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Previously: JLA/Avengers #0(DC & Marvel)

JLA/Avnegers #1 (DC &Marvel)

Page 1.1

Earth being shown from Space

AMAZO:Earth was changed.

Page 1.2

The streets of Metropolis

AMAZO:I already said that.

Page 1.3

A destroyed,abandon laboratory.

AMAZO:I remember this place.

Page 1.4

The inside of the laboratory.Broken chairs,desks thrown everywhere,no lights.

AMAZO:My current body was created here.

Page 2.1

Amazo gets into the building.

AMAZO:I have no idea why I got in.

Page 2.2

Amazo starts walking around.

AMAZO:It's like I'm missing the place.

Page 2.3

Amazo gets angry and grabs one of the desks and throws it.


Page 2.4

Amazo grabs his head.

AMAZO:My main mission is to destroy the JLA.

Page 3.1

Amazo flies out of there.

Page 3.2

A little robot head comes out of the window.

Page 4.1

The inside of the JLA Watchtower.

Batman standing up.He has had put his hand on the table while the other members are sitting.Superman,Wonder Woman,Flash,Black Canary,Green Arrow,Red Tornado,John Stewart,Fire and Ice.

Batman:Something has changed.

Page 4.2

Batman:We had Superman go through Earth to see what's wrong.

Page 4.3

SUperman stands up.

Superman:After the storm Earth is new.There are more cities.

Page 4.4

Superman:And there are readings for more villains.It's out of the nowhere.

Page 5.1

Superman:Lantern?How's space?

Page 5.2

John Stewart stands up.

John Stew.:In space there are more space sectors.New power readings.

Page 5.3

The computer starts working and the alarm with it.

Superman:There is an attack over Washington.

Page 5.4

Superman:Canary,Arrow,Tornado,Fire and Ice.We are going.The others investigate.

Page 6.1

Washington D.C.A little bit destroyed.The Wrecking Crew on the loose.

Wrecker:What's wrong?Why are you all running?

Page 6.2

Bulldozer runs through a car.

Wrecker:C'mon.No Avengers.No Thor.

Page 6.3

Wrecker puts up his hands.

Wrecker:Isn't there someone that is going to stop me.

Page 6.4

An arrow explodes in the face of Wrecker.

Wrecker:Hawkeye.Nice to see you.

Page 7.1

Ollie jumps from the airplane and lands in front of Wrecker.

Wrecker:It's not Hawkeye.Who is Hawkeye?

Page 7.2

Wrecker tries to hit him but Superman in super speed comes in front of Ollie and grabs Dirk's hand.

Superman:Not so fast.

Page 7.3

Superman hits Dirk and he goes 20 metres backwards.

Superman:League!Take them down!

Page 7.4

The others join the fun.

Superman:Are you that weak:

Page 8.1

Wrecker comes out of a car. And starts running towards Superman.

Wrecker:Who are you?

Page 8.2

Clark grabs his hands.

Superman:I'm Superman.

Page 8.3

They start pushing each other.To see who is stronger.

Wrecker:I haven't heard of you.

Page 8.4

Superman punches Dirk in the face.

Superman:Too bad.

Page 9.1

Wrecker falls down knocked out.

Superman:It was easier than I thought.

Page 9.2

Superman goes to Black Canary and Green Arrow which are fighting Bulldozer.

Superman:How's it going here?

Page 9.3

Ollie jumps over Bulldozer and shoots an arrow to him while Dinah is striking him with the Canary Cry beside him.


Page 9.4

Bulldozer tries to hit Ollie but Superman punches him.

Superman:I'm still going to help you guys.

Page 10.1

Ollie lands on his feet and Dinah starts walking straight to him.

Ollie:Thanks!Even though we were going to take him down.

Page 10.2

After some time.1 minute later the JLA were ready with the Wrecking Crew and were just delivering them to the cops.

Police Officer:Thanks for the help.But who are you?We haven't heard of you or seen you.

Page 10.3

Superman is shocked.

Superman:We are the Justice League.

Page 10.4

Superman:How haven't you heard of us?

Page 11.1

Police Officer:We are seeing you guys for the first time.Doesn't matter.Thanks!

Page 11.2

Superman:You're welcome!

Page 11.3

The JLA were just ready to go off to the Watchtower when the Avengers arrived.Cap was standing up in front of them.

Captain America:Stand right there!

Page 11.4

Behind him came Iron Man,Hawkeye,Ms. Marvel,Wolverine,Spider-Woman and Thor.

Captain America:Who are you?

Page 12.1

Superman:We are the Justice League of America.WHo are you?

Page 12.2

Captain America starts walking straight to Superman.

Captain America:We are the Avengers.Defenders of Earth.

Page 12.3

Superman starts walking slowly towards Steve Rogers who is doing the same.

Superman:We are the defenders of Earth,too.

Page 12.4

Steve stops when he is face to face with Superman.

Captain America:How come when we haven't heard of you?

Page 13.1

Superman:The cops said the same.

Page 13.2

Superman:I was investigating Earth and I saw that it was changed.

Page 13.3

Captain America:Iron Man also discovered the same thing.

Page 13.4

Iron Man goes next to Steve and whispers in his ear.

Iron Man:They don't look really reliable.

Page 14.1

Captain America:Don't worry.

Page 14.2

Captain America:I think that you might need our help and we can use yours.

Page 14.3

Superman:Yes,Indeed.This is my team.Green Arrow,Black Canary,Red Tornado,Fire,Ice and John Stewart.

Page 14.4

Captain America:This are the Avengers.Iron Man,Hawkeye,Ms.Marvel,Spider-Woman,Wolverine and Thor.

Page 15.1

Green Arrow comes in front,too.

Green Arrow:So you are Hawkeye.Wrecker mentioned you.

Page 15.2

Hawkeye:Yeah.We have story with the guy.

Page 15.3

Superman gets called in the inter-com by Batman.

Superman:Would you excuse me.

Page 15.4

Superman gets a little in the left,so he can hear Batman better and the Avengers not to listen to their talk.

Superman:What Bruce?

Page 16.1

Batman:I know what is going on.

Page 16.2


Page 16.3

Batman:You know there are other realities and planets.

Page 16.4

Batman:Well our reality and theirs has become one.

Page 17.1

Batman:Our Earth and their one became one.

Page 17.2

Batman:And all of their heroes and villains and ours are here.

Page 17.3

Superman:Can we turn this back like it was?

Page 17.4

Batman:I don't think that this is in our league.

Page 18.1

Batman:For now we can work with them.

Page 18.2

Superman:Ok.But what are we going to do after that?

Page 18.3

Batman:I still don't know.But I think that they may be a little responsible for that.

Page 18.4


Page 19.1

Batman:We are going to talk about this later.

Page 19.2

Batman:Bye for now.

Page 19.3

Superman returns to his partners and the Avengers.

Superman:Ok.You can come and see our Watchtower.

Page 19.4

Captain America:That sounds great.

Page 20.1

The League transports the Avengers to the Watchtower.

Page 20.2

Out of the nowhere Amazo appears.

AMAZO:Avengers,you just made the biggest mistake.


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Interesting set up, Kinda a bit in the past of the current timeline. Cant wait to see where you go with this.

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@cliffrice said:

Interesting set up, Kinda a bit in the past of the current timeline. Cant wait to see where you go with this.

I made my own roster that I like because if I like the characters I can write them better.

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I like it! Although I would have liked to hear other people have some dialogue.

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@punkpuppy3 said:

I like it! Although I would have liked to hear other people have some dialogue.

Well for now it's only the main guys.Next issue there will be more dialogue from characters like Green Arrow,Batman,Hawkeye,Iron Man,Wolveine and others.

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Always Love Marvel/Dc Fan fictions!!! cant wait for #2

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Ive always wanted to write Ultron doalogue. He is one of my favorate villains.

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@cliffrice said:

Ive always wanted to write Ultron doalogue. He is one of my favorate villains.

If you want you may co-write the issue when I'm using Ultron and he has some dialogue.

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Sure just let me know.

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@cliffrice said:

Sure just let me know.

I'm going to tell you when I'm about to put him in the story.

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Okedokey sounds good.