Batman:Ok.Let's call them.

Page 16.3

AFter a few hours and some calls the new heroes have arrived.Superboy,Beast Boy,Hercules and She-Hulk.

Batman:This is Amazo.He'll explain everything to you.

Page 16.4

Afer a few minutes Amazo finishes his story.

AMAZO:So what do you think?Are you in?

Page 17.1

Hercules stands up with a vicious face

Hercules:I am always ready for a battle.

Page 17.2

She-Hulk:Those were once my teammates.I'll help,too.

Page 17.3

Batman:So it's up to you two.What do you decide?

Page 17.4

Superboy and Gar look at eachother and smile.

Page 18.1

Superboy and Beast Boy:OF COURSE WE ARE IN!

Page 18.2

Batman:Great.Let's get ready.

Page 18.3

AMAZO:We have to be prepaired really well.

Page 19.1

THe team stands there ready for anything.Batman,Black Canary,Green Arrow,Amazo,Iron Man,Hawkeye,Spider-Woman,Hercules,Superboy,She-Hulk and Beast Boy.

Batman:Team,you ready?

Page 19.2

The others pick their hands up.

TEAM:Of Course!

Page 20

Ultron sitting in a chair.

Ultron:Get ready for a vicious battle.